Friday, June 29, 2007

Random pictures!

Ok, so here are just some different pictures- not with a story really behind them.. but fun pictures!

The first one is of our baller: Dante! His first season playing ball! Whoot-whoot!
The second is of Erin in her little Hungarian dress brought home from Elise! Too cute!
The 3rd one is of Erin, Ethan and Dante and they are all having a sleepover at Grandmas, with Aunt Christie taking care of them. They love their aunts!!:) What would I do without them!
The 4th and last one is of Amy, me, and Elizabeth, and from the looks of it- I'm trying to do a blue steal with a gangsta vibe? I mean- checkout my t-shirt- yo! For rizzle- I'm off the hook;) And - when I tried to get my youngest sister, Emily's, opinion- she just said I looked like I was on drugs. So- whichever description you choose to believe- go for it!! :)

Kareoke time?

This year while we were at the beach- our last night there, our neighbors brought out their kareoke machine! As we all know- Chet is quite a singer, so he went over there and sang a few songs.... 4 to be exact! Funny story and it's totally true!! The 1st song he sang was Piano Man by Billy Joel... which was a REAL winner with everyone. In fact, he had everyone out on the balcony of their houses every which way- and the cheers were off the hook! Anyways- he comes back over, and I was like good job! (then I made the remark- weren't you gonna serenade me?) This was said half jokingly(to try and give him a hint) So, then Arnie, Brandon and Chet all go back over to sing some more. Arnie sang Arms wide open for Kim, then Brandon sang Your Body is a Wonderland for Ashley, and Chet is next- and I'm like- cool! He's gonna sing to me (because he has never serenaded me ever in our 8 years of marriage and being together). Then Chet starts sining Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge" and I was like what?? And some of my cousins came up to me and were like- are you sad that you are the only one that hasn't been sung too?? And I just laughed it off (but kind of disappointed inside) So....... Chet probably got the hint and he goes back over their for a 3rd song!! This time, he calls my name out- makes me stand up for everyone to see.... everyone starts clapping, and the music begins.... and it is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.... then he immediatley tells the guy to stop the music because that is the wrong song... so the guy stops the music, they speak for a minute, and all of sudden he is singing "Hey Jude" and everyone on our balcony turns to me and is like- he is dedicating Hey Jude to you??? Is that like an inside thing? And I was like- no- and at this point I start crying- because everyone around me seems to be making it an even bigger deal then it is- and I just want to be serenaded!!! LOL!! :)

So, I start packing up to leave, since I have to make it back in time for church on Sunday... and I need something to take my mind off, me not being serenaded to. As I'm going up and down the stairs from the house to my car... I start to hear Chet singing his 4th song... and it is Drops of Jupiter, which is a little better, but still- I'm like it took him 4 trys to get it right?? Then he finishes and he comes over to me and is like- soo did I sing good. And I was like, yep! You did great! Goodjob! Everybody loved you! He sensed my "sadness" and then said- in the songbook, they only have each songtitle but not the artist on each CD and when he saw Beautiful, he just thought it was the James Blunt - Beautiful... and when Christina Aguilera's song came on... he was like- wrong beautiful and then the guy was like- just hurry and pick something else off this CD and he only new Hey Jude... so that is why Hey Jude was dedicated to me! LOL!

So- maybe it wasn't an inside joke that week, but from here on out- it will definitely be an inside joke, and I will be dedicating it to him the next chance I get:) Picture is of Chet singing Hey Jude:)

Crabbing .....but did we catch any crabs?

One of the most looked forward to events while we are at the beach house is crabbing. This year we had to go to quite a few different spots before catching any BIG ones, worth keeping. Dante pulled out the very first one- and it was a monster, the King of ALL Crabs! This crab was certainly a mean one... as soon as we put in another crab with it- they started fighting and it took off the arms of the other crabs in there. Youch! I have added a picture of Ethan hanging over the side railing while Adam(our cousin) is slowly trying to bring in his crab. The kids all loved it, and today Ethan, out of the blue, stated.... Let's go crabbing tonight. So, I guess it was a hit with him:)

Vacation time!!

Last week we had the annual Young Family reunion at Surfside beach for 1 week! The Graff's came out and shared it with us and it was nothing but a complete blast!! We all soaked up the sun, and those of us who were dumb enough, not to wear sunscreen, all got burned and peeled(yes, I have not peeled for a decade, so I guess my time was coming) I won't show a picture of my back, as I don't want to gross anyone out from coming to the Ranger blog:) Besides tons of sand volleyball, sailing, and digging in the sand.... we had a night on the town in Galveston, where we putt-putted our little hearts out, with a little reverse bungee jumping. Below are some pictures on the putt-putt golf course.... it is one of the funnest courses ever! You will find, Dante happily emerging from the ostrich run, and you will find one of Erin and Elise(who just got back from her mission- before she left, she was known as Erin's adopted mother:)) and Erin is excited to have her back! Christie comes in a close second! I believe Erin and Elise are inside a little house. After golf, we ran across to do reverse bungee, and Emily was my proud partner, so you will find a picture of us before taking off... bravely with our hands up! Galveston was a complete blast, as was the whole entire week, and we look forward to going back next summer too:) YEAH!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go,go, Power Rangers!

Can I just tell you how much fun it is to have the last name Ranger? It's great! So, the other day, before I get into the shower- I tell my kids to go get dressed. I get out of the shower and this is what I find! I find Dante dressed in one of Ethans shirts and his own pants, Ethan put new underwear on, and Erin wanted to stay in her pretty new nighty all day long! Not only did I find them like that, but they also were playing "power rangers" Erin is always the damsel in distress - I mean ALWAYS! LOL! So, i had to take a couple of shots- the first one is of them posing and the 2nd of is of them in action. Now, the 3rd picture......... I left for 1 hour the other night to go help my mom with Sunday dinner prep - I come home and I find a dark pink spot on the carpet- come to find out it wasn't just one, and it wasn't just in the room you see. They were all identical spots too. So, I was like- what is that??? Somehow, Ethan got out my makeup put on my lipstick then decided to step on my lipstick - the lipstick then formed a perfect circular stamp on the bottom of his shoe as he proudly galloped through the house and back. So, anyone up for helping me goo-gone the stains up:) Just kidding! KIDS- aren't they wonderful:) Some of their obliviousness will keep us laughing for life:) (definitely a picture I will keep on hand for when he has kids!)

Happy Birthday Ethan and Emily:)

Oh my goodness- my baby boy is now THREE!!! That is so, unbelievably crazy to me! I remember when Dante was born, thinking- man- he will be in Kindergarten someday. Not only had Dante GRADUATED from Kindergarten- but Ethan is 3 and will be going to kindergarten in 2 years. Time goes by too quickly, so let me post some pictures of the magnificent event before he is 30! Ethan is a lucky little man- he was born on May 27th, which is the day before Aunt Emily's b-day. Ethan turned 3 and Emily turned sweet 16! Emily decided she wanted to wait til' midnight of the 27th and celebrate together- (I think my kids made it to about 10:30 before we had to have cake and presents:)) Ethan is just too cute! Everytime you would say Happy Birthday Ethan, he would then say- awww... Happy Birthday to you too! He is a pure delight:) The 1st picture is of Ethan with his 1st present. The 2nd picture is of Ethan showing us how old he is now. The 3rd one is of Emily and Ethan(and Ethan is of course singing to himself) before they blow out their candles. The last one is of Ethan at 10:30 at night and him being a little tired:) So, happy birthday Ethan and Emily:)