Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Case of the Missing Blue Pants

These BLUE Jiu-Jitsu pants were lost..... but were they EVER found?? Did we solve the mystery?? Read on to see.................

One day after Jiu Jitsu, we had to run another errand and Dante prefers to not go anywhere BUT Jiu-Jitsu in his uniform. So he took off his pants and jacket and just wore his shorts and t-shirt. Two days later, when he had to go back for another lesson-- we couldn't find his pants ANYWHERE! Then I remembered he had taken them off in the car- so they must be in the very back.... nope! So- I keep looking- even looked on the fan- because we all remember what used to happen when Ethan couldn't find his shirts.

  But nothing- and I was NOT about to shell out more money- just to buy a pair of new pants- unless I knew 100% for SURE- that they were lost forever. So- we miss the lesson and I keep looking and looking. A week goes by- and I'm like- alright they are gone! They have to be- I've searched high and low, back and forth, sideways left and right--- I told Chet and he said- well they probably fell out of the car at some point and no one saw or remembered. I was like- sweeeeettt!! So, I get the kids in the car and I tell Dante we will just have to buy him another pair of pants-- and then this conversation ensued:

Dante: OH YEAH!!- Wait mom- did you check the lost and found??
Me: Nope! Why would I check the lost and found- and WHAT lost and found?? At your school??
Dante: No- the one here.
Me: At the complex? Why would they be here at the complex?
Dante: Well- I just remembered that I was carrying everything in- my backpack, my jacket, my pants, my belt, and I dropped my pants- and I forgot to go back out and get them. So maybe they are in the lost and found.
Me: Are you for real Dante? Me laughing and saying- why didn't I think of that before?! Of course! :)

 Oh, Dante- how much we LOVE YOU!!:) 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Just when I thought I was over the "funny" story phase....

What do you get when you put

A Bridge

A Traffic Cone


 (this little man)
You get a nice little surprise when you turn around that looks like this:

Because Ethan decided to grab the cone he found (who knows where) and throw it over the bridge..... and the cop saw it ALL... and I saw NOTHING

I proclaim all innocence as I was trying to keep the heard going FORWARD and would turn around every few min. and say- "Hurry Up boys- REMEMBER- I'm timing us!" 

Then I turned around again- and Dante and the cop (who came out of no where!) were having a nice little chat- so I had to walk back to the cop to find out what happened. 

Ethan got a lecture. While I looked like the super cool parent that has TOTAL control of her kids;)

Oh the Joys of Life! :)

Gotta love it!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everyone should take a VACATION!

To come and visit ME!

Because it is beautiful here in So. Cali! Perfect weather- and you can start your tan early:)

Chet will even make us a fire, to roast hot dogs and make s'mores on the beach. 

What a GUY! 

Book your date now;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have been ACCUSED.......


Say WHAT?!?!

I don't think so-- just because it has been -- what 1/2 a year- doesn't mean I neglect my blog. In fact, I look at it ALL the time... and then don't post. But MAN- if you go back and read it- is has some super funny stuff.:) 

Alright FINE! Elizabeth and Emily-- here is my blog "update" 
Molly turned one! We celebrated in Texas- it was fun.. and as I blog- I remember why I don't blog- because Molly Mae is currently getting in my brand new filed box that took me 4 hours and pulling out papers. SWEEETT-- (this is for you sistah's) 

But isn't she a doll?? We LOVE her!

And just for good old times because right now I don't currently have any funny stories with pictures.... here is one of my ALL time favs of Ethan and his soccer coach.

Thanks to my amazing sister Christie who caught this on camera while I was dealing with my other kiddos-- Instead of telling Ethan to stop (because the soccer coaches son and Ethan were taking turns doing this) she just laughed and laughed and aimed the camera!


And yes- I will try to be a more "regular" blogger!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guess who is EIGHT months?!

Miss Molly Mae!!!

I can hardly believe my baby girl is already 8 months old! She has been a busy girl!

She is slowly starting to crawl-- and get from one place to another (without one of the other kids helping),
She is still small for her size, but she can take quite the blow. She has fallen off the bed, the couch, dropped a few times (by all my kids) and her 3 yr. old niece-- and she cries for a min. or two and is over it!! She is one tough baby!

Molly is still the best baby in the world! And lately she has been doing a lot of this

and then appropriately awarded with this!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school, BAAACK to schoooool!

Really?! Is summer already over?? This year it FLEW by-- literally FLEW! Maybe that is because I had a week in Miami and then scout camp - then had a super cool friend come visit from Texas and then Chet's birthday, and then me and the kids went to Texas for a month!! Best month EVER!! (minus Chet missing 3 of those weeks)

And maybe because we had to pack up our whole apartment before leaving for Tx. The apartment we haven't moved into yet! But will get to this weekend-- however- our kids needed to start school- because apparently the one they are zoned to in our new place is year round- and had started July 28th--- WHOOPS!

So- after getting somewhat settled- and moving from a hotel room to a corporate unit-- are kids are now situated and started school today- and they LOVED it!!

Dante is a FOURTH grader!!! Which means- I HAVE A FOURTH GRADER!!
He loved school today- and I really like his teacher and am hoping for the best:)

Erin is going into 2nd grade-- and poor girl has gone to 3 different elementary schools for each grade! She is a champ at making friends though:)

And of course we have Ethan who is starting 1st grade and who can keep up with the best of them! He is also very proud of his old school transformers lunch box! (the one he almost didn't get because he kept setting it down- and forgetting it and when check out time came-- he had left it somewhere else, and I told him if he could RACE to go get it and come back in time- then he could get it- otherwise lesson learned!! Did he make it?? Right after I handed the check over-- so I paid cash instead for his lunch box- because I'm THE best mom in the world like that!:)

And one other funny story that came out of today and me being THE best mom in the world-

Erin got an I-Carly back pack and she told me that almost no one in her class can watch I-Carly- and then she added, and hardly anyone can watch tv-- PERIOD in her class! Then I said-- really? And you say I'm a mean mom (anytime I say no, haha) and she looked at me and smiled! I love it when they realize the little things:)

ps--- I had to use my AMAZING camera phone for the pics- since I have yet to replace the one Ethan busted! But hey-- I blogged:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture Perfect Family.... YES- in pictures ONLY!!:)

The story BEHIND this awesome picture that I'm TOTALLY in love with!

This picture was taken around 4:10 on Saturday afternoon at my moms house. My friend was coming over to take our first professional pictures EVER as a family- and I wanted everyone to look good. i figured this session would go pretty well because if you can have pictures done with 3 kids 3 and under and the pure chaos that comes with it- then you can handle 3 older kids and a newborn............. BUT this time it was the "session" that went chaotic-- it was the "before" the session that went CRAZY!

15 min. before Jen, the photographer, was due at my moms house.
Chet - snoozing on the couch, not dressed in picture attire.

Dante and Ethan- in the pool, swimming!!

Erin- putting make-up on, because she wants to look pretty in the pictures (including hot red lipstick)

Mom- perfectly dressed and running around trying to get kids out of the pool, waking Chet up and rubbing off Erin's lipstick - she got away with the eyeliner as you can see in the picture.
approximately 5 min. before Jen's arrival:
Chet - frantically ironing his shirt and the boys shirts wondering why I didn't wake him earlier (always the wife's fault, huh?):)
Dante and Ethan - STILL swimming in the pool, and slowly making their way to the stairs to get out before I drag them out by their ears.
Erin- all ready for pictures!
Mom- trying to get the boys OUT of the pool and saying- just put your jeans on over your swimsuits-- she is going to be here ANY minute!
Jen arrives:
Chet- ALL dressed- picture perfect
Dante and Ethan- all dressed- picture perfect
Erin- NOW starts to throw a tantrum that she doesn't want to wear jeans but a skirt instead that will not match the pictures in the least. REFUSING to get in the family picture unless she is wearing the skirt.
Mom- thinking- "are you kidding me?"
Molly of course is a rockstar throughout!
And obviously Erin won- because as you can tell Jen strategically placed her behind me and Chet so that her skirt wouldn't show.
Jen worked her magic and we now have picture perfect family portraits!
Moral of the story: No matter how much you stress in life- it will all somehow work out-- so WHY stress?? Just realize whatever happens happens and somehow will all workout for the better:) And sometimes it just takes someone else to work their magic - but it will be worked out!
ps- check out Jen Petty Photography here and I highly recommend her.