Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture Perfect Family.... YES- in pictures ONLY!!:)

The story BEHIND this awesome picture that I'm TOTALLY in love with!

This picture was taken around 4:10 on Saturday afternoon at my moms house. My friend was coming over to take our first professional pictures EVER as a family- and I wanted everyone to look good. i figured this session would go pretty well because if you can have pictures done with 3 kids 3 and under and the pure chaos that comes with it- then you can handle 3 older kids and a newborn............. BUT this time it was the "session" that went chaotic-- it was the "before" the session that went CRAZY!

15 min. before Jen, the photographer, was due at my moms house.
Chet - snoozing on the couch, not dressed in picture attire.

Dante and Ethan- in the pool, swimming!!

Erin- putting make-up on, because she wants to look pretty in the pictures (including hot red lipstick)

Mom- perfectly dressed and running around trying to get kids out of the pool, waking Chet up and rubbing off Erin's lipstick - she got away with the eyeliner as you can see in the picture.
approximately 5 min. before Jen's arrival:
Chet - frantically ironing his shirt and the boys shirts wondering why I didn't wake him earlier (always the wife's fault, huh?):)
Dante and Ethan - STILL swimming in the pool, and slowly making their way to the stairs to get out before I drag them out by their ears.
Erin- all ready for pictures!
Mom- trying to get the boys OUT of the pool and saying- just put your jeans on over your swimsuits-- she is going to be here ANY minute!
Jen arrives:
Chet- ALL dressed- picture perfect
Dante and Ethan- all dressed- picture perfect
Erin- NOW starts to throw a tantrum that she doesn't want to wear jeans but a skirt instead that will not match the pictures in the least. REFUSING to get in the family picture unless she is wearing the skirt.
Mom- thinking- "are you kidding me?"
Molly of course is a rockstar throughout!
And obviously Erin won- because as you can tell Jen strategically placed her behind me and Chet so that her skirt wouldn't show.
Jen worked her magic and we now have picture perfect family portraits!
Moral of the story: No matter how much you stress in life- it will all somehow work out-- so WHY stress?? Just realize whatever happens happens and somehow will all workout for the better:) And sometimes it just takes someone else to work their magic - but it will be worked out!
ps- check out Jen Petty Photography here and I highly recommend her.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

ZALDY said...


God bless your family.hehehe.some of the family got there self ready for this family picture huh know kids,i'm telling you,you are blessed that you have a complete father was shot to,i don't have father already.
love your parents and obey them because they know what is good for you and not.
God bless.

Sara said...

Hey Bertie, this picture is ADORABLE, and so is your family! I can't believe you guys have FOUR kids. How do you do it!?!?! I am a SAHM to three (boys) and I feel I would officially be in the nut house if I added one more to the mix. Anyway, found your blog through facebook. I went to elementary and high school with your HILARIOUS hubby, and he commmented on my status today, and found this. Thought i'd check it out and say hi. Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Aww Erin is so cutie my liettle sister does the same lol

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