Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter:)

As many of you have already learned, Easter is my favorite holiday for many reasons. The biggest one is because it is like a new beginning, my new years if you will. It is a reminder that I can start over, that I can start fresh... that Jesus Christ died for me so that I can make mistakes and learn from them and repent. Easter represents new life, a time for celebration and gratitude for the sacrifice of our Savior, so that he could be resurrected so that I can gradually become more and more like my Savior and be worthy to live in his presence someday, with my beautiful family. Every Easter I try to make a resolution to be more like my Savior.

Jesus Christ is the only person who has ever walked the face of the Earth as a perfect being. He was the greatest teacher and he taught BY example. So that is what I resolve to do! I want to be a better teacher through example. Sometimes, I let my temper get the best of me, or I'm a little more idle then I should be- and then I expect my kids not to yell, or not to sit in front of the tv for prolonged hours at a time.

In "You've got to Read this Book" Rafe Esquith said that "To Kill a Mockingbird" opened his eyes to a whole new way of teaching. He says,

"The number-one rule in raising children is to be a role model. I saw that if I wanted to be a truly great teacher, I had to be the person I wanted my students to be. If I wanted them to work hard, rather than lecture them, I had to be the hardest worker they had ever seen. If I wanted them to be kind, I had to be the kindest person- even and especially when times were bad and others were unkind."

When I read that statement, it was like a slap in the face! So many times I will tell my kids not to do something and then I'll go and do it myself...... SO- with that being said- It's Easter and with the help of my Heavenly Father and the example and resurrection of Jesus Christ- I can change:) I CAN become a better teacher, I can be a better example for my kids and that is exactly what I am going to do!

What is your Easter resolution?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you............

Actual posts about my kids and our outings! It seems forever ago since I've posted pics of my kids!

I have a roller skating one coming up- but we are leaving now for the beach for the next few days, so it will have to wait til' I get back-- but you WILL get it and I promise it will be worth the wait!!

Since we are going to the beach- you will also get lots and lots of fun adventurous beach pictures and all there is to do in Galveston, including going back to NASA with our seasons passes purchased with love by Grandma and Grandpa Ranger:)

You will also be getting the Easter blog with lots of pictures from Easter morning.

But for now it is Adios folks! See ya on Monday (most likely):) And until then- here are some cute pics of my kids way back when (3 years ago)- to help quench the withdrawals until I'm back:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Severe weather?!

WHAT severe weather??? I have been SOOO excited for the "big" storm that was supposed to blow through today.... and what did it bring- a whoppin' 5 min. of rain! No thunder, no lightning, no hail... NOTHING- just 5 min. of medium pounding rain.

Now- normally this doesn't bug me- I LOVE me a big thunderstorm, but I like a normal rain shower too. The part that irks me- is all over the radio, and all over the news you hear "stay inside, severe weather, possible tornadoes, this is going to be a BIG one folks!"........

and then you get me waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting and for what?? 5 measly minutes of rain- and then it is gone- no sign of it ever having rained, and no sign that it might start storming again later.

It reminded me of the "emotional roller coaster" I had to go through when Hurricane Rita was going to hit. Chet and I had been in New Orleans 2 weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina hitting- and we all know what a disaster that was.... and we were so thankful we did not choose to go that weekend, or else we would have been stuck there too. However- 2 weeks after that was when Rita was supposed to hit Houston- and it was coming right for us. First a weak 2, then 3, then 4, then 5- and before it hit land- it had weakened back to a 3.... and luckily it moved out of our way- but with ALL that emotional roller coaster- of should we leave and move to higher ground- uh,oh- I guess we really can't because traffic is clogged with all 15 million Houstonians trying to get out- and what would normally be a 3 hour trip to Austin or San Antonio is taking people 12 hours... and on the way they are running out of gas, because gas stations are out of gas, etc.... so - we stay put---- and NOT one drop of rain-- we did not get ONE drop! I was sooooo irritated- I was like- I was excited at first when I heard a small hurricane was coming our way- because I made it through hurricane Alicia when I was like 5- and I could do it again. Then as it kept strengthening- I started to get more and more nervous- because of what happened with Katrina-- and then NOTHING, nada, zilch-- all I wanted was a little bit of action- and I got nothing!

Yes- I'm grateful that Hurricane Rita did turn at the last minute... and I guess I'm grateful that a tornado didn't come barreling down on us (even though I never expected that would happen anyway) - but is it too much to ask for a little thunderstorm where I can hunker down and open the blinds and watch it from my bed while reading or watching a scary movie with my hubby??

Oh, well- what can you do! Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just one of a kind- that gets mad at the weather when it doesn't go my way- good or bad!? LOL!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes I only WISH I could see like Raven

Oh, SNAP! I wonder how much easier my life would be, if I could get just a glimpse into the future of my day. For instance:

It seems like EVERY time- and I mean EVERY time I get ALL caught up on laundry.... someone starts throwing up- and it is like I just have to start all over again. If I could see in the future- would I even DO laundry- if I knew someone was just going to be throwing up all over my "so fresh and so clean" laundry??

Or... when I'm VERY CLOSE to being caught up on my laundry (after the person is done finally throwing up on everything) - would I be smart enough to fold it right away... if I KNEW Erin and Ethan would decide it would be fun to mix the clean with the dirty- so that they could have a bigger jumping pile to jump in?? Or, would I "see" that in the future and be like- have at it with the dirty ones before I wash them- because once they are washed, they are washed- and there will be NO jumping after that point??

Or..... today while I'm catching up on all my cleaning after a CRAZY weekend- where I literally didn't have a chance to even wash ONE dish... and Chet was so kind to take all the kids to "Horton Hears a Who" and to the park so that I could get everything nice and clean without any interruptions...... would I have had a better attitude when I opened the fridge and the bottom bar on the door breaks off for NO good reason, where I keep all my salad dressings and other fun glass bottles, and they all decide to fall onto the tile floor and break and so I had Worcestershire sauce, raspberry vinaigrette, honey mustard dressing, and a cilantro based dressing all splattered and quickly spreading all over my kitchen within the grout of the tile- and it wasn't pretty!! Luckily- my kids were gone- so they weren't trying to play slip-n-slide with the mixed dressings- because they did look very inviting. But- if I had seen all that happening in my near future- would I have had a better attitude because I would expect it- or would I have prevented it and just thrown all the bottles away ahead of time??

Sometimes I seriously wonder how different our lives would play out, if we could just have little glimpses into the future. But I guess that is just so Raven and NOT SOO BERTIE!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tis' the season for Easter Egg Hunts and TEXAS pride!

All I can say is WHAT a weekend! I don't think I had a chance to sit down once. Whew!

We hit 2 Easter Egg hunts and then hit the rodeo for 5 hours on Sat.

I'm so mad that my camera is pretty much busted and I didn't take a spare, so no pictures of my kids- but you can enjoy this one of some random kids I found on the internet:)
Friday night we went up to Pearland to an Easter Egg Hunt, and the kids had a lot of fun. They were mad that their baskets weren't bigger, so for the next one we made sure to bring the SUPER big baskets! Which didn't really work out in the end, because they got like 500000 eggs from the first hunt in their small baskets, and when they had their big ones, they were only allowed like 10- so it kind of hurt more then it helped! We went to a 2nd Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning from 11:00 - 2:00 and we ALL walked away with some sun on our faces!! Which means we ALL have a little bit of color now:) I love having a little bit of color in our house. As soon as the 2nd Easter egg hunt was over- we headed over to the

which is HUGE here and is the biggest rodeo in ALL the world! If you EVER come to Houston- you have to plan your trip around the rodeo - it goes for about 3 weeks! It is awesome! We saw

Mr. Brad Paisley perform. There is just something about the Rodeo, where you are inside Reliant Stadium with 73,000 other people and when Brad started singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and he would stop- but the crowd would keep singing and it just boomed and we would sound like the BIGGEST choir ever--- it was just awesome!! It is all about Texas pride!! I LOVE being a Texan:)

After that- we decided to go to the carnival which had about 130,000 people walking around and my flip flop decides to break on the 1st ride, so I was walking with one off and one on for the next 2 hours- I looked REALLY cool! Then Chet decides to leave to go get some food while I was waiting in line with the kids- he thought he would be back in time to ride- well he was WRONG- luckily my dad happened to be there just at that moment- and I begged him to go on the ride with me and the kids- because I wasn't allowed to ride with all 3, they needed another adult- and so my dad- very nicely came on the ride that makes him sick, and that he vowed never to ride again- sucked it up- and rode for his grandchildren! What a sweet man!:)

It was a lot of fun- it was a beautiful night- it had been a pretty hot day- I think it got up to 87- which is unusual for this time of year.... but the evening was so pleasant. Then, we headed home- and made the long 7 thousand mile trek back to our car.... because ALL the parking was sold out at the actual stadium and surrounding areas-- next time we will know to spend the night in our car at the parking ticket booth, and be first in line. The kids did not complain once about that long walk- which I was really pleasantly surprised about. It was a very fun- on the GO- weekend, and now I have to hunker down and get things back to order inside:)

I'm looking forward to some much needed pool and beach time this Spring Break! Whoo-hoo:)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

2 things

1.Why is it that whenever I watch this movie (Cheaper by the Dozen)- I instantly want 12 kids?? Look how much fun they all look! :) Family is definitely where it is AT!

2. Happy Spring Forward Day! I'm so excited for longer days now:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smart or not? You tell me!

This afternoon I was a little exhausted. I told my kids that I was going to lay down for a little nap and to be good. While I was taking my nap, I would hear "1,2,3,4 all the way to 10". I knew my kids were playing hide and seek, and I love it when they play all together without having to be bribed:)

I was continuing to enjoy my afternoon nap, with the sun streaming in through the window, knowing my kids were having fun when all of a sudden I hear laughing and running and someone jumps into bed with me and pulls the cover over their heads. It was Erin. She had chosen a pretty clever hiding place, because I was already in the bed under the covers and she kind of morphed into my body, so that the boys would think that it was just me.

The boys enter the room and start to feel my legs, is that you mom or Erin? I was like- that's me. Then they left and kept looking for her. Finally they found her- and she had to come out from under the covers. Now it was Ethan's turn to hide. Where does Ethan decide to hide?

Yes- that is right- as soon as I started to settle in again, into my nap- Ethan jumps on top of me, underneath the covers and hides on top of me. I'm thinking- he is SOOO going to get caught right away- and WHY can't I take a nap:) Forever seems to go by- and Dante and Erin didn't even think to check the bed. Finally- Ethan couldn't stand it and he gave up his hiding place! He felt he was missing out.

Onto Dante's turn! Dante is pretty big! He weighs about 70 pounds and is nearing 48 inches- if he isn't there already. So, I hear Ethan and Erin start to count and then I hear Dante running. Again, I settle into my nap- thinking they won't hide here again! Thank goodness. Then PLOP! Dante jumps on top of me- oh, sorry mom- I didn't know you were right there?!?! Me then thinking to myself - Really?? You didn't know I was right here? AMAZING!!

I'm thinking- ok- Erin and Ethan will look here first because this is apparently the best hiding place in town! Nope! I was wrong- it was the last place they looked and when I was just thinking they were going to forget about him and give up- Erin and Ethan jump on top of ME- hoping they were going to jump on Dante and "scare" him! "Oh, sorry Mom- we thought you were Dante!"

So, I'm thinking that they are pretty smart to hide in the place of the previous guy, thinking that the previous guy won't look in his hiding place because he already hid there.

However, I'm also thinking they are a little dumb for not knowing I was in the bed?? Really?? Honestly?? You had NO CLUE I was in the bed?? Hmmmmm......


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All about books!

I just posted in my Life: Have it Your Way blog about books. I want to know about some good books that you would recommend. So, if you don't mind and if you have the time, please go here and read it and then tell me ALL about your favorite book. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I need help potty training my almost 4 year old

I think we all remember the above picture when I caught Ethan peeing in my front yard, and I was absolutely mortified. Well, since then he has gotten a little more brave.

2 Sunday's ago, we went over to my mom's for breakfast since we have 1:00 church now, and when we were about to leave- Ethan decided to pee in my mom's front yard! Sometimes- I just want to get in his head to know what he is thinking! So, I immediately run out there- THANK GOODNESS - no one is around- and I tell him to put his shorts back on, and get in the car! You DO NOT pee in people's front yards, or back for that matter! I thought he would remember NOT to do it again- that it was rude to do that.

This afternoon I sent Erin and Ethan out to play, and I'll check on them every 15 min. or so- if I don't see them just outside in our front yard riding their bikes. Well, I looked out the window and I can't see them in either direction- so I went outside to see if they started to go around the block (which is a no-no without mom)

I saw them 3 houses down, and what was Ethan doing?? PEEING in my neighbors yard, 3 doors down! Forget ding dong ditching! Oh, no! It's all about whose yard do I get to pee in this time!! Seriously-- does ANYONE have any suggestions??

It is driving me absolutely bonkers! I mean- does Chet do this in his spare time and I just don't know about it? Where is he learning this! LOL! Is this what people do on tv now?? Just crazy!

Other then that- it is beautiful here:)

Monday, March 3, 2008

AWWWWW......Can you feel it.........

Spring is in the air!! (In Houston at least) I love the months of March/April for SO many reasons! Let's just go through and start listing them.

1. I'm excited for ALL these fun colors to come BACK into season. There is just something about these colors that seems to make everything bright and happy.

This morning I got Dante's outfit ready for him to wear, and I chose a pink polo- and when I gave him his clothes for the day and said, "Get dressed!" He goes, " MOOOMM!! I DO NOT HAVE to wear a pink shirt, do I??" Such a good boy to ask- and I figured "mom dressing him days are over;( "

2. The BEACH!!! And just wonderfully sunny, warm days in general!
Yes, that is right folks! As of March 1st the beach is NOW officially open for business! Whoo-hoo:)

Which brings me to:

3. Swimsuits and laying out and getting ready for the SUMMER!

Seriously- I LOVE these tankini's! They are so cute- and they are very modest:) Check them out!

Which leads me to:

4. Exercise!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get out and exercise- especially when the weather is sooo beautiful. We don't have it long, before the summer heat hits us, and we are banned from running outside, unless you want to die of heat stroke... but until then I'll revel in it!:)

5. I love seeing the trees change back from drab to fab! And how fabulous it is to run underneath them, with the wind blowing in your hair! These are the days you NEVER want to end:)

6. EASTER!!!

Easter is by far my absolute favorite holiday! As you can see I have changed my background to easter eggs! I love the whole Easter Egg hunt and Easter bunny and all the fun activities that come along with it(and yes, you can find me Easter morning, fighting my kids for the Easter Eggs- I'm a very serious and competitive Easter Egg hunter!!:)) But most of all- I LOVE the meaning of Easter, and how we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! I love knowing that and knowing that we will be resurrected one day too, and live with Him! I just LOVE Easter and ALL that it entails!

So, HAPPY SPRING to ALL and if you ever need a warm, sunny place to visit- my doors are ALWAYS open:)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Something for Sunday, and something to remember!

The video below was submitted to the LDS Film Festival this year, and it was produced and directed by Paul Hunt, one of my friend's husbands (Jill and Paul on the right hand side of my blog). They were both gracious enough to allow me to share the video on my blog with all of you. This video is amazing and it had me in tears pretty quickly:) I thought it would be very appropriate for Sunday and to share a little about what I believe to my readers, who may not be of my faith. I'm LDS and we believe that families can be together forever. It is just such a neat video and reminds us to hug the people we love a little tighter each day!:) Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

(you'll also want to pause my music on the right, so you can hear the short clip)