Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation:)

Today, Dante, had his awards ceremony, and I'm happy to say he has passed Kindergarten! YEAH!!! He is a brilliant child, just like his dad! It was sooo fun and cute to see all the little kids and how they are still so excited to learn and go to school. When does that end? I can't quite remember? LOL! It shouldn't end- but I know there comes a time, when you never want to go to school again. All of us are excited to have Dante home everyday for the summer, though:) I have included some pictures from the graduation. The first one is of him singing- they learned a song to the "Adams Family Song" and sang it for us. He looks pretty funny. The 2nd one is of him and his proud "diploma". The 3rd is of me(his proud mommy) and him. And the last one is of his Kindergarten crush- his first big crush:) We all remember those, don't we? Well, I thought I would let you all see who Jennifer is (even though he won't admit it now). Kids are great!! And congratulations Dante- WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

items on the side!

Just for clarification, i have added some of my friends links to the right hand side of the blog, to their own wonderful blogs. So, if you don't have one- GET ONE! so I can check up on you and add you to it!

I have also added a "books I have read this year section" At the beginning of the year, Chet and I made a resolution to try and read 1 book a week which means 52 books!! I'm fear I'm far behind and hoping to catch up:) I've read 8 so far and as I continue to finish one, I'll post it and let you know what I think! Hope everyone is have a blessed day:)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just starting............

Well, since I'm a jump on the bandwagon kind of gal, and everyone else has a blog.... i thought, why not!:) Sure, I'm a little late- but better late then never, right?? This way- we can keep all the family and friends updated on the latest in the Ranger household! Yipeee- finally, you will be updated when things actually happen, vs. 5 years from now. I also, am the worst at taking pictures of my kids- and they are already half way adults, I'm hoping this will give me more motivation to carry a camera around, and capture more Kodak moments, since they happen at least 5 times a day. This will also be a good journal, for funny stories of my kids and what they are doing and have done, so that I have something to give them when they are older and to tell the grandchildren......starting now.

This past weekend we went up to Dallas with everyone for the blessing of Amy's sweet baby, Clementine Joy Breeden! She is such an adorable baby- and I'm ready for my next one!:) (just waiting on Chet) LOL! It was a great weekend. Brett also graduated from Law School and we are all hoping they move down here to Houston to be with the rest of the family. While on the trip, Dante lost his 2nd tooth and now his 2 bottom front teeth are missing. He loves it- blood and all. I have added a few pictures of the little ones. The first one is of Ethan and Erin, when Ethan thought it would be funny to pretend the powder donuts were his eyes, and I had to get a picture of the results:) The 2nd one is of Dante at the hotel this weekend, where a guy was wearing an afro wig, and let Dante try it on. Ethan - ran for his life, when the guy took the wig off! The 3rd picture is of all the kids this weekend at the blessing. The girls in the matching pink dresses are all of Brett's neices. Dante is still 6 and he is on the First Colony Piranhas swimteam and LOVES it!! This morning, I told him, he has swim team practice at 4, and he goes" Yesssssss!" all the while lifting his knee up and doing the arm motion that goes with it! He also will be graduating from Kindergarten this Thursday!! Can you believe it? I almost have a 1st grader? Where does time go?? Erin is still 4 and she is ready to start cheerleading! Thanks Emily:) Ethan is turning 3 this Sunday and is looking forward to his presents and cake! He is possibly the funniest kid in the world. Every day something new comes out of his mouth, and I'm like whaaaaat?, where did that come from?? My favorite story to tell about Ethan though, is how he has a thing for his nose. His finger is always in his nose, and he has stuck more things in his nose, then I can even count. One night, I gave him some chocolate chips for dessert, and he fell asleep quickly after. The next morning when he woke, up he comes running out and there is blood stained on his mouth running from his nose. As he gets closer, I realize it was chocolate, and that he had stuck chocolate chips up his nose, and they had melted, running down his face. The best though- was in church one Sunday, he is picking his nose and I'm just watching... and then he pulls out his finger with a little booger on it, and then rolls it into a ball, and I'm thinking- gross- please don't eat it, like most 2 year olds would do... and then- without missing a beat- he sticks it back up into his nose! I almost died laughing. Good times:)

Well, that is the 1st blog entry for the Ranger's and there will be sooo much more to come, so check back often!:) We love and miss you all and hope that life is being good to you!