Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A la Frou Frou GIVEAWAY!!

I have finally opened my Etsy shop-- I decided to name it A la Frou Frou- it was REALLY close from the response on my blog poll and my e-mail poll. I felt A la Frou Frou would work best, as I would love to branch out and also do some "frou-frou" stuff for more then just babies and little kids. But for now, I'm sticking with children's aprons and baby blankets.
I'm doing a giveaway of 3 of my first "prototype" aprons. The kids are modeling(so happily) the aprons above, and poor little Erin is heartbroken to be losing ANY of the aprons that I have sewn. She wants to make sure they go to good homes, and to little girls (or boys) who will love them and help mom cook!:)

(this one could be a boy or girl apron-- and you probably wouldn't want to tie it in the front)

If the response is REALLY good- and I get lots of "entrants" into my giveaway- then I will also giveaway an apron of a 4th person's choosing of my 2nd apron "prototype" that I have put up on etsy!

The etsy address is:

and to enter my contest all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know what you think of my newest aprons on etsy-- and out of the 3 giveaway aprons, what order would you want them in-- 1 being the one you most want, and then 2 being the middle, etc... So, that way- when I draw- you can get the one you want.

For extra entries:

Blog about my new etsy shop on your blog = 5 entries! (and don't forget to leave a comment for each "entry" just saying 1,2,3, etc...)

You can also, facebook, twitter, send out a mass e-mail with me included (bertieranger4 @ gmail dot com), or any other creative way you can think of- and you will get 2 extra entries per whatever one you do-- and then leave the appropriate number of comments as well for that.

If you don't have a little girl- this is always a great gift for a niece, or a friend's daughter, granddaughter, etc... Every little girl would love to be just like mom in the kitchen and would LOVE these A la Frou Frou apons!

THANKS SO MUCH and the giveaway will end next Friday, May 29th, 10 AM CST!

The aprons will fit most girls 4-12! The ribbon around the waist is 7 feet long! And the aprons measure's 16" x 21"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And we say goodbye to another......


Ethan's cute little U5 team!
Ethan trying to race after the ball... and the other players... where did they go....OH! I made it! There they are!

And how do you think the season ended, Ethan??


Dante improved a lot this season. Going after the ball, no matter how many boys were crowding it. It is amazing the difference of the game with the different age groups! The U8 boys were SO fun to watch, and it didn't hurt having the best team:)

And LOOK at this power shot!! WOOT! WOOT!


We are so proud of our boys! And now we have moved onto going to the pool everyday for swim team practice-- and FINALLY all three kids can do it! WHOO-HOO! They LOVE it and so do I!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I believe I let the cat out of the bag too soon.........

Well we were 110% sure VIVA LAS VEGAS.... but because of course, I decided to say we were FINALLY moving and had a solid plan of action--- it decided not to be so solid, and we are waiting. So- who knows! It is still a VERY good chance that we will be moving there- and it would be sometime this summer- probably mid-July. But I'm still holding out for San Diego or Malibu.... :) Dreams CAN come true... right?! Either way- everyone visits Vegas at some point in their life-time, and now you can come visit me-- (if we move there). I'm excited to actually "finally" know our final destination-- or rather our first destination of many, perhaps-- but for now, I'll just continue to wait..........

Sorry it took so long to get back with where we will be moving too-- and if you would like us to move near you-- please leave me a comment letting me know "The reason Bertie should move to...." and I'll gladly consider it:)

And as always- today is Friday Fitness Giveaway, and I'm giving away 2 prizes this time to 2 different readers- so go to if you would like to entrar!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sample of my latest aprons and BREAKING NEWS!!

These are just a sample of the reversible aprons I'll be selling in my soon to be announced Etsy shop!

Here is little miss Erin modeling my first cute apron made out of tuitti fruitti fabric. It has cupcakes on it, ice-cream cones, candy, etc.... ANDwhen she gets tired of that side, she can just turn it around and have dainty little flowers on the other side! The bow ties in the front to add in an extra dose of "cute"

Here is a close up! I will most likely be selling these for 15 dollars with free shipping. The non-reversible ones I will probably sell for 10 dollars with free shipping. What do you think?? I will also be putting up more of my aprons with different fabrics from tuitti fruitti soon.

Also- my breaking news is that we are sadly MOVING! I have only told 3 people- because we wanted to make sure-- and Chet is in "pay negotiations" right now- and if it is worth it then we will move- and apparently it is 99.9% sure that we will MOVE. I will post a picture of the AMAZING city we are moving to in my next post- but first I want some guesses!

Where are we moving to??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My kids latest and GREATEST trick!

A while back I had posted about Dante learning how to ride a bike- and how I felt so bad that he was 7- and he still hadn't been taught how to ride a bike. So, I finally had had enough- and told Chet he had to do it now or never-- and he did it now, and an hour later-- Dante was riding like a champ. YEAH!!

Well, not 3 days ago, I was outside and Erin's little friend Sophie runs up to me and tells me Erin HAS to show me something- so I start walking with Sophie to her house- and all of a sudden here come Erin coming towards me on her bike... and as she got closer I realized she was not using TRAINING WHEELS! I was stunned- and I asked her who taught her how to do that- she proclaimed -- she go on Sophie's and just DID IT!

Then I felt bad for Ethan-- yes- he is only 4- but I know how badly he wants to ride his bike and his training wheels are broken- so why not teach him? I tried and I failed. The next day Chet tried and what happened- NOT an hour later- Ethan is free wheeling all around the neighborhood! INSANE I tell you! I am so proud of all of them... and here is video to PROVE it- and to see how cute they all look on their bikes.

The reason at the end I asked each of them what their motto was-- because yesterday morning, Ethan was playing video games and his controller ran out of batteries. So, I was helping him change them and I couldn't get the batteries out for the life of me-- so he takes it from me and says, "I'll show you how to get them out Mom" and he proceeds to throw it on the floor as hard as he can and the batteries pop right out! (kids are so smart!) Then I put the batteries in- and then he takes the device from me again and tells me he knows how to put them in.... and he says" Just slide them in, that's my motto!" And I stopped and started laughing and was like- did you just say, "Slide them in, that's my motto!" It was hysterical!! And he says it again in the video!

But YEAH for no more training wheels- we are all free wheelin' bike riders:) It is almost like ALL of them getting out of diapers again! HAPPY DAY!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Need your votes-- this time for TWO things-- VERY IMPORTANT!!

I sent out an e-mail the other day, but thought that I have some readers who I don't have e-mails for-- and needed YOUR help too!:)

My husband has been out of a job for a little over 3 months now- we have been getting by, but our savings are getting pretty low. A little while ago I entered a contest to win $1,000 and had to write a small paragraph on what I would use the money for if I won.

I had decided to use the money for "Home Improvements" if I were to win, because we have equity in our house- we just can't get it out unless we sell our home- and we need to make some home improvements if we are going to sell our house and actually get money back vs. selling as is.

I got an e-mail yesterday saying that I was a finalist for the money. I couldn't believe that my "home improvements" made the cut- but it did. There are 10 finalists and now it is up to the "public" to vote. They told us to tell all our friends and families and to get the word out there and to vote! So- if you could go to:

and vote for #5- home improvements... I would owe you BIG time!! Even if I don't win- I would still owe you:) If you happen to have more then one web browser- like firefox, internet explorer, etc... then you can vote on each browser and they will count it-- but you can only vote once per browser and the contest ends May 9th.

Thanks so much!

The other thing I need you to vote on- is my "boutique" name. I'm opening an etsy shop with some little girl aprons and baby blankets-- and I previously had put a list of possible names, and 2 got yay's- so on my side bar I have now put a "poll" of what my etsy shop should be named. The 2 in the running are "A la Frou Frou" or "Sunshine and Little Kisses"

Thanks you guys-- and tomorrow I'm going to have a video up of a new trick my kids learned! It is almost like them ALL no longer being in daipers... ALMOST as good as that:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a reminder....

If anyone from my regular blog wants to know how my fitness is going- I have updated my progress pics today! It has been 4 weeks now-- and I'm excited with my progress so far-- next update with pictures will be May 15th!

And so it begins........

Do you remember in high school and middle school having to memorize these ridiculously LONG poems, and stories, and practically books and then having to recite them verbatim, or else you failed?? I always wondered who came up with this brilliant idea-- because it seemed like busy work to me, unless you were in drama class and had to memorize lines for a play, or speech and debate. But just for normal English class- I guess I just never saw the point. And who can honestly STILL recite anything they memorized for English? The best thing I memorized was A(squared) + B(squared) = C(squared). But I don't use it -- except when people ask me what I remember from high school- and then I can say that.

But- no matter what my opinion is-- memorization is GREAT for the brain- and keeps it sharp-- AND they are now starting memorization in 2nd grade! I was shocked when Dante came home with an assignment to memorize a poem, present it in class and a prop is required. This school is SO above any of the schools I went to- it is even above my high school (Sharpstown represent!)

But- oh how PROUD I was when he thought he couldn't do it and thought it was impossible, and then he DID it! He had so much fun with it, that he didn't mind practicing it over and over again. Here is the proud mommy clip of Dante doing his first recitation of "Invention" by Shel Silverstein. (the kids all got to pick their own poems)

I'm glad he had trouble at first, but kept going and finally accomplished it! What a feeling!!:)

On a different note, I have another favor to ask of all my faithful readers! I need you to go back over to LazyMoms.... click here.... and vote on your favorite beauty tip... oh wait- I got that wrong- vote on MY beauty tip... which is:

Temporary beauty trick: To tighten legs and butt for an important event or day at the beach, rub generously with an unscented hemorrhoid cream. (Yes, it works!)

And I'll say it again-- it works! But just remember- get one with OUT a scent! But either way- go VOTE for me and help me win some products from Kiss My Face.

You helped me WIN the fun "Lazy Moms" tote bag- and I LOVE it! I know you will pull through for me on this one too!

And while you are over at Lazy Moms - browse around on their site- they have lots of fun tips, and recipes, coupons, you name it- they've got it!