Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ethan's latest "I'm INVINCABLE" stunt!

What would YOUR kids do when they saw this great big slide???

Doesn't it look FUN! It is a REALLY tall, steep slide... and you really get racing down it. I mean- like FAST!

Most kids would be happy just sliding down the thing over and over and over and OVER again... but Ethan???


I mean come on, who are we kidding?? As he ever done ANYTHING the normal way?

He decided to jump off at the top of the slide (where the little house is)... now it may look big to you and some of you may be going- that is no big deal-- I could do that too.... it isn't that high... but for arguments sake-- lets just say this slide is as tall as the Statue of Liberty... (or very comparable in slideville)

So.. he JUMPS! He lands.... on his face (not really his face- just awkwardly on his feet.. which then puts him on his face.... unable to get up)

I'm minding my OWN business... on a nice cozy blanket in the nice fresh green grass with my nose peacefully buried in a book, while I listen to my kids squeals of delight... and then I hear crying... not BAWLING... not SCREAMING... just dull crying- and I look up... and I see Ethan on the ground... and I don't panic. I slowly get up and start walking towards him... Chet is also laying on the blanket reading--- and he says to me-- BABE! Don't you think you should walk faster?? (are you serious??- are YOU even getting up?) So, I hasten my walk to make him happy and to seem like a good mother (when I know nothing serious is wrong)

Then a guy standing near Ethan (who also doesn't bother to help Ethan) says, "He probably broke his ankle- he just jumped from up there (and points to the top of the slide) I think SWEEEEET! (but there is really no way that kid broke his ankle).....

I pick him up... carry him to the nice cozy blanket, lay him down to do the "motherly checkup" I look at his foot to see if it is at all in a funny direction, or a bone sticking out.. nothing-- I then start to feel his foot for any broken bones or missing bones... or whatever... and I don't feel anything- except slight swelling. I keep looking at his face to see if he is going pale, or into shock (because a kid who has broken his ankle would be doing that... if he isn't bawling his head off) and again nothing-- he is still crying a little... puppy whimpering if you want to call it that.. and I go get a DS out of the car- and it is like he just magically forgets about his foot-- (even though he can't walk on it)

He somehow escaped his master minded "jump" with a severely bruised foot with some swelling. He was very LUCKY!

Dante and Erin finish playing up at the park and we head home. That night Ethan was crawling around, hopping around on one leg, limping, etc... and I had to video tape him because it was SO cute... there are 2 separate videos here- because one is of him "not wanting to do the video" and crawling away and the other is him limping to the couch!

Interview #1

Interview #2

This happened Sat. night, it is now Wed. and he is doing much BETTER! He is almost completely back to his normal running, walking, jumping self.

Monday, September 28, 2009

25 weeks!!

This was taken on Sunday- my 25 week mark! I can still hardly believe that it has been TWENTY FIVE weeks! This is the fastest pregnancy ever... and of course I'm saying that now... not in a month from now;)

I've really been able to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy. I really enjoyed my first-- but my 2nd and third pregnancies seemed to go on FOREVER because I always had some kid that I had to pick up on a constant basis and when they are throwing a tantrum and kicking and they are constantly kicking your stomach... it really isn't as enjoyable when they aren't!

It is also really fun, because this is the first pregnancy where the kids can actually enjoy it too. Before they were all too young to know what was happening or understand. But now- it is all they TALK about.... they love telling people (still) and they love rubbing my tummy and kissing it.. they are THRILLED! It has been a lot of fun watching them LOVE on this baby!

We still do not know what we are having yet... we will know Nov. 3rd! And if not-- then we will just have to be surprised like we were with Dante.

In other news... I'm beginning to update my other blogs-- I updated my fitness one today, and I'm going to try to update my happiness one tomorrow... or tonight? We'll see- but if you were a reader before- get ready to be a reader again!!:)

Spiritual Sunday

I missed the Relief Society broadcast this past Saturday and I went to to see if I could read the talks yet...... and instead I found this on the homepage which touched my heart. It is a short video with excerpts from President Monson. Family and friends really are the MOST important thing we have in this life... and we need to cherish those and let people know how we feel instead of just assuming.

Please ENJOY!

I was blessed growing up knowing exactly how my family felt about me and each other--- there has never been a doubt in my mind that we ALL love each other.... despite our shortcomings. I have the example of my AMAZING parents who have always loved each other and their daughters and SHOWED it... and because of that I know how to show love and not just feel it in my heart. People NEED to know, and even if they think they don't need to know... at least you know that you let them know how you feel!

And to all my family and friends reading this... I hope you know that I LOVE YOU! I cherish the time we have/had together and am SO grateful to have all of you in my life... my life has been made better because of YOU!

Time seems to get away from me EVERYDAY.... and every time I think about a family member or friend and how grateful I am... I think- oh- I'll write them a little note or e-mail later to let them know-- and before you know it a MONTH has gone by-- but when those promptings come in my mind I need to ACT on them, and just drop whatever I'm doing and call- or e-mail- send a Thank you note.. because chances are that person needs to know they are loved by SOMEONE at that point. So, here is to hoping that I can be a better daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and whatever other name you can give me!

AND thank you for being YOU and for loving me too:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why did they EVER get rid of Drive-Ins???

I love old pictures like these and wish it was still the "thing to do"

Do you remember ever going to the Drive - In??

I remember going a few times when I was younger- but my most memorable time was seeing:

Now that movie is OLD! Look at how young Keanu Reeves is!!

I just remember loving the atmosphere and how cool it was to either sit in your car or outside your car and watch a movie. You could bring your pillows and blankets and fall asleep in the back of your car while watching the movie too if you wanted.

Seemed like the drive-ins in and around Houston must have all shut down shortly after, because we didn't go too much after that.

So, when I went up to Provo for college- I was ecstatic to hear they had a drive-in close-- and that people actually WENT to it. Chet and I frequented it while dating.

Then I think that one closed too! Dang it.... after we were married and had kids --- taking them to the theater just really wasn't an option, because MOM "aka: me" would end up sitting out in the hall with them and not getting to see the movie- so we started to look up drive-in theaters again. When we lived in Sacramento, they had a pretty nice one about 20 min. away-- and luckily when we moved back to Utah, there was one about 45 min. away that we also would go to quite often. The kids would fall asleep in the car, and stay asleep on the way out there! There isn't much you can do with 3 kids - 3 and under when it comes to going out to the movies:)


When we moved to Houston--- well, we didn't find any that were close or any at all-- and so we never went. For FIVE years- we didn't go to a drive-in theater! Can you BELIEVE it!?

So, we were pretty happy when we came up to Mission Viejo and looked for a Drive-In and we found one-- it is about 50 min. away-- but worth the drive- especially since the kids can actually remember going now! Dante was cute, and said he was excited to go to a drive-in because he has never been to one-- and I was like, actually- you've been a LOT but- you just can't remember.

This time all of our kids will definitely REMEMBER going to the drive-in!

We packed the car with lots of food and goodies and pillows and blankets and headed to:

(yes it is that cute)

and for the low cost of just 14 bucks for the whole family we saw

and the double feature was

Yes, you don't get the Dolby Digital Sound Quality Surround Sound that you would get in a normal theater (that is 14 dollars per person here) but in exchange you get fun memories that the whole family can enjoy!! Because I guarantee you, your kids aren't going to say when they are older--- remember that one time we went to the movie theatre and saw.....?? But- the Drive-In is a WHOLE other story!

It was a fun night for everyone and the kids LOVED it and I won't be surprised if they ask us to go back soon:)

To find a drive-in theater near you... or not so near you... go to:

On their home page they also have lots of cool tips on how to make your experience fun for the whole family!:)


and if you have any old timey fun traditions... let me know- because it is always fun trying something new!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Erin!!

(Sept. 21, 2009)

I can hardly believe that you have grown up SO fast! Everyone told me this would happen to you and that it would happen in a blink of an eye.... but I didn't believe them- and now that you have been in our family for SEVEN years... I guess I can now pass on that "wisdom" to new moms!:)

I mean SEVEN! Are you serious??

We love you so much bear bear... and just to show you how much, here are SEVEN things we love about you!

1. We love that you are the sweet, innocent girl that you are!
2. We love how inquisitive you are and how much you LOVE school.
3. We love how you are willing to do whatever your brothers want you to, in hopes that they will play your
girly games later! :)
4. We love how you are such a big help to your mom and how you are going to be the best big SISTER to this little baby- especially since you kiss my belly every night before you go to bed!
5. We love how you still know how to rough house with the boys, but still be sweet and dainty and love
girly things too! You are a PERFECT blend:)
6. We love how you make us laugh with your silly antics.
7. We love you for BEING YOU!:)

And we look forward to seeing you grow even more, just slow it down a little;)

Mom and Dad

Here are some fun pictures from her Hannah Montana baking and decorating b-day party with 2 of her cute new friends from church!

Erin, patiently waiting for people to arrive.

Can't help but dig into the batter!

The table of festivities... as you notice the cupcakes are PLAIN... just wait til you see the REAL masterpiece!

Another view of the fun table! Erin asked for lots and lots of blow pops and I added in the kit kats and reeses pieces

The goodie bags (the big one was Erin's tutu)

Erin's cute little friends!

Working HARD at decorating their cupcakes.

Boys can get in on the fun too (decorating isn't just for girls anymore):)

Yes, even Chet was there to show them the cool things to do-- like SMASH their faces into their cupcakes afterwards and they will taste SO much better!

The beautiful finished products by ALL party goers! How much cuter is that cupcake stand NOW??!

Erin blowing out her Hannah Montana candle... she wanted just a "7" candle but I did one better!

The cute party group!

We are so lucky to have Chet work 30 seconds from our house-- so that he could come and enjoy the party too! The kids LOVE it... and I'm not going to lie, so do I:)

Erin with her FAVORITE mom! (I know... isn't that so sweet)

And last but not least-- my bragging rights to this awesome No sew tu-tu that I learned to make and MADE 2 days before her party. AND.... I chose the colors because I thought they looked cute together-- and they turned out to be Hannah Montana colors! How cool am I?? It went with the theme perfectly!

Happy SEVENTH birthday Erin and here is to many, MANY more!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I think I'm going to change my last name to STEWART!

(as in related to Martha Stewart)

I don't know what it is, but I feel VERY domesticated. It could be the fact that I have NO children at home-- so I actually have the time to do this fun stuff... and not only do I not have kids here during the day-- but ALL week during the day!

I used to not really be interested in "playing house" or being crafty- but over the last year-- I light bulb has gone off in my head and I have fallen in love with throwing parties,entertaining, cooking better meals (mainly desserts), sewing, making bows, decorating,etc....

or in other words..

For example:

How cute is this skirt? If I had this pattern right now, I'd make Erin one! TOO CUTE... By Vintage Chic named after Nie Nie. I LOVE IT!

Instead I'm making one of these for her birthday!

along with learning how to make organza flowers all at Super Saturday tomorrow! I'm so excited to see her eyes light up on Monday! I'll most likely put the flower on a headband.

Not only am I learning to do 2 new things this week... I'm ALSO branching out in my cooking world. My friend Ashley told me about this really cool site: Our Best Bites.

From that site I will be making
Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza Rolls


Smoked Turkey and Artichoke Panini (looks DELICIOUS!)

Then of course on Monday I'll be throwing Erin's birthday party for her with lots and lots of fun decorations and food! Pictures will have to wait on that one-- but they'll be cute no matter what.

I'm trying to teach her early.. she is coming shopping with me tonight to pick out some of the fun decorations she wants for her party. She is SO excited to have a little girls night out!

I love learning new things and becoming interested in different things as I become "wiser" After all I'm almost 29! It's about time I grow up a little:)

What new talents have you been learning that you had no interest in before??

Isn't it fun?!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Used to walk home from school... now we walk to the PARK!

One big difference living here vs. in our house back in Sugar Land is that we DON'T live right across the street from the school anymore. It was SO nice to be able to send Dante and Erin out the door at 7:30 and say "See ya!" and not have to go pick them up at all, and just expect them to arrive home at sometime between 3:05 - 3:15, depending on what friends they got distracted walking home with and running around playing with. It was GREAT! And if I needed to check on them, I just had to walk out my front door and look down the sidewalk-- and they were always there somewhere along that sidewalk!

Towards the middle of the year, Ethan would even leave around the time they were supposed to get home and ride his bike up and down the sidewalk until they came home- sometimes he would even wait by the stop sign in anticipation for them to HURRY UP and come play with him!

Here is just a cute short video I got of Dante and Erin one day walking home.. in like 40 degree weather.... still playing a game of "your only allowed to step on the lines" The video is a little shakey because I was inside and they were outside... but it is SO CUTE and a fun memory!

Well, since they were so used to walking to and from school and Ethan saw how much they loved it-- they were MORE then excited to start "walking" home to our new place here in California! They weren't scared one bit-- and it is about a mile from our house-- and you have to cross a really busy street at some point to get home. Which is the only part that scares me..... so we compromised, and their is this cute little park at the end of the hill from where their school is (probably about 1/2 a mile from the school)... and we meet there. It has been so nice- because they get a little fun snack and to let out LOTS of energy and I get to sit and listen to their laughter and read a book, or lay down and close my eyes and enjoy the breeze! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

Sitting and eating their yummy rice krispie treats!
The playground behind us! And the park is made out of sand! It's great:)
Dante hanging out in the woods! He loves to "explore"
Erin running away from the little boy playing MONSTER!
Ethan climbing to the highest point of the park that doesn't have a ladder to get to it. What is a ladder anyways, right??

And last but not least... but beautiful towel that got soaked with Snapple RIGHT
in the middle of the towel- so that I could only sit on the edge and enjoy my book! Something had to go wrong right?! What is a perfect afternoon anyhow??:) You only remember the things that make you laugh in the end-- i don't even think I can say-- Remember that one day that went absolutely PERFECT!! Not that I haven't had them... just because they aren't as interesting (or laughable) in the end!:)

And actually a video for all the people that miss my kids terribly in REAL life! You can't get any better acting then this in front of the camera!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help me plan a PARTY!!

I can't believe my little girl is turning SEVEN!

Why is it every year I'm shocked at what age my kids are turning??

I'm so excited to plan her little party. It will be relatively simple-- but tons of FUN!

I asked her what she would like to do for her birthday and she said she would like to take her friends to a roller rink.

Well, the closest roller rink around here is FAR away. I mean, in San Clemente they have a Roller Derby rink-- but only for REAL roller derby people and I just don't think Erin could hang with the big dawgs, if you know what I'm saying!

So, that was out and I started searching online for some fun party ideas-- and HOLY CATS! What is this like 1 million dollars to hold your birthday party anywhere other then your own house dealio??

I found this super, super cute place

and they do a really fun scavenger hunt, where all the kids go on a hunt for candy(while eating cotton candy)- and at the end they all get a gelato ice-cream scoop and a bag of "loot" The floor is like a BIG GAME BOARD and I SO badly wanted to have her party here-- but I just can't justify spending 300 bucks when I can make a super cute party here and spend next to nothing!

So, I asked Erin if she wanted me to recreate the Scavenger Hunt for candy game...


Do you want me to get little baking pans and you and your friends can each make their own little cakes to eat?? AND on top of that- I will give them one of my handmade aprons??

Her eyes lit up and a BIG smile spread across her face.. and then to top it off... I said...

And what about a PINATA?!?! (who doesn't want a pinata on their birthday? i TOTALLY do!)

She started to cry she was so happy with joy! (ok, that's a lie.. but not too far fetched)

So, now I know what I'm going to do-- and I'm excited to plan it- but I would love YOUR creative ideas too- like maybe cute cake decorating ideas or websites, or cute games to play. or cute decorating ideas in general??

I'm planning the party for Monday after schoolish.. so hurry with your cute ideas- so that I can go shopping this weekend!

(can you believe it?)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

YogurtLand = AWESOME! (and cheap too)

This place is AWESOME! I LOVE it! For all of you that know me - you know I'm a HUGE ice-cream fan, frozen yogurt I can live without... but THIS fro yo is GOOD!
(and it doesn't help that it is within walking distance from my front door)

Here is what you do. You walk in, grab a HUGE cup-- fill it up with as much or as little yogurt you want. You have a choice of many decadent flavors- you are not getting your normal just chocolate, vanilla or twist flavors here!

Then once you are satisfied with the flavor or flavors you have chosen and you have put them in your bowl.. you move onto the........

You can choose from fresh fruit, to mini m&m's, and other candy types, to cereal, sprinkles, you name it- they HAVE it. And if they don't they'll go to the store and buy it for you (ok, maybe that's not true) but a girl can dream:) And I LOVE toppings! You should see what my homemade banana splits look like!!!

Then when you are done loading your yogurt... you pay .30 an ounce! Our whole fam of five came to just under 10 bucks!! The next time we went though-- we did reach a grand total $11.50! (but that is NOT bad) I just think we didn't skimp realizing how good it was. :)

And last but not least


NO! I really mean it-- ENJOY and SAVOR EVERY BITE!!!

(i could eat mini m&m's on ice-cream ALL DAY!)

For more info. such as franchising information (since they don't have one in Houston yet) or just to see their awesome flavors... click HERE!

AND if you come and visit me here in Cali... I'll treat you there myself! I'm just cool like that;)

I'm WAITING!!! (hint: come running)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spiritual Sunday! - Gratitude


Just real quick... my whole post got deleted when I tried to add pictures from our ward party yesterday... it was a little disorganized as it is-- so I will re-write it to where it makes sense. But, it will come tomorrow-- for now... enjoy the pics from yesterdays festivities and know that I'm GREATFUL to be here!
San Clemente Pier

And don't forget Cheerfulness is an attitude of GRATITUDE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look at ME... pretending to be Bakerella!

I LOVE BAKERELLA!! If you have never tried any of her yummy treats or haven't been to her site -- GO NOW!! Click here!

Tonight is our ward party-- and because our last name starts with an R- we are in charge of bringing a dessert. I decided to go all out-- and make THESE!

Seriously- what a GENIUS idea! Cookies dough clumps-- INSIDE brownies! Helloooo?? Why did I not come up with this before?? All it is missing is some yummy homemade vanilla ice cream. I even was "bakerella" enough to make her home made ganache-- which was a first for me. We'll see if it is a hit. Doesn't it LOOK so yummy though? I'm waiting for the ganache to set before I dig in for a "taste" test. I'll keep you posted. But in the mean time- if you want to make some yourself- go here for the AMAZING recipe!

And be jealous that we are having our ward party at the beach! A bar-b-que on the San Clemente pier. We are due to leave any MINUTE-- I'm just waiting for Chester to get back from some errands. I will not forget my camera- so you can live vicariously through us living in Southern California.
Unlike I did last night- when we went to the Irvine Spectrum Center-- and I was so cool that I thought I had put my camera back in my purse after blogging yesterday (because I'm on a roll) but I didn't (because I couldn't find it when I looked really, really hard.) We rode the Ferris Wheel and all! The kids loved it-- and on our walk back to the car... I was fumbling around for my keys- and what do I find?? MY CAMERA!!!! I was so ticked-- but this time I will find it no matter what! :)

Look forward to it-- until then I'm going to be pregnant body surfing;)

ps. who is impressed with my 4 posts in 3 days back to blogging posts?? Yeah, that's right I'm BACK BABY!!!