Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours..... and my kids wanted to sing you all a little song, especially our family we miss back in California!:)


And Merry Christmas!

(ps. if you are wondering why Erin and Ethan's noses are blue- it is because they decided to play Rudolph and couldn't find a red marker, but they found a PERMANENT blue one, so they went to school for a few days with "blue" noses)

Gotta LOVE kids!:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

This one goes out to ALL the TWILIGHT fans!

I just thought I would add some fun Christmas holiday cheer with this funny take on "Christmas Twilight"



I'll post more updates from Christmas parties, Elise's wedding, etc... AFTER Christmas probably-- but I had to update my blog with this!

Friday, December 19, 2008


My old calling before Beehive Adviser, was nursery leader-- and I LOVED it! I was in there for a year, and with ALL 18 month olds, except Ethan- who was the oldest and 3. This past Sunday I was able to go and sub in nursery for the 1st hour before YW's and I can't believe my kids are EVEN talking! It is crazy, when you ask them what they want, and they actually TELL you. I still expect these kids to be 18 months old:)

I will always love these little kiddos! They were so cute, and I let them draw on the chalk board for a little bit, just to mix some things up (and because they asked) ... and it was the CUTEST thing!!

Here are 4 of my old nursery kids drawing "their moms" and Robby is drawing a spider. It was HILARIOUS to listen into their conversations. Anytime, one of them would erase part of their picture, and would accidentally erase part of the person next to them's picture.... you would hear, "HEY! You messed up MY MOM!" Then that child would pick up the eraser and erase that child's picture so he could keep drawing and the saga would continue. Just hilarious!

Here is cute little Lauren next to her interpretation of her mom:)

Preston and Chloe had a debate going on, with whose mom had the longest legs!

Preston: My mom has really long legs!

Chloe: Hey, MY mom has really long legs!

Preston: No, MY MOM has really, REALLY long legs!

What do you think?

(Preston and his mom above, Chloe and her mom below)

As much as I loved my 18 month olds, they did not love me back "outside" of the nursery. Anytime I would see them at the park, and would go say hi- they would start crying, because they were pretty much scared they were going to be left with me AGAIN!

NOW-- I've told you about the cute little boy that I watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Bray-Bray) as my kids call him... and he had not been over for a few weeks because school was out. However, I saw him on church on Sunday, with another couple tending him... and I was so excited to see him and went to go say hi-- and what did he do?? Starts turning his head and trying to pull the girl with him to get away from me as FAST as he could! LOL!

Well, I had him hear again yesterday- and this is what I get for asking him if he "missed me"

Oh, well! At least they love me when they HAVE to be left with me:)
( and is he not super cute too??!!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HO!HO! Merry.... kwimas!

This one is for my lovely sis Amy, and all of her friends who faithfully only read my blog, in hopes to get a glimpse of what Amy and her sweet little family are up to!

Introducing future actress: Minnietine Breeden!
ps. pause my music on the right

How CUTE is she????

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mean, MEAN parents!

But sometimes we just can't help ourselves and we bond OVER our children. Don't judge us for doing something, that you have wanted to do, but just haven't had the guts to do quite yet-- NOW you can do this too! (you will also want to push pause on my awesome nano music sidebar player, and listen closely to the children)

You can kind of tell they are used to this- but do it to your kids, and video tape it- and you will get the BEST reaction EVER- if you have not done this before!

So, just to get back to your immature days for a few minutes- if you make a video like this, then leave me a comment below with a link to your blog-- and I'll go watch it, and post the link here too. It works best with ages 3 and up, the younger ones will usually just cry, like Ethan below. (he usually does have a really good reaction though- but he was completely asleep yet, when we did it)

Now I'm waiting for YOUR videos!

PS- the kids ALWAYS love us in the morning after we decide to have a night of being immature parents, because then they wake up saying, "Ya'll are the awesomest parents EVER" and it is high fives ALL around!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SNOW---- Say What?!?!

Yes, TODAY it SNOWED! In TEXAS! It usually only snows about once every 10 years, but we have been lucky, and this is the 2nd time in 3 years, it has snowed in Houston. It is crazy talk- and a very nice surprise to us all. The above picture is Chet, because this is what he thinks of going to the mall during the Christmas season! Just kidding- he was just picking his nose for the heck of it- now I know where Ethan gets it from:)

So, like I said we were at the mall enjoying our yummy

and drinking our creamy

when we heard it was snowing... so we had to run outside and see for ourselves, and sure enough... it was SNOWING! Here are the pics and some video to prove it!

And when we had gotten home, it was on our ROOF! Oh, how I wanted to get up there and make snow angels, but the kids warned me that, that would be VERY dangerous... so I had to obey like a good little mommy!

The snow and the super cold weather got the kids in that extra Christmas spirit, so much so, that when they were fighting today- and when I told them- that I would let them have FREE reign of our Christmas tree and decorating it- they were ALL for it, and worked as a team and created a masterpiece!

I think they did a pretty darn good job- and I love how just the lower half is decorated because they couldn't reach the top half. I will admit I did put the angel on the top of the tree, because I had to do my part- but other then that, the kids did it all! It was so cute to see them put the ribbon on, Erin would cut the ribbon to what she thought was a good size- and then she would take one end and then Ethan would take the other end, and they would both then say 1...2....3 and they would rush to the tree together to wrap it around each side! Dante was the person who let them know if it was centered or not! It was too funny- I should have taped it:)

Oh, Christmas time! What a joyous time of year:)

ps- for the girls who asked me a question from my below post- I have now posted my comments in that comment section regarding your questions:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dispelling Rumors

I have been asked some questions recently by more than a few people- and I thought I might want to just clear up any confusion:)

1. Are you pregnant?

Unfortunately, I'm not pregnant- I would be SO happy if I could say that I was, but I'm not. My nausea was simply from being "just sick" and I don't get nausea during pregnancy anyhow. I may have a little growing belly, but that is just from eating too much junk! I would love to use the excuse of pregnancy right about now:)

2. Are you moving?

Nope, again. We are not moving. We were seriously considering moving closer to Chet's work near the temple due to gas prices being at 4 bucks a gallon, and even picked out a few houses, but now that they are coming down, it is not as high a priority, it is still a "maybe" but we would much prefer to stay exactly where we are- unless it is California, which is still a little out of reach for us. We love our home here, the friends we have made, being SO close to family, the schools!- and I know a lot of you have shed tears over the thought of us moving- but dry your eyes, as we will be here for a while longer:) YEAH!!

3. Are you always so on top of things?

Yeah, who asked me this question?? I may look like I'm on top of things sometimes- but usually it is only if I have a deadline, and even then it is last minute. If I was on top of things - do you think I would have had to throw out my real Christmas tree and bring in my fake one, due to me not watering it?? Yes- I had it for about 2 weeks and now it is dead:( ... and I still have 3 weeks before Christmas. But- it took me 15 min. to set up the fake one- so we are all good! We will wait and see if and when the kids and Chet notice:)

Here are the pics to prove how pathetic I am sometimes:) Real, now DEAD tree above and the fake tree below! Thank heavens the real tree was for free. My mom sent my sister to pick out trees for her house, and she came back with an ugly one- so my mom gave that one to us! LOL! And now it's dead:( Oh, well- what can you do?? (Don't answer, water it, please:))
4. Do you have implants??

Do I really have to answer that question? I mean come on, it is called a push-up, PADDED bra from Frederick's of Hollywood and it works wonders!! There was a while when I wanted implants, but now I'm flat and proud:) Serious- AA never looked SO good! LOL! I'm bringing it back- I mean if you think about it, look at the direction of cell phones and tv's, and other gadgets smaller and flatter is better! (when I told Chet this, he said I should be a stand-up comedian!) I know, RIGHT!!:)

5. I will now open up my blog to any other questions you may have- I will dispel any rumors and let you know if they are true or not.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spiritual Sunday

I feel like recently all my spiritual Sundays have been about motherhood, but that is what my life is right now... MOTHERHOOD!

Sometimes I feel like a pretty good mom, sometimes I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job, and sometimes I wonder if it is all really worth it? I know that when all my kids are grown and gone and starting their own lives and families - that I will be able to "see" without a doubt that it was all worth it, and that I did the best I could in raising my children on the straight and narrow and to love and to be the best person they can be!

But right now, it seems more often then not, I'm breaking up fights, or having to repeat myself for the 1,000th time that day (which will again be repeated the next day), or having to feel like the bad guy because I'm having to tell my child no. Feeling like everything that I try to do as a mother isn't getting through-- BUT THEN:

There will be a breakthrough, if even for a moment, to let me know that "Bertie, you ARE doing a great job!" Your kids are headed in the right direction and love each other.

Whether it is moments where I find Ethan sitting outside on the sidewalk waiting for Dante and Erin to get home from school because he misses them.

Or Erin wanting to be with me EVERY second of the day because she "LOVES TO!"

Or Dante writing a paper in class about "If he could give the perfect gift, what would it be and why" and it would be a gift to me... a HUG to be exact.

Here is what it said,

"If I gave the perfect present I would give it to my mom. But what could I give her? I got it, a hug! Because she's nice and most of all she keeps me safe. She is also generous, kind, and she makes me smile. My mom bakes delicious foods. She makes me feel like I belong to this world. I hope I can give her this present on Christmas Eve." (melts my heart!:))

So, in my moments of parenting weakness-- I will ask myself, is it worth it, am I doing ANYTHING right??

And I will answer, YES! YES it is:)

What have been some of your glimpses into parenting that have made you feel like "yes- it is worth it, and I AM a good parent" And that made you remember that your children ROCK!?"

Saturday, December 6, 2008


That's right the movie is ON! Do you know how excited this makes me?? If you did not get into Arrested Development while it was on tv- then you need to get into it NOW! I have all the seasons, and will gladly let you borrow it:)

This show's time on the air was cut short, but it was BRILLIANT!! And now they are making it INTO a movie... which will be a must see, so JUMP ON BOARD!

If you do not have a sense of humor, it might not be for you.... but hopefully if you read my blog, you have a sense of humor, or else you might think I'm a terrible person for some of the things I say (which are usually in a humorous way);)

In any case-- here are a few funny "running" jokes on Arrested-- just so you can get excited with me! If you have seen the show, then you will laugh already-- but if you haven't then you will laugh with a "what?" laugh, then be intrigued to watch the show AND then you will laugh even harder!


"Hey Brother" (buster's character is hilarious!!)

"Making Magic" (Gob's character is even funnier- AND i LOVE the music!)

This is my personal favorite: Chicken

Are you excited now???

How about now??



Friday, December 5, 2008

Worked like a CHARM

Last night my kids were all on one, and they all wanted to sleep in my bed. I will usually allow them turns to sleep in my bed and to fall asleep in my bed, and then I move them before Chet gets home. But last night, they were all fighting over whose turn it was, and I just was not in the mood to argue with them, so I just said- ALL of you can fall asleep in my bed tonight! YEAH!! Problem solved, right?!?! WRONG! I knew it wouldn't be, but I always have that hope that THIS time it will work, and they will all fall asleep peacefully. Instead I hear, your leg is touching my leg, and so and so won't stop talking and MOO-OOMM so and so is stealing all the covers! So, I sat down for a few minutes to try and think of a way to get them all out of my room, and have them think it was their idea!!

As I was sitting a MARVELOUS idea came to my mind, and I came into the computer room and I typed out a letter from Santa to each of my kids. It read,

Dear Dante, Erin and Ethan,

You have been such good children this year. I'm so proud of y'all. I know you can keep being good for your mom and doing what she asks when she asks so that you can make sure to get presents on Christmas morning. My elves are out now and they are watching, which means you should go to bed when your mom asks and you should all sleep in your own beds.
I know that when my elves check on you each night you will be asleep because you are such good children. I'm counting on you, because I want to bring you a whole sack of toys!


I gave it to Erin to give to Dante to read out loud to all of the kids in my bed.... and the next thing I know they are all running into me, and saying, "MOM! Santa wrote us a letter! I CAN'T believe that he ACTUALLY wrote us a letter!"

I mean, they were over the top excited- and the next thing I knew they were all running into their own rooms, lights out, under covers and fast asleep! I was in shock!

This morning, when I woke up I found Dante already up (which isn't often that he is up before me) and he is sitting at the table writing Santa a letter. It was so cute! Here is his picture and letter.

Here is the cover of the letter- he made Santa in the red suit (black pen) and then he is next to Santa and they are holding hands. He told me he wanted to wear a hat like Santa's. :)
Then when you open the card you see his writing. Chet and I thought it was funny how at the end he wrote:
ps. Have you had feelings?

So, when he got home from school I asked him what he meant, and he said that he wanted to know if Santa ever got sad or if he was always SO joyful all the time. If he had any other feelings. He is such a caring kid!

Erin and Ethan also wrote him a little letters too, and we will be taping them to our front door for the "elves" to take back to Santa! And then Santa will hopefully write back tomorrow, when the elves come again to "check" on my kiddos!

Seriously- you should try the letter from Santa thing- because:

A: The kids will LOVE it!
B: The kids will do WHATEVER you want them to (as long as Santa actually says it:))

The magic of believing!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dante can RIDE a bike!!

Yes, we were a little late teaching Dante to ride a bike, and to be honest, he hasn't really been that interested- he LOVES his scooter, why does he need to know how to ride a bike too??

But as his 8th birthday is approaching pretty quickly, I thought- it is NOW or NEVER. Chet had Tuesday off, and it was a gorgeous 70 degrees outside with the sun super bright with a light breeze, so I decided it was time! And why not knock all of them out with one stone and teach all 3 of them to ride a bike.

Dante GOT it! He has a little trouble getting started still, but once he is going he is GONE! He is not turning back either... poor little red scooter! Chet seriously is the best teacher ever!
Erin actually did pretty good too. She can go for a little bit- but she still falls every so often, and needs more guidance, but I'll give it a week or 2 and she'll be just as good as Big D!

Brayden had fun running after the bikes and running after a dog, that was about his size- and they would go back and forth chasing each other-- (I wish I had gotten pics of that) Too cute.
Ethan looked cute trying to ride his bike.. but just didn't quite get balanced enough to do it on his own. But his time will come!!

And he won't be giving up anytime soon:)

I'll take video of Dante riding tomorrow and add it to this post. I'm SO impressed- it took an hour to teach him! He is now a ridin' fool!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video's GALORE!!!

So, this is my first time uploading multiple videos at once. I've never done this before- and I'll figure it out and where to put the writing as time goes by. But right now I'll just say I got a new camera and I didn't pay ONE penny for it- and neither did anyone else I know. I WON IT! On a blog: go here and you can see for yourself:) Pretty cool huh. So- now I can take some cool pictures- or at least pictures when I push the button vs. pushing the button and waiting 15 seconds before it takes the picture and now I can take sweet video! I'm loving it.

Now- for the videos- and what they are about:

1. Erin's new walk. A while ago we were at my moms house and Erin was walking to the pool to go swimming, and I see her kind of over exaggeratedly walking and moving her hips from side to side with each step.... I laughed and I said, "Erin, way to shake your bum!" and she looked back at me and goes, "Moooo-oom! This is how YOU walk!" I thought I was going to die! So- if you want to see how I walk, play video one- Erin did a reenactment for me.

2. Erin and Ethan are learning how to flip- and now I'm trying to get them to land on their feet. I think they will get it pretty quick- but for now they are pretty good. I taught myself when I was 5 how to flip and land on my feet- so they can too! Oh- and after Ethan's last flip- watch him bounce off towards the poll- I think he wanted the poll to stop him, and it didn't and he looks funny.

3. This is Erin and Ethan bouncing Brayden, who is one cute kid that I get to watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My kids LOVE him!! My favorite part is his face after he face plants. And then when he crawls away real fast, because he is done being bounced! Too cute:)

4. And the last one is of Ethan at chuck-e-cheeses last night, playing some new game that I've never seen- where you hit something and it sends a ball flying- but Ethan has trouble and has to use his SUPER strength to get the ball where it needs to go- and he does! The alarm sounding in the background is because he won the game! And listen what he says after he hits his last ball!

That's it for now- until then- I'm loving my camera, and I'll be shooting more video and taking some quality pics for your enjoyment!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Or so it seems at the rate of slowness that is my blogging. AND I don't have any outside activities going on either- I've just been a slacker- but we had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving break!

Wed. we went to the zoo for my dad's birthday and as always everyone loved it- and the weather was just beautiful!! 75 and sunny:) (The happy couple above!)

Here is our cute little family- Dante's head is the elephant in case you were wondering. Sometimes he like to make believe. So, just believe it ok!
Dante also likes to not follow the family and gets in his own little world sometimes. When we were looking at the seals, I noticed he wasn't with us- and I was like, great! Where did we lose him this time... when Chet saw him just on the opposite side of the seal pool, hanging with the family next to him. We were shouting his name, to try and get him to come over to us- but the look he gave us was priceless- it was the look of, "Why are those people yelling my name?" OH! They are my family! (Too bad I didn't get that picture face-- it was hilarious!)

Chet had the day off on Wed. so we were excited he could come! He was too! But he was more excited that he kind of looks like the giraffe there.
Hmmmm?? Do you think he could go out for being the Toy's R Us giraffe?? Do they even have that giraffe anymore- where they sing- "I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys r us kid?" Or is that old school? If it is- I say Chet needs to bring Old School back, baby!

Erin loved the little small animals- especially this prairie dog. She wanted to know if we could call and ask Pets Mart to order one??

Here is Aunt Emily with Minnie, Erin and Ethan. The morning of the zoo it was pretty chilly and I told Ethan if he was going to wear his swimsuit (and yes- I still let him wear his swimsuit in public in the wintertime- I'm the BEST mom EVER!!) Anyways- I told him, he would have to go and put a sweatshirt on or a long sleeve shirt on under his short sleeve top- he then comes out with 3 different SHORT sleeve shirts on- saying "Mom, THIS will do!"
Chet had the fun job of pushing whoever wanted to be pushed in the stroller and it normally came down to Ethan and Minnie, and sometimes both!
AWW! And here is the funnest dad in the world, with some pro ninja kid, and a little surfer man who apparently can't walk--- with a side of some sweet sugar and spice that is Erin:)

After the zoo we went to go see:

It was SOOO cute! I think I even liked it better then the first one!:) The kids loved it- and it was appropriate after the zoo. Except- we then had Erin asking us to order her a Penguin from Pets Mart. (It is called Pets Mart, right?)

After that it was presents, cupcakes, and hot tubbing! FUN!FUN!FUN!

Hope you had a fun birthday dad- and thanks for taking us along for the ride:)

Then we had our Yummy Thanksgiving Feast the next day over at my moms- to which my camera's memory card was full (again- another post about my camera soon!) and I hadn't cleared it yet, from the zoo.

But- it was very good! We had a normal baked turkey and then a deep fried turkey. Seriously- deep fried turkeys are good- and only take about an hour! If that-- it's great:) We had to learn how to deep fry when we went camping over Thanksgiving the last few years- and we just have loved the taste. And it isn't as gross as it may sound- being deep fried.

But, I did get some pictures of the afterwards. Like the pumpkin pie, with the fingerprint in the middle of it, that one of my dear, sweet children, just couldn't resist and then decided they didn't really like pumpkin pie, and spit it out.

We then played crazy rook- like we do pretty much every family get together.. which is nothing like rook- but you use rook cards- because we are cool like that.

Here we have Chet contemplating his bid- he is very serious, and actually did very good, considering this was his first time playing (don't ask me how we have been married for 8 years and how we play this at every get together- but he has not yet played it? I have NO idea how that happened? I think he was just trying to fool us!)
My dad tallying up the scores and the winner is......... I can't remember- I just know it wasn't me or Chet... so it doesn't really matter, but I think it was Elizabeth, or Derek (Christies new beau). Oh, well.

And my new thing I'm most thankful for this holiday season is:
COOKBOOKS! They kept my kids VERY entertained while we were playing the game. It is almost better then actually eating the food-- they were going CRAZY! So, now I know what I will buy when I go to half priced books next time- and who knows, maybe I have some future cooks in the making.:)

I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas, I mean- THANKSGIVING!!

(I can't believe Christmas is 24 days aways... CRAZY!)