Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What do you want for Mother's Day?!

Usually I don't ask for anything on Mother's day- I just let the kids and Chet give me whatever they want from their little hearts... but this year- I'm asking for something!:) I saw these cute little vintage aprons-

and WANT one. I was thinking about asking for my b-day, but I'm an "I want it now" person, and that is when I remembered Mothers Day!! I found a few other sites with darling aprons. I've never been a big apron person- but these have sold me!!

Check out: Carolyn's Kitchen, Jessie Steele Aprons, and Sommer Designs. Very, very cute aprons:)

Let me know if you know of any cute apron sites... and I'll check them out before I put in my demand to Chet!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Milk-- it does a body good....

but what does it do to the eyes??? One will never know- I guess that is what carrots are for.

Anyways- I had to post this because for the last week every morning and every night, Ethan asks for milk so he can grow big and ride his skate board. My mom pulled 2 skate boards out of her neighbors trash, and my boys have not put them down since. However, Ethan cannot stand on it just yet without face planting.

So, he drinks milk every morning and night in hopes that he will last longer then 2 nano seconds.

He is determined- that much WE KNOW! And if you currently ask him where he got a number or scrapes and bruises oh him, he will just say, "The skateboard did it"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

All about mom's!

Since we are on the topic of mom's I thought I would share 2 websites that I absolutely love:)

edit: The links were not working when I tried. They kept adding my blog address to the link address-- so if you can't get to it by directly clicking on it, then just copy and paste, or delete my blog address from the address in the page it brings up when you click on it. The "work" to do that is worth it:)

The first is: www.nomommysperfect.com . Seriously- this site is awesome! I know that as moms we so often will think we are not good enough, are we doing right by our kids, is this right or is that way better? And for each child, the answer may differ, we just have to remember that Mom's are not perfect, and as long as we are making progress, then we need to enjoy the journey instead of beating ourselves up about what we could have done better. Just learn and keep going with a smile:)

My next fun mommy site is www.5minutesformom.com . There are just a bunch of fun give aways and a bunch of fun sites run by mom's and mommy blogs! Play around and you're sure to find something fun:)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy bithday to the one and only... MY MOM!..and Minniekins

Today (April 21st) is my mom's b-day! Last year Minnie decided to come into this world and share Grandma's birthday date! We went to Benihana's to celebrate (which we have done every year, for everyone's b-day since we were tykes) The food was amazing as always and the best company in town! :) My mom is the best mom in the world- and don't you love mom's- because we all think that about our own. She has raised 6 girls .... and let me tell you- 6 girls in the same house- all PMS'ing at the same time is NOT easy! I credit everything to her that I'm good at domestically. She is a great example and loves so unconditionally. She has always been there for me when I need her. She is good at seeing a need and filling it- and she will take my kids anytime, any place, anywhere if she feels like I need a little break. My kids adore her and always want to be at Grandma's house:) And so do I! I love you Mom! (Minnie is pretty great too:)) P.S - my mom is one of the best lunch dates around!!

Here is Minnie and Erin in their matching dresses for the night (Thank's to Sam's club!)

Chet and the gang! My kids love their daddy!! When ever he gets home from work it is always DADDY'S HOME! DADDY'S HOME!!! -- tonight it was DADDY'S HERE! DADDY'S HERE!! Since Chet met us at the restaurant after work.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

And it is in season!

Yes, that's right- Blue Bell's FUDGE BROWNIE NUT is back in season and here for summer time!! Whooo-hooo:) I can down 3 of these (1/2 gallon) bad boys in 1 weekend! Yes- I can! Anyone want to challenge that?? Bring IT ON!

Friday, April 18, 2008

And after 3 hours of very hard labor - we have....

Our new kids garden! :) We'll see how the flowers grow before adding more!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April showers bring May flowers... we hope!

Last summer my mom had a great idea about having a "kids" garden in our back yard. So, this summer we are keeping up the tradition. Today Erin and my mom went to go pick out flowers and tomorrow morning we will take out the old, turn the soil and plant the new! Let's hope for a prettier garden this year... last year it didn't get watered that much... maybe because it was the "kids" garden I didn't feel like it was my responsibility to water it... so- maybe that is why I haven't let my kids experiment with pets yet-- because I would feel like it wasn't my responsibility to feed the pet-- and then we would have lots of dead animals on our hands-- better a dead flower then dead animal:) This year- is looking a littler brighter- apparently as a parent YOU STILL have a responsibility to teach your kids how to take responsibility- instead of just seeing what they do. Oooooopppppssss! I'm still learning:)

Here is Ethan with his proud shovel and wagon full of flowers to be planted.

Is this not the perfect size broom for a child!? I'm ALL about child labor-- and this so happened on accident. This is an adult broom- but one day I was sweeping outside and it just snapped in 2. I wish I could say it was the weights- but it was really just the rust. Anyhow- I kept it because it makes for a perfect kids broom! The other half was quickly thrown away when I found Ethan using it as a Power Rangers weapon (which will be a post of it's own one day!)

Erin and Dante were unavailable for photos as Dante was at the library with Chet doing his homework and Erin was having dinner at my moms with her old favorite babysitter (who is in town for the weekend)

Ps- the contest is still going on:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contest --- Contest---- I said CONTEST!

Yes, that is right! I'm holding a contest to help broadcast my new company by "word of mouth" or word of blog" or whatever way you want to broadcast me! :) Here are the rules:

1. You must mention my new site http://loseandwinfreejeans.blogspot.com on your own blog, or facebook, or wherever your little heart desires. You will get 1 entry per location you mention my new company. So, if you are on a lot of forums or networking websites- then the more entries you will get for doing a "word of mouth" advertising for me.

2. You must then e-mail me at bertieranger4@gmail.com and then give me links to all the places you have advertised me, so that I can check it out.. and give you the correct amount of entries you deserve!

3. If you sign up- then I will give you 5 extra entries.

4. If a friend of yours signs up due to your linking me, then you will also get 5 extra entries into my drawing. (so make sure in your "advertising" you tell them to mention you if they buy jean insurance)

5. The prize: 75 DOLLARS TOWARDS A PAIR OF JEANS... (or you can just take the cash and run)

The contest starts NOW and the drawing will take place on May 1st! This will give everyone an opportunity to see this post, and to have an opportunity to act on it.

Also- if I don't know you- you are still more then welcome to join in the contest.... if you heard about the loseandwinfreejeans.blogspot.com from one of your friends, and you would also like to be entered in this contest- just follow the above requirements and you are in:)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love how well Erin and Ethan play together! They definitely have their moments when they are at each others throats... but for the most part- they are just awesome friends!

All 3 of my kids are pretty good friends- but since Erin and Ethan are at home during the day- they have more time together.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who wants free jeans??

This is not a gimmick- it is a new company I have started up... and I'm looking to "test" it out on some people- because as of right now, I have no testimonials, and I need testimonials:) So, if you are interested please e-mail me at bertieranger4@gmail.com and I'll send you to my website. I don't care if I know you or not- everyone is welcome and I'm trying to keep it on the down low for now.... so I can work any kinks out if there are any:) Thanks so much for your support!! I'm really pumped about this:) So, again if you want to lose weight and if you want free jeans... then e-mail me.

Oh- and I know like over half the people that read my blog are preggers, but - just you wait- after you have that baby.... you will want my free jeans idea... because you kind of lose weight automatically:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a trip to the beach is like

The kids and I were so lucky to get to go down to Christies "beach house" again this weekend. Chet is out of town again for training... so I thought I would take advantage and get some good beach time:) Here is how our trip to the beach went....

The kids ALWAYS ask, "Can we ride in the back of Christie's truck?" Like a million times- and no matter what you say they ask again- even if you say yes, they ask again because they are used to getting a no- and then they are like "really?":) So, whenever we go a short distance in her truck- they get to ride in the back with me! They love it!!

Since Christie lives 1 block away from the sea wall, we just parked on the seawall and grabbed all our stuff and walked down to the beach. This is the view from the sea wall while I'm walking. One of the many fishing piers in Galveston along with the jetty.

After swimming our favorite thing to do is lay our towels out and picnic or layout - Erin likes to follow me in whatever I'm doing:) The boys prefer to eat. I LOVE soaking up the sun! I could do it all day long for thousands of days and not get tired of it:)

Here is a game Dante and Ethan made up - as they kept picking up sand stuck together... they would throw it at the other and go SAAAAND BAAAALLLLL!!! I guess this is what happens when your kids are deprived of snow?? They had a blast though!

Here is Erin "trying" to stay out of the SAAAANND BALLLLLLL fight.... and crawling her way to safety. I'm not sure it worked to well.

We had sooooo much fun and we will be going back very soon again. Summer is almost here! I love Spring and I love Fall and Winter- but OH HOW I LOVE THE SUMMER!! (yes, even in Texas) - I guess that means I grew up here huh?? Yep- I'm a true Texan:)

PS- thanks for all the replies to my weight lifting post-- I will definitely do a "How to get flat Abs" post soon- because ANYONE can do it!! Maybe I'll even do like a fit tip a week! The possibilities are endless with this one... let me know what you want and I'll give it to you......(don't take that the wrong way- I know there are some of you out there and I'm not mentioning names- just turkey bones!):)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Can I please tell you how much I love lifting weights! I LOVE it! It gives me so much joy and pleasure... and when I'm all done with my workout, I feel like I can conquer the world... so watch out:)

I have started to notice some more women in the weight room, then I did a few years ago... so that is a good thing. But for the most part, I feel like women still shy away from weights. If you happen to be one of these women- please do me a favor, and DON'T. Lifting is the best thing you can do for your body- including cardio and eating well. Lifting is what gives your body shape.

Alot of people in the world want to lose 10 pounds, but do they want to lose 10 pounds and just be a smaller version of what they already are.... or do they want to tighten their rear end and midsection and have shapelier legs and arms??? The only way you do that is by lifting my friend.

The more muscle you have the more fat and calories you burn standing still. The only way to gain muscle is resistance training. So, hop to it! And feel like you can conquer the world.

(I don't mean to sound like an advertisement... but I just really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE weights!)

If you are intimidated or not sure of what to do when you get to the weights part...... let me know- and I'll try to help you out- (free)..... and it is always best to have someone with you the 1st time around- and until you feel comfortable- that knows what they are doing- because lifting is also all about form-- and if you don't have the correct form, then you could get injured or be doing more harm then good.

Until then- happy lifting:)

ps- for the record you WILL NOT look like a man for lifting heavy-- you WILL look like a man if you take steroids. Lots of women seem to confuse the 2. If you think I look like a man below- then DO NOT lift weights--
(2005 Ms. Fitness Texas)

But if you think only the woman below me looks like a man- then DO NOT USE steroids! I repeat DO NOT use steroids! They do some harsh stuff to your body! (obviously)
pps - I don't want to hear any BS about- well I gain muscle real quick and I will look like a man.... believe me- I thought that once upon a time too:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is this??

Ok- so I'm over the whole it is supposed to storm and it doesn't thing. Today was one of those days- and who knows- it may storm tonight... but at this point I'm peeved at Dante's school. SERIOUSLY! And if anyone else has had issues with this- please LET ME KNOW!

Today has been cloudy on and off and a few drizzles here and there, but nothing major and NOTHING enough to have to physically go and pick Dante up from school, because it is raining so hard that they won't send him home on his scooter.

Well, apparently I have it ALL wrong. They won't send him home on his scooter, or any other child..... if there is moisture in the air. I'm talking droplets that hit you every 30 seconds and that dry off of you immediately. After his normal time he gets home- I looked out the window and saw no kids coming down the street and was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I just put Erin and Ethan in the bath- and I'm NOT getting them out to walk and go get Dante. So- they stayed in the bath. I figured an almost 4 year old and 5 1/2 year old would be safe. I'd only be gone 10 min. tops.

I get to the school- honestly still expecting to see Dante riding around the corner on his scooter at ANY minute- but nope. ALL the teachers in the drive line had umbrellas, ALL the parents had umbrellas- and this whole time I'm like- WHAT IS THIS??? Are you serious??? If the crossing guards don't have umbrellas and they are out there from 3:00 to 3:15 or so-- don't you THINK if it was raining that they would have umbrellas?? Yes - they were wearing ponchos- but they had their head things off! So- it wasn't raining!!

The picture at the top is of when I walked outside to go get Dante because it is "raining". So you tell me- is it raining?? Do I have a reason to be just a little bit peeved?? I mean- I walked a whole 5 min. there and a whole 5 min. back in the "RAIN" for goodness sakes. And heaven forbid WITHOUT an umbrella! And guess what --- I didn't even GET wet! That is what really makes me mad- if it were truly raining--- FINE... but not for this- don't disturb me from my deep slumber to walk 5 min--- just to pick up my child when it was NOT raining... seriously- EVERYONE that had an umbrella got a "here's your sign" from me!:)

If I wanted to pick my child up from school- when it was NOT raining- then I wouldn't have him riding his scooter to and fro and I wouldn't have bought the house across the street from the school. Thank you very much!

Other then that- my day has gone great! What about you?

And we are back to our regular blogging....

FINALLY!!:) It seems for a while there I was blogging something everyday- and I have been off a little - I mean ELEVEN posts in MARCH!! Hellooo?? What is wrong with me? I guess it helps now that my camera is working again- it is AMAZING what a new pair of energizer batteries can do for you- they keep going and going and going and going... and you get the idea.

So- Dante seems to get left our of my blog quite a bit because he is always at school when my camera is working. This morning though- I was able to take some shots of him in his "cool" butterfly t-shirt.

Today is Dante's 1st grade field trip and they are going to the Natural Science Museum and to the Cockrell Butterfly Center. (and they all made butterfly t-shirts to match... AWWWW!)

When he came out with his butterfly t-shirt on. I was like- WOW- COOL SHIRT!! To which he replied... MOM! It isn't cool, but we HAVE to wear it. Ok- well- let's take some pics anyway:)

1st one when I asked him to smile!

2nd one when I asked him to pose- YES- THIS is HIS pose of choice (sometimes it is one hand on the hip and one hand behind the head):)!

This is mommy's pose of choice- and him showing you his manly muscles.

And lastly I told him to do the thumbs up to show EVERYONE how cool his shirt was (to which he again said- MOM! It isn't cool- it has butterflies on it! I'm a boy- and I have to wear it- and he says this while laughing) Then he gives me the thumbs up- stands on one leg (even though you can't really tell he is in the picture because i cut off his foot) and SNAP... now you have some pics of Big D to tide you over:)

Ps.... he is now my audio version of a grocery list. This morning after he brushes his teeth- he lets me know. Mom- you need to get more tooth paste the next time you go to the store. Then while I was packing his lunch I asked him- if he wanted pretzels or gold fish- because all our chips are gone. To which he replies... Goldfish- and don't forget the next time you go to the grocery store you need to get toothpaste AND chips now.

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What did you just say??

WOW! I can't believe my 3 year old talked back to me! Well- he did do it in a very sweet way-- but I was still shocked. Here is how it went down:)

1st off- Ethan loves building blocks- he will build a castle for you anytime, anyplace, upside down, naked- whatever...you name it-- he'll do it! So- this scene is after he is done playing with his blocks (which we have about a million- NO- a GAZILLION!)

Me: Ethan, it is time to pick up your blocks now. Will you pick them up for Mommy please?

Ethan: No. You can do it.

Me: Ethan, that makes Mommy so sad when you won't pick up your blocks.

Ethan: Ok.

Me: Ethan- I guess you won't be able to play with your blocks anymore because you won't pick them up.

Ethan: I guess so.

Me: Ethan- I guess I'll just have to throw them away.

Ethan: Yeah, I guess you will have to because Dante doesn't like playing with them anymore, and I don't either. So, yeah, just throw them away. It's OK with me, Mommy!

Me: (thinking) purpose defeated- kind of like when you are sitting in church and your child is acting bad, and you tell them you will take them home or in the hall- and they are like- OK- LET'S GO!!!

Back to the building blocks, I guess. ( and I guess it doesn't help when you are trying to hold back your laughter, either)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who can see the difference?

Anyone, anyone?? I see 2 right off the bat! LOL!

Pretty perfect day!

Friday just somehow magically turned out perfect. These kind of days are far and few between- but when I do have them, I sure enjoy every minute:) I knew it was going to be such a perfect day- that I captured most of it- for you all to be jealous! LOL!

Clean house- the WHOLE house was clean- and it always makes me feel so much better when I leave and everything is clean- and I have a clean house to come home to.

House clean- so we go on a walk to Grandmas (which is only a little over a quarter mile away)
Notice- I only have Ethan- Dante is at school and we are going to pick up Erin from Grandmas. She spent the night because Aunt Elise was in town.

The wonderful suburbia lake we get to pass every time we walk to Grandmas.:)
As soon as we are in eye shot of Grandma's house- all the kids go running! Hers is the one dead ahead!

We are here and we see Aunt Elise and Erin and Minnie in the FAR background and my Mom's beautiful pool!

We swing for a little because it is soooo beautiful outside. Erin with Elise.
My moms new backyard behind her garage. Isn't it beautiful! I think I will spend many a lazy summer afternoons reading out here while my kids enjoy the pool:)

And after a lovely time at Grandma's visiting we make our way back home!

(this outing would have been more perfect with Chet and Dante- but hey-- you don't always get what you want:))


That night- my parents gave me 2 tickets to The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
It was a cute play for the most part. Lots of laughs- but some inappropriate parts- that it would have been just as cute without. Since Chet was out of town- I got to invite someone- and I chose my good friend Shanna. We all had so much fun together (as my whole family went too- they have 8 seasons tickets). While we were there- the one and only George Bush Sr. walked in with his cute wife (and all their secret service) It was really neat!

After the play we all went to Maggie Moo's to get some ice cream- because if you are a Young- you can't go out without stopping somewhere to get ice-cream on the way back. Anyone who is with us- gets roped in and NO is not an option:)

It was so much fun- and I can't wait to do it ALL again!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Roller skatin' at the carwash...

Is that a song or do I have it wrong? I guess I'll google it later when I have a meaningless minute to spare. In the mean time I will entertain you all with our delightful night of roller skating with the kids for the first time EVER!!

For Christmas we got Dante roller blades and Erin roller skates, and we finally took them to an actual roller rink about a month ago - AND like 5 months since we got them their skates- GO US!

Anyhow- it was a lot of fun- here are TOO many pictures for your enjoyment. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the captions!
Ethan in roller skates for the 1st time! Trying to get up.

Erin proudly dawning her skates (even though she was mad we forgot her princess skates she got for Christmas)

Mom- LOOK! I'm almost up!

Dante proudly showing off his cool roller blades- that he did not get in Paris!

Ooopppsss.... I'm down again. Dang it!

Erin makes it out onto the rink- and is excited to get to skatin'!

Yeah- Ethan is finally up- with Chet's help of course, but I'm not sure how much he is liking it

Dante is out on the rink. YEAH!!

Ethan not happy about dad dislocating his arm.

Mom - look NO wall!
Man!! I'm down AGAIN!

If you look closely (or enlarge the picture) you will see Ethan on the floor towards the back, near the dj booth.

Chet trying hard to get Ethan to go back out on the rink with him after only 5 min. of skating...
Ethan gets his way- and is taking his skates off- all the while MOM is laughing hysterically behind the camera at all of this!

Erin looking pretty for the camera and having lots of fun!

Dante rockin' it on the skating floor.

AND we have Erin down!

Ethan and Erin going to take a break.

Ethan and Erin waiting so nicely on the bench... hoping to NEVER go back out on the floor (well Ethan at least is wishing that)

MOM- I'm silly!

Dante's last smile of the night. He now wants to go play video games and we have no coins on us-too bad so sad.

Chet gettin' his speed on.. and showing off!

Props to the man of my dreams ... every time I see him skate I get chills.

Erin looks HOT! I love the after rollerskating hair.

Dante claims he is done and he is going to sit over at the games just wishing he was playing.

I was dying over his tantrum- because every once in a while I'd catch him doing a "hmpppphhh" and then folding his arms. I was laughing and i was trying so hard to catch a picture of him doing that- but he would always notice and then come run after me- because he didn't want me to take a picture of him-- here he is in one of his classic runs!

Ethan debating on going out again--- nope- not this time!

However Dante does go out again- and puts his blades back on.. and lives happily ever after, until he falls and then I see this on Ethan's face...

HAHAHA Mom- Dante fell!!

Oh, the joys of rollerskating, ice-skating- anything on wheels or blades where you can watch kids fall - will last me a laugh for a lifetime! It is truly hilarious-- the arms flailing, the priceless look on their face while they try so hard to catch them selves, then they finally think they have caught themselves-- and you see a smile of accomplishment start to spread across their face- just before you see both legs fly up into the air as they come crashing down!! Gotta love it- because we ALL learn that way:)