Friday, November 30, 2007

Socks and tennies

There is just something about socks and tennis shoes that make me laugh! Anytime I see........

this... I just laugh, because it looks so funny! He had just gone to the bathroom, and he is still at the stage, where EVERYTHING besides his shoes HAS to come off before going to the bathroom. He didn't want to miss the funny part in 3 Ninja's- and this is how I find him next. And I laugh at this........

too. When you tell him to go get dressed again, and he can't find his swimsuit- so he thinks underwear and shoes and socks are enough! This always makes me laugh!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 of my favorite things!!

A fridge that is organized and chalk full of fresh, healthy stuff!! I don't mind the grocery shopping- but I do not particularly like having to put all the groceries away once I get home..... but I do love the END product:) How come when at the grocery store, they ask you if you need help out to your car- but they don't offer to take a ride home with you and put the groceries where they really need to be! I would not mind that extra trip to take them back to the grocery store at all!!
I also love simple things that can be turned into fun- such as doorways, pots and pans, couches and furniture for building tents... beds!! Walls-- (Dante was an animated and very imaginative kid-- he used to go from wall to wall chest bumping them saying, hey man wuzzup --- like they do in football and whatnot! He was like 2-- and it was amazing to watch that he could do that all day long- while all his other toys just sat in the bucket mainly)
Above is obviously a picture of Ethan- his legs are still a little too short to really be able to scale up the wall with both feet - one on each side of the doorway, and he was tired of watching Erin and Dante and friends do it all the time- so he decided he would one up them- and scale one side to the very top in 5 nano seconds! I swear- this kid is one fast maniac!! (oh- and if you are always wondering why he is wearing his swimsuit.... it is because he is always wanting to go to Christie's beach house!! ( and I think, it is faster for him to dress, because he doesn't have to put on underweaar too- I think that is his real secret.)

Funny for the day, motivation for the day, whoopsies of the day and FOOD!

I'm so mad that I can't embed this video on my blog.... so just follow the link, or copy and paste into your browser! It is sooo funny! I don't know how many of ya'll ever got into Trigger Happy TV when it used to be on Comedy Central- but it was the funniest show!! Kind of like Candid Camera, etc....

Now onto motivation. The last fiction book I read was a book called "Puccini's Ghosts" I so did not pay attention in highschool to anything, and I keep telling my husband- I have read more books this year then I have in my entire life- which I'm only at 37 so far.... so that really says a lot about me. So- as I was reading this book, my sister (who is very book smart) Amy, asked me if it was about Puccini... and I was like- oh, is he a real person?? She is like yeah- he does opera's and stuff- and I was like- yeah- it talks about a little town that is going to put on Turandot.. and it doesn't go so well. And she is like- yeah- I know that opera... I was like- wow- and here I thought it was just ALL fiction... and the only reason I got the book in the first place was because it had ghosts in the title and it was going to be my Halloween book - but it didn't end up being "ghosty" at all-- but a great read none the less. ANYHOW- here is a quote from the book that is very, very true!

It is the young girl in the book who is unhappy with where she lives and the small town and is unhappy with life in general.

"Why I have to live here I don't know, there must be thousands of places more interesting where people really enjoy living there. But wherever you go you have to take your own head with you. What I mean is wherever you go it's the same you inside. You can't get away from yourself, it all comes down to what goes on inside your own head unfortunatly, changing that is your only hope of changing the way you see the world. "

I read another book earlier this year too- where it stated something to the effect- that we are always trying to change people or getting people to change, and the author said, that if you want someone to change, you are going to have to change the way you look at them.

This just made so much sense to me! So I thought I would share it:)

Onto the whoopsies! So- we recently got our carpets cleaned a week or so ago- and usually when we do something like that- we try REALLY hard to keep them that way- but we do "count" how many days it takes for a mishap to happen. So.. it was probably 2 weeks this time around... this is the mishap....

It is red nail polish--- and who did it... who else?? ME! I couldn't believe it! I was so mad at myself! Oh, well:) So, if anyone has good suggestions of how to get nail polish out of carpet- I would greatly appreciate it!

And lastly- FOOD! I'm in love with - that is all:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Into the Minds of Babes - Lisa Guernsey

This book has been absolutely fascinating! It makes me not feel so guilty for letting my kids watch certain shows! As mothers, we are told so many different things- that we tend to feel guilty if we don't do as recommended! This book has really taught me a lot! I definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to know a little more about how little minds work!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007


Grandpa with ALL the grandkids:) Grandpa is the funnest person in the world!!
Dad with mom and all 6 daughters! What a man - to survive only having daughters- and 6 no less! :) Definitely got crazy at times and STILL does:)

Happy birthday Dad!! You are the best dad in the entire world and I'm so blessed to have been one of your daughters:)

A Somethin', Somethin' about my dad:

In a recent book I read about how to develop your character, Flawless!, the author states:

"I have been blessed to run into people who have believed even when I couldn't believe in me. But they all have an underlying secret that they rarely articulate. They are not into the ends justifying the means. They believe in taking charge of your life and doing everything you possibly can but they also believe that you have to be willing to let go and let God. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed, but always, as Charles T. Jones says, "you are learning." You are learning your character is up to you."

My dad is one of those exact people the author is talking about- he believes in you when you don't believe in yourself, or when no one else believes in you. He has supported me in ALL my dreams and has believed that I could achieve each one, and has helped me through each one too! He even flew to Boston with me so I could meet my fitness trainer and choreographer, when Chet couldn't come with me and it would be the first time I was traveling to a big city, all by myself and I was a little scared- so he came with me!! My dad is the rock in our family on gospel principles and teaching us how to share the gospel with others! Even if it is getting up at 4 AM, and studying for hours:) (or that is what it seems like when you are a teenager, anyway:))

I love you Dad and I thank YOU for all you have given me! I hope you have an amazing birthday today, you deserve it!! Whoo-hoo for making it to 75!! HAHA- just kidding:)

Moving on: Sunday morning and evening!

Yesterday was probably one of my most "everything fell right into place" Sunday's in a really, really long time! The kids were great and cooperated and obeyed my every command the FIRST time! (I actually don't think that has ever happened- now that I think about it:)) They let me dress them however I wanted- Erin let me put her hair in pigtails and then curl them in ringlets... We were doing so well- that they even had time to sit at the table and color before having to leave AND we were there right at 10:45 - 15 WHOLE minutes before church started!! I was highly pleased with everything- and I can't take all the credit- the credit goes MAINLY to:

Yes- now that these cakes are back on the shelves- my kids will do ANYTHING to get one! They believe that the elves made them just for my kids- and they have to be good to get them, and if they get enough - then that means they actually get presents for Christmas instead of coal. It's great! So, Sunday went perfect- perfect in sacrament, and primary and nursery! It was just a perfect day all around.. I was caught up on everything, and I had lots of energy.... and only LATER would I find out why.

Chet worked late last night, and also stayed in Katy to watch a football game with some friends.... and at midnight I get a call from him saying he has run out of gas AND locked himself out of the truck. So- I woke all my kids up, and we headed out to help him- he was about 30 min. away.... so I let Dante stay home from school today as he was exhausted- when all was said and done, we got back home around 1:35 AM. I now know- that my day went so perfectly- so that I would be able to actually be "decent" about this whole scenario (even though anytime I hear a story about someone running out of gas- I'm like- how can that happen??) I was luckily still pretty wide awake, so that I was able to drive out there, and I wasn't woken up which was nice. Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for me yesterday, so that my spirits would be high when Chet needed me, instead of all worn out and ready to hit the hay.

Saturday continued again - EVENING!

So, after we get back from "seeing" Santa, we went over to my parents house to celebrate my Dad's birthday- which is actually today. We had his favorite birthday dinner and then a Maggie Moo's ice-cream cake and Better Batter ice-cream cupcakes for the kids! It was a lot of fun! Here are the pictures from that night- and I will do my b-day tribute to my dad after I finish the weekend synopsis!

Saturday continued- AFTERNOON!

So, after Emily was all ok and Christie came home from the ER with her- we headed over to the mall to meet Santa. I was so excited- because this year.. I could finally get a picture of EVERYONE on Santa's lap and with a smile.. vs crying or mommy in the picture too. We get there, and Santa won't be back for another 20 min. However, they conveniently put Santa's North Pole right across from the mall's toy store... so we just walked into the toy store and hung out there for a while, so my kids could figure out what they were going to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas! I see a line start to build up - so I quickly grab my kids and get in line. As we are inching closer and closer- Erin starting freaking out. Ethan and Dante were great! Erin though, would not let go of me and she started crying and was like- mom- I just don't want to see him. I tried bribing her, I said we can't go to Cinderella's party at Chick-fil-a if you don't sit on his lap... or he won't get you anything for Chistmas if you don't tell him what you want- and he won't know you live at our house, or I'll buy you a polly pocket if you sit on his lap, or anything in that toystore. None of this seemed to work. So, we move closer and it normally doesn't help when the kid in front of you is crying too- but the kid was really only 2 - not FIVE!! So, then it is our turn... so I rush Dante and Ethan to Santa, and that is where Ethan grabs for Christie and won't even LOOK at Santa! I'm trying to pry Erin off of me- but she is stuck to me like a monkey to a tree-- and unless I want serious scratches all over me-- then I better let it be. So- here is the picture I got. Dante went up and told Santa exactly what he wanted.... and then Santa decided it would be a good idea to ask Dante if there was anything else he wanted... to which Dante replied- EVERYTHING IN THAT TOY STORE RIGHT THERE! Oh boy! How is Santa ever going to fulfill that Christmas list?

Crazy weekend! SATURDAY - morning!

This weekend was quite the crazy one - and I didn't even do any shopping!! Let's see.... Saturday morning I got a call from Christie to see if I wanted to take the kids to go see Santa at the mall. I said sure- and she said she would call me when she is ready to go. So- I get the kids all ready... and we are just waiting for Aunt Christie's call. She calls back an hour later and says that we will have to do Santa later because Emily (16) has gotten in a car accident. Poor girl hydroplained and the truck did a 180 and jumped the curb and smashed into a tree- on the drivers side. She was on her way to a football game (our boys are in the state playoffs) to cheer. She was quite the trooper!

The truck cab was practically pused over away from the bed of the truck as you can see. The indentation is where the truck struck the tree... and it broke out the driver side window and smashed the windshield too.
Here are shards of glass with Em's blood on them.
Here is the inside of the door where Emily's blood is too. Head injuries always look a lot worse then they are... but still soooo scary!
Here is the gash in her forehead.

Here Emily is in the ER waiting to be seen. As you can see- she looks like she just stepped out of a movie scene with blood all over her letter jacket and cheer uniform.
She always has a smile for the camera- no matter what her condition.
And here she is walking out of the ER all stitched up- total stitches needed: 8! I'm just greatful she is safe and alive and well and not severely hurt!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Pictures!!

Here are a bunch of pictures that were taken over Thanksgiving while we were all camping together:) It was sooo much fun. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and set up camp and got everything organized before it fell dark. It started to rain while we were there, and it had rained before we had arrived as well- just in time to get things really muddy! (I've decided- I don't like muddy camping- dirt camping is fine... but MUD is a whole different story! - especially when you have a little boy that likes to act like a pig;)) We didn't do too much before dark- just checked things out. The next day was beautiful- the sun came out for a while (until the cold front came through) and it was around 75 degrees. As you can see in the canoeing pictures we are in shorts and t-shirts. Then you will see us as bundled as we could get later that night- when the cold front came through between 3-4. Thursday was COLD! COLD! COLD - like 45!- cold!!!! I was the lucky one that had to gut the turkey (which I had never before done!) It actually wasn't bad at all. I was surprised- and I was conjuring up all these different horror stories of what it would be like to gut a turkey.

We deep fry the turkey right at our campsite and everything else is just made on the coleman stoves with propane! It is always so amazingly delicious!

Enjoy the pictures:) This year we went with our whole family and Brett's family (Amy's hubby) came along too- which was so nice, because then my kids had playmates-- and they loved playing "explorer". The pictures area all kind of scrambled because I don't feel like rearranging them in order! LOL!

Ethan, Missy, Dante, Erin, and Lala
Have to get in the round of card games! Especially when it is so cold and drizzly and not much else to do! No body was up for bloody knuckles;(
Our scenic view!
Turnkey time!! Here is my dad carving the turkey and he just pulled off a leg!
Everyone around the camp fire- trying to keep warm, eating our Turkey dinner!
Me getting up in the morning and coming out of the tent and Ethan stretching in the background!
Erin posing for the camera by the lake!
Erin, Missy and Dante
Dante, Lala, Ethan, Missy and Erin. Ethan was in love with his "snow hat"
Dante climbing a tree.
Chet, Ethan, Dante and me canoeing on the beautiful - SUNNY- day!
Here is Minnie in her adorable hat!
Around the campfire at night time!
Erin, Missy and Lala all bundled up and having a good time!
Mac, Chet and Dante stuffing their faces on Thanksgiving!
Lala and Erin:)
Emily and Minnie (sitting on my lap)
Here is my mom and dad cooking breakfast the 1st morning hashbrowns and bacon. I don't think I could do it without them!! PERIOD!:) they are awesome campers!!!
More canoeing.

Pretty canoeing picture!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving post -- soon to come:)

Our Thanksgiving camping trip was so much fun- a little muddy - actually VERY muddy at first, but then it dried up, just as we were leaving- but a lot of fun all around! The kids loved it! I was so mad- I forgot my camera at home- so once my parents and sisters have downloaded their pictures onto their computers I will steal some of the images and do a full report:)

Just a few real quick- funny stories!

Canoeing was a huge hit with the kids! No one would go with Ethan because they knew that if the canoe was going to tip- it would be him doing it! So- of course- that made it the parents duty to take him! LOL! He did great- I was amazed- he sat perfectly still and just looked across the lake for animals! Dante rocked the boat more than Ethan.

One other thing--- Dante is a very funny, funny kid- and I love how innocent children are! While were were canoeing- Chet said, Dante - "your mom goes to college" the classic line from Napoleon Dynomite-- and Dante answers, "Still?' Me and Chet started laughing because we didn't expect that... and then Dante goes- no - really mom-- you still go to college?? LOL! It was a classic moment!

Another funny Dante moment- was at around 3 AM... we were in a tent right next to Amy and Brett- so Minnie was right next to us. She started crying about 3 in the morning- and was crying and crying .. and Dante was 1/2 in it and 1/2 out of it... and I hear him say... "Amy, it helps if you play peek-a-boo with her." It was so funny- I don't think he understood they were trying to put her to sleep again... and Minnie is very into peek a boo right now. He then was right back to sleep! He also lost his 2nd front tooth this week- so within 1 week- he lost both of his front teeth! Now- he knows what he wants for Christmas:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Every year since I was a little girl we have gone camping for Thanksgiving with a few other families. Yes, we do the whole shabang out there- including turkey, potatoes, pies, stuffing- you name it! But- it has always been such a nice time to get away from the "world" and your normal routine, and appreciate the beauty all around, and family and just what really is important in life! After I got married- the tradition kind of stopped as kids were going away to college, etc.... Last year, however- we started it back up again. We will be leaving here in just a few- and this year we will be going to Buescher State Park near Austin. I'm so excited! We are going to go canoeing, hiking, kayaking, have camp fires- and all that good stuff! My kids have already fell in love with going camping and they look forward to that and the 2 weeks at a summer beach house every year!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and that you enjoy it to the fullest and that you will be able to be surrounded by loved ones:)

Moogs and Pumb and KATIE!! - we will miss you- and we need to have a Hopkins/Young camping reunion with everyone sometime!! Last year your mom and dad stopped by for a little bit at Enchanted Rock and we MISSED YA'LL!!!

I'll update with pics and stories when we get back on Friday!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Seems like a NEW HOUSE!

Well- here are the long awaited, over due pictures of our house since it has been repainted! I absolutely love it- the painters actually finished up on Halloween- so it took them about 2 weeks to do it. I just now got around to taking some pics -- so ENJOY and WELCOME to my home:)

This is the front entry way. Most of our house we did in the "totally tan" It has turned out to be the perfect color for us!

When you walk in through the front door, on your right is the "dining room" which we use for a toy room- because we have soooo many toys- and who needs a dining room and a breakfast room- it is not like we are holding formal dinners all the time!! But we love the red for when it will be a dining room!
Then if you turn to your left you will see our home office. This is the reason we bought the house- next to being so close to my family. We LOVE it!

Then if you look straight ahead from the entry way- you will see our family room.

Then the kitchen/breakfast room is in front of the family room- it is really just one big open area!
This is the guest bedroom where Ethan sleeps most of the time, until we get the bunkbeds in Dante's/Ethans real room:)

This is the master bath- we went with blue because it is a calming color... and you want to relax in the bathroom.
This is the master bedroom with sitting area. We love our bedroom and we LOVE the new color!! It is a dark red on top, and a dark brown on bottom.
This is Erin's bedroom- we brought the Christmas sheets out- and they love it! They know Christmas gets close- when we bring out the snowman sheets!
This is the kids bathroom.
Here is Dante/Ethan's bedroom... where just Dante sleeps for now.

That is it! It really does feel like a brand new home with everything painted differently and no more writings/drawings/scribblings on the wall! You really don't have to go out and buy a new home- to feel like you are in one:)