Monday, July 28, 2008

Chet's B-day continued!!

YES! We have been celebrating Chet's b-day for the last 3 weeks!:) Just kidding- but I am just now getting around to posting about his birthday celebration, which we celebrated the day after his actual b-day.

The day of course started off with Sonic Happy Hour for all drinks 1/2 off between 2-4! At one point while we were waiting for our food to come, Chet asked me to get Ethan's gum off the side of the window- which he had just dropped. I get out of the car to start scraping, and I smell Ethan's breath- and I'm like- where did you get the cinnamon gum?? I usually don't buy cinnamon flavored... Ethan points, I turn my head- and CAN'T believe he just took the gum off of the side of the Sonic menu that someone so conveniently put there. (the gum is pictured below next to "Java Chillers") NIIIICCCCEEEE!

After that we headed over to NASA to use our beloved Season Passes- which were given to us by Grandma and Grandpa Ranger (Chet's parents) - and have been such a GREAT gift! They had a thing going on there called "Dare Devil Island" The kids LOVED it!!

Here is Dante on the trapeze. Erin was too chicken and Ethan was too little to go on it. Dante had fun- he got on it and then fell off immediatle instead of hanging on! It reminded me of the time, as a life guard greasing the zip line with tanning oil, and just watching people fall right off and do a backflop! (funniest thing ever) Dante def. pulled one of those on the trapeze!!

Here he is exiting and Erin is waiting anxiously to get on with the rest of Dare Devil Island.

Bungee Jumping on the tramp was next! Erin and I waited in a pretty long line while Ethan and Dante just ran around. They preferred to do the maze over and over and over AND OVER again-- I'll get to that in a minute:)
Dante decided he thought he would join us right when we got to the front. No one got mad so I guess that is ok. Ethan missed out though- but Erin and Dante had a blast jumping and going REALLY high!
Now we come to the AMAZING MAZE that entertained them til' the place closed practically! In the above picture you can see Dante from the back and he is stamping his "time card" for when you enter the maze and then when you exit you stamp it again and see how well you did.

Here are Erin, Ethan and Dante all that the lookout in the maze.

Ethan cheating?? NO!! Not my Ethan?? YEP! He spent more time on the ground then on his feet.
Chet had to get in on the action and played tag with the kids - here you can see him in the left hand corner and Erin running for her life because she knows dad is coming.

Chet FINISHED the maze- but did he beat the kids time??

When all was said and done and the maze was completed 100 times per kid- here is what the stamp desk looked like! Yes- all the cards outside of the clear box are my kids time stamp cards. Apparently they don't know what a trash can is- and they don't know how to conserve. Am I to blame?? :)
After NASA we headed over to one of Chet's co-workers houses because he has like a zoo of exotic animals. It is crazy! You can see Dante above trying to be like Brittany Spears. Not too shabby.
Here is Chet with the adorable little monkey! Can't you see Chet walking around town with one of those little red musical boxes that he turns a handle to play with a cute little monkey sitting on his shoulder with a little red hat?? I CAN!!
Ethan was a little unsure of the whole snake thing and Erin wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with ANY of the animals except the dog.

They also had a couple of foxes and small cheetah like cats. Since then he has also gotten a wallaby that we will have to go back and check out- the kids will go WILD!! :)

It was such a fun day!! Families are the best:)

Well- I'm off to the lovely city of San Diego for about a week- and I'll have a lot to blog about when I get home. Until then- ENJOY LIFE!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

While I'm waiting, let's play a game

I was going to blog about our day out at NASA last Monday, today- but Chet has the pictures on his laptop, and I thought that while I was waiting to get the pics sent to me- we could all play this fun game! Many other people are already playing it, and I think it is a lot of fun! So- 1-2-3 GO!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot...anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. :)

ps - I've had to change my background from my beloved punch buggy's because if I pulled up my blog while ANY of my kids were in the room - it turned into a PUNCH fest of "punch buggy" "punch buggy" "punch buggy" !

Friday, July 18, 2008

No better beach than GALVESTON, TX

Last Saturday we headed off to the beach to be with good ol' Aunt Christie! My kids can't go too long without seeing her- or else they start to flip out! The beach trip started out with piles of sunscreen-- because there is nothing worse then a burnt child. Apparently I'm turning into my dad and I put WAY too much sunscreen on my face - and don't realize what I look like til' my sisters decide to point it out! I thought they were just taking a funny picture of me- they didn't let me know I looked like a ghost! What else are sisters for?!

Here is Erin- she was happy she got all rubbed in!

Now we are at the beach- and I'm so happy to have beach bums for kids! Here is Dante showing you a sea-shell. It was the most perfect beach day- EVER!!

Here we have a soon to be pro- boogie boarders chilaxin' in the sun. Aunt Christie is in the back on the green floatie.

Erin is all into taking pictures now! After wards she will let you know if she thinks it was a good picture or a bad one. According to her- the above one of her and below one of her and REALLY good pictures!

Here is our amateur surfer dude! He has the lingo down and everything from cowabunga to surf's up and Hang Loose! Auntie Elizabeth is training him well! Next time I'll get a shot of him on Elizabeths real surf board.
Here is Dante again- showing you another pretty shell he found in the ocean. He said he would only take pictures if he had a shell to show. He was VERY adamant about it! Too bad there weren't any hermit crabs for him to show you.
The weather was perfect- and even more perfect for smooth sailing! Next time hopefully we can bribe my dad into bringing down his catamaran. There is nothing like getting on the harness and "flying" especially when the waves are HUGE and sailing on the side of the boat! Yes sometimes we tip- but that is FUN!

Katie- I probably should make an apology to you and ruining sailing for you, when we went out about 12 years ago and you were already pretty freaked, and right before a huge wave came and knocked the boat right over, and you were hanging on for dear life- I decided to point and yell, shark or jelly fish, right before you fell into the water- and I'm sorry if that scarred you for life.

I didn't really think you would believe me. But if it makes you feel any better I got a HUGE scolding from my dad afterwards- and how I shouldn't do that- and that sailing isn't scary to me because I've been doing it forever- but it might be to others. Oh- and I also walk side-ways and that is kind of awkward sometimes. Do you forgive me? You should bring Rex down- he would LOVE IT!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Children's Museum!

Here are some fun pictures from our wonderful afternoon at the Children's museum!:)

1st stop the "self-coloring" station. Aren't they cute? It is Erin and Missy and Lala (who are Brett and Amy's nieces)

This is one of the plants in the back- and I actually planted one last summer because it is one of the best to grow in Texas- once it gets started - the less water and the more humidity it gets- the better conditions for growing-- well- I guess mine didn't get nurtured enough to even get it started so - I don't know what happened to it- but it disappeared?! But it would look like this now if I still had it!! Just in case you were trying to picture my backyard.

Here is Dante and Jessica in the "red hot" car!! Dante likes the older women:)

This was a fun building station- they were kind of like tinker toys, but rubber. The kids had lots of fun making different creations.

Minnie and Amy! Minnie is wearing her favorite scowl! It really is a cute little scowl:)

Erin and Missy playing grocery store clerks-- they are giving people fish, chicken, lobster, and what ever else was back there.
Ethan waiting for the eggs to hatch. Waiting and waiting and waiting- and of course giving his signature thumbs up!

Aunt Emily and Ethan at I don't know where?

Here is Minnie with her little boyfriend in the special toddler section. And this is my favorite picture of the day! As we were leaving, Dante REALLY wanted 2 hot dogs from the little cafe there- and when I said no- maybe next time- he ran and cowered under a table and when he saw I was going to take a picture of him crying and whining- he tried to cover himself with a chair- which didn't work too well-- I LOVE it when my 7 year old does things like this! This picture is mainly for Melynda's enjoyment!

The trip was really fun and the kids loved every minute of it!

Tomorrow pictures from our recent beach trip!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my ONE AND ONLY!!!

This one's for YOU!!

You are the best husband, father, friend, brother and yes even sister anyone could ask for! You always know how to make me and everyone else laugh- especially when you are constantly making faces like these - I mean- WHO WOULDN'T LOVE YOU!!!
You are such a hard working man for our family- and you still make time for us, when you are tired from working a 17 hour day! I hope your birthday was a nice little break from the "norm"! You are AMAZING!! And we LOVE YOU!! Here are some fun memories from your b-day to always remember:)

You and Me Together FOR-EVER! Waiting for the steaks to finish.

More silly faces- I'm sorry I make fun of them all the time- but you always have one on your face and they make me laugh:)
Your cake FINALLY finished being lit after 3 different fire starters.

Your cake all blown out- and he does it in ONE puff- not like a really long blow- but like a "puff"! It is the craziest thing you have EVER seen- and ALL the candles go out at the same time! Seriously- so bizarre and I can't even get ONE candle out doing it that way- I've been practicing-- and he beats me every time! You'll have to ask to see him do it sometime.:)

Then what is a fun family birthday night without Guitar Hero, Boggle and Crazy Rook???

Happy birthday sweetie pie! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did:) I love you with all my heart and the kids think you are pretty sweet too!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!!

This is one of my favorite songs from Oklahoma! When I was little I would watch it over and over again- especially with my sisters and the Hopkins - (remember Katie, Lauren and Mogie?) That was way back when they also used to have "intermission" during the actual movie! Why is it that when they sing in movies now- it seems more cheesy then real? Like the Buffy musical episode??? I never watched Buffy- but I made sure to catch that one- and I don't think I have ever laughed harder! LOL!

Enjoy! And have a beautiful morning-- I'm going to try to jump on my horse and ride around every morning singing this song! Maybe I'll take a picture of it someday- until then- this handsome guy will have to do!

ps- children museum pics to come- I left my camera in my sister's purse and now I'm leaving to go down to the beach for the day. So, you'll get a whole mess of fun pics coming up next! Stay tuned!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Randomness, funniness, whatever post

1. My kids love to roll down the windows in the car. Even if it is 5,000 degrees outside- they want the windows down. One afternoon, Ethan started rolling the window down, and I told him it was too hot today- but instead of him rolling it back up, he just shouted to the mom of a little kid wearing only underwear, " PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THAT KID!" I was pretty embarrassed- as I haven't done that since I was 12 years old! (he must have been watching me from heaven).
I just hope that when the slightly overweight, 85 year old man comes rolling by every afternoon around 3 with no shirt and little biker shorts with his little American flag on his bike - that Ethan is NO WHERE in sight... or else he might get a reprimand like the mother of the 1/2 naked child!

2. Dante is quite witty and pretty serious all at the same time. The other day I had my window rolled down, and I had told the kids they couldn't roll their windows down...(it's always about the windows) I actually rolled mine down to talk to my neighbor real quick- but he didn't notice that, he just saw that I had my window down. So, he asked- Why do you get to roll your window down and we can't? And I answered with the mother of all answers... "because I'm an adult... and WHEN YOU ARE AN ADULT- you can do anything you want too!" To which he so quickly responded and in ALL seriousness "MOM! I CANNOT be shot out of a cannon when I'm an adult! Come ON!!!! Think about it!" To which I replied back- well- you can- you just have to join the circus! And I smiled at him- as he looked quite perplexed!

3. Erin loves the name Sarah! She has this one little red headed polly pocket named Sarah. She loves her- and got mad the other day that Minnie lost Sarah. She asked me about every 10 min. if I had found her yet-- to which I finally did --- this morning! (and she isn't even here to tell) Anyways.... anytime she plays "house" she is Sarah-- I never understood - where she got that name from- or why she likes it so much. When I asked her what she would want to name a little sister if we had one- she said Sarah. Then I asked her-- what about a little brother- what would you want to name him-- she said Spike. Can anyone NOW guess where she got the names from?? (hint: A certain dinosaur movie- and there are like 17 of them now) Hey- it could have been Pee-tree. Or- when I asked Dante the same question- he said he would name his little brother Laban?? (No I'm not pregnant:)) I just like to pretend sometimes!

4. My blog ROCKS so much- that I'm starting to get some free stuff! No Mommy's Perfect sent me some AMAZING stuff- I got 2 shirts (as pictured aboved and the same one in aqua). And I got a really cool bag that is perfect for the beach, or to take to the library! It is nice and big- and RECYCLED!! I really like it!! You should go to her site and check her blog and store out! Her site helps us mothers feel ok with not being perfect:)

5. I'm on week 3 of my 100 push-up challenge! Yesterday I did 80 pushups- broken up in 5 sets - with a rest of 60 seconds in between each set! I'll tell you- this challenge is HARD- but I LOVE it! The most I would do in a workout is 3 sets of 10-- but I'm feeling it everywhere and I'm feeling stronger-- so in about 4 weeks- I'm hoping to post a video of me doing 100 pushups in a row (just to say I did it- and have the proof!)

6. Over the summer if you have kids playing in the sand a lot-- baby powder makes it come right off! It always seems like sand NEVER comes off- but put some baby powder on it-- and it brushes right off! It's great:)

7. I'm off to the Children's Museum with my sister- so - expect an update tomorrow with pics:)


Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is my DREAM car-- seriously- IT IS! (or a red one!) I have always loved the older models of the beetle and the convertibles are the best. My kids go CRAZY for the "punch buggy" game- so much so that if they see a PT Cruiser - they will punch you and say- "half a punch buggy" or if they find one in a book that they happen to be looking through or reading- they will come and show you and then punch you and say "punch buggy!" And if one out of the 3 happen to miss the punch buggy that everyone else saw, then there is with out a doubt tears and an expectation of mom to turn the car around IMMEDIATELY and try to find it. It is almost getting ridiculous! :) So, my new back ground is in honor of the punch buggy game!

What is your favorite game to play in the car with your kids???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You will love CHAWLIE!!

This video clip is SOO funny. It's 2 English kids who are both adorable - and you can't help but laugh when you watch what happens! The expression on the older brother's face is priceless and then the evil laugh of the younger brother! CHAWLIE!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm JUST trying to take a DARN picture!

On Sunday my mom gave Dante and Ethan their gifts from her trip over to Scotland. They were SOOO thrilled to get these swords and cool belts to put them in- almost like REAL guards! So, after my boys were dressed for church- and they were looking too cute- I decided to take a picture of them with their swords. Something happened to make Ethan cry- I'm not sure, maybe he got whacked with a sword, maybe he needed to go to the bathroom and I wouldn't let him until we got the perfect picture, who KNOWS- but something set him off--- and here is what followed!

I guess next time I should put the camera down and cuddle with the crying one-- but, something inside me told me to keep going- it will only take a minute to snap a decent shot-- HAHA!! The laugh is on me-- it took more like ALL day! But I did put the camera down and snuggle him after the 4th picture! But I love the last one, because it looks like Dante is really going to "kill" Ethan and he is scared and crying and wants to run home to mama! Oh- and Dante kept trying to put his sword in his mouth and pose- like it was a rose!!?? He is a TRUE WARRIOR:)