Friday, February 29, 2008


1st off: I made about 20 bucks today on my google ads through adsense- which is not bad AT ALL, for hardly lifting a finger;)

2nd off: Ethan is doing much better- I would say A LOT better. In fact, he is doing so well- that after dinner he asked (in ALL seriousness) for a cup of milk so that he could throw up in the bucket. Don't ask me what he was thinking- but the next thing I knew him and Erin were laughing so hard- that if they were drinking milk- it would have been coming out their noses!!

Needless to say- he did not get any milk:)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guest bloggers please and THANKYOU:)

I am looking for some guest bloggers on my 2 motivational blogs, which you can find links to on the right hand side of my blog! Don't feel intimidated- EVERYONE has a story, EVERYONE has an opinion and I want it EXPRESSED! Please e-mail me at if you would like to be a guest blogger! The more people that chime in, the more we learn from each other. So, get to e-mailing me, I'm awaiting. :)

Oh boy, MOM! You were right!

My poor Ephey is sick:( It always makes me so sad when this happens. He started throwing up around 11:00 last night. Kids don't always know what is best for them- but they ALL think that they do. So, here is the conversation we had last night at around 3 AM.. when he woke up thirsty.

Ethan: Mom, I need some milk.
Me: No, Ethan, milk will just make you throw up- you can have tiny, tiny sips of water.
Ethan: No, Mom- I really need milk. It won't make me throw up.
Me: Ethan, you are sick- it will make you throw up.
Ethan: Mom! Milk makes me go pee in the potty, not throw up.
Me: Ok, I'll get you some milk in a sippy cup
Ethan: (after I give him his sippy cup with milk in it) Thanks Mom!
Me: K- I love you, try to go back to sleep.
Ethan: (not 10. minutes later) Oh boy, MOM! You were right! (after he threw up all of his milk)

Hey- he now knows he will throw up his milk if he is sick:)

Today he has been much better- he only threw up a few times this morning- and has been able to keep down his yogurt... and now he is napping. Let's hope it doesn't go around!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, how I love pennies!

Today has been one of those days- where I just feel like sitting and reading, or sleeping- but that would mean- nothing getting done. So- this afternoon I had to say, NO MORE-- but by that time- I had all 3 kids home and it is pretty much impossible to get anything done with all 3 while they are here- while I'm cleaning one room, they are destroying the other room I just cleaned, kind of thing. So, I stole the brilliant idea from one of my friends blogs to send them on a scavenger hunt. So- I took 30 pennies, threw them outside and said- k- go find all 30 and you can come back inside once you have found every last one.

Well, they came back 10 short the first time, so I threw the 20 remaining outside again... then they came back with 12 and I threw those out, etc.... until only about 5 pennies could be found. The game worked... I got most of my work done- and they got a little exercise in, in the process. After they were done finding pennies - I made them run up and down the drive way 10 times and then do 10 push-ups, then they could come back inside.

Everyone did it- got a drink, Dante came back inside- and Ethan was like- k- I'm going to do it again. So, him and Erin ran up and down the drive way 10 more times... and then Erin came in- followed by Ethan bawling his head off- Errrriiiin!!! We still have 10 push-ups to do! We have to do 10 push-ups- COMEEEE OOONNN!!!

Erin compromised to doing 5 and Ethan would do 5 extra after his 1o to make hers at 10 too. I wonder who the athlete will be in our family?? :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Couples tag!

What is your hubby's name? Chet "The Behemoth Monster Truck" Ranger

How long have you been together? How long did you date? We have been married for almost 8 years- which puts us at a total of 9 years "together". We dated "seriously" for about 9 months.

Who said I love you first? He did, on my birthday:) Still one of my most favorite memories!!

Who is smarter? ME! Helloo?? Did you really have to ask that? Just kidding- he is a certified genius. Seriously - an IQ of like 507 or whatever the highest score is.

Who does the laundry? Who does the dishes? I do the laundry- oh yeah- AND I do the dishes. But- I don't mind, as I get to stay home with my kiddos all day! (Thanks Chet for being a great provider:))

Who sleeps on the right? Chet as of late- but we don't really have "sides" I just usually sleep closer to the alarm, because I get up earlier and if he sleeps next to it- I tend not to hear it, and he turns it off and I end up sleeping in.

Who pays the bills? Mostly me- but Chet will help out if he feels like it.

Who cooks dinner? I do. Chet used to always tell me how he used to cook for all of his old girlfriends and dates and he would whoo them, and I still joke to him... so, when am I going to get that great meal you used to cook for all your old girlfriends!? LOL!

Who drives when you are together? HIM! TOTALLY! Sometimes- I'll feel like driving- but that is quickly ended when we start going up the street and he starts "back seat driving" and I quickly stop the car and say- oh, yeah! I forgot why I never want to drive when you are in the car! LOL! And we switch:)

Who is more stubborn? I don't know- I think we are pretty even- and I think we pretty much give in to each other quite a bit. But- I don't really think of either of us as stubborn. (Chet might have a different view:))

Who kissed who first? Chet kissed me first.

Who asked who out first? Chet asked me out first. It was a great first date! I'm sure many of you remember me writing about it before- where I was kind of a 3rd wheel with him and his roommate roller blading and showing off their "tricks"... and I hung out with the psycho pizza delivery boy that was riding by on his bike- and he decided to stop and talk to me for the entire rest of the date- until Chet finally decided to "rescue" me.:)

Who proposed? Chet did.

Who has more siblings? I do. - I have 5 sisters.

Who wears the pants? I think that varies too... we are pretty equal- he does definitely have the last say- but he takes everything I say into consideration- we are a TEAM!:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lightning fast

Ok- we ALL know that Ethan runs lightning fast! Seriously- I can hardly see him when he is running! In fact- I think he is getting faster everyday. I should nick name him Dash-- he is really that fast- I mean- he outruns kids who are 2 times bigger....(cops included)

So, this afternoon when we got to the gym-- Ethan did his normal- run, run, run all the way to the child center- but he was looking down- like he was watching to see how fast the ground was moving underneath him. I'm watching him do this- and I notice a big ol' potted tree right in front of him, in the direction that he is headed. I stop dead in my tracks-- -because I'm freaked out? NO! Because I wish I could shout out in a split second - wait Ethan- watch out for that tree!!?? NO!! I stopped because I wanted to watch it go down. And sure enough- he runs straight into the big potted tree- and gets knocked backwards. It was the FUNNIEST thing ever!! I was laughing so hard- I mean people turned to look at me like, huh?- and my sister Elizabeth was with me- and she was like What?! What happened- and I told her- and Ethan was laughing too. I only "let" him run into the big potted tree because I knew it wouldn't really hurt him- and I would get a good laugh out of it. Now- he'll be more interested in looking ahead vs. down below! LOL!

Seriously though- lightning fast! It amazes me anytime I see him run full out!

Going to the grocery store is fun to do

fun to do, fun to do. Going to the grocery store is fun to do, to do, to do, to do! (Is that a song? Or do I just have a certain tune in my head?)

Anyways, yesterday I went grocery shopping and I usually have Erin and Ethan with me- I try to go when Dante is in school- one less is usually a little easier:) Keyword: A LITTLE!

I miss grocery shopping in Utah because everyone else had little kids running around too... so it was like, hey, everyone is doing it- I will too. When I lived in Utah- I can't even count how many times an actual store clerk brought me one of my children. Here they'll just announce over the loudspeaker- please keep your children near you at all times and in all things and in all places.. OR ELSE!! (I guess they would kick me out?!) Here you also mostly get rude stares from people.

However- yesterday was a really, really DIFFERENT day! Everyone was nice- everyone was laughing at Erin and Ethan and everything they were doing. In the produce section... Ethan just started throwing in random fruit... I was like- ok- those need to go in bags MR. He was like- I want THIS apple, and THIS tomato, oh and what are THESE??? Who cares, I'll just throw them in too! So, I'm having to put all the fruit back. I remind Ethan of our wonderful, positive talk in the car before entering the store about How amazing my kids are and how much I love taking them to the grocery store because they are so good. They stay by me, the listen to me, they don't put anything in my cart, etc.... Hoping - that all this positive self talk- would actually make them behave that way.... I was a little wrong.

However- after I reminded Ethan- then he started using a very different but clever technique to put things in my cart. We started walking towards the milk- I put 2 gallons in my cart then Ethan runs over to the orange juice (which I usually don't buy) and he goes, "OH! One orange juice- OK, mom- coming right up!" Then plunks it in my cart.

Then Erin gets tired of riding in the little car.. and wants to get out- and they start playing "Stay away from the Alligators" Which were the gray sections of the tile- they could only step on the white. Now- when they do this- they get soooo wrapped up in it- because they would literally DIE if they stepped on the gray part- I mean- tears, whaling and gnashing of teeth-- you think I'm kidding?!:) They also blame it on me if they land on the "alligators" They say I killed them. So- they run into MORE than there fair share of carts... Ethan trips more then his fair share of times.... and I'm about to quit my shopping early (actually that is a lie.... I usually pretend I don't know whose kids those are.... but they have been following me from the beginning of time) But some lady (someone who obviously does not have kids- or has never gone grocery shopping with kids, or multiple kids) says, "Look how much fun they are having!! And it is just the grocery store! They are so cute!"

So- I'm like- YEAH!! I know- aren't my kids just the cutest EVER!!

And it reminded me to find joy in all things and just have fun! Who cares what other people think. If I want to go around hopping from square to square in the grocery store- I'll take any funny stares I get-- and say WHO CARES- IT'S FUN! Come on down and join me! (but for now- I'll just live vicariously through my kids)

Ps. Kroger is brilliant for the way that they unload your cart- they don't even have a conveyor belt- that way- you think you have watched your kids closely enough not to sneak anything in the cart-- so you don't really watch them unload and then you get home with yet another whoopie cushion! What is it with boys and whoopie cushions?? And how do they always seem to find one at the grocery store? I have like 57 - anybody need one??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse....

But I'm still hearing voices?!?!?!

My mom and sister Amy have so graciously offered to take my kids for 2 days while Chet and I get some much needed alone time! This means- they are getting Dante off to school and getting everyone breakfast and entertaining Erin and Ethan- so I can have some peace with Chet- and not feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I dropped them off last night around 8:00. I got home and started to fold laundry so I would have NO housework to do on my 2 days off! As I was folding laundry... I heard Ethan run in and say Mom?! So, I got up, thinking maybe I had forgotten to put something in their bag. But no one was there.... then I sit back down and I keep hearing my kids calling my name? It was kind of freaky! I have stopped hearing the voices now- but it took a really good nights rest, to stop the voices:)

It is funny what your brain adapts to, and when it is not there- then it will start to act like you are having withdrawals from hearing, "mom, MOM, MOOOOMMM, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!" :)

But for now- I am totally enjoying my peace and was able to sleep in until 10:00 this morning! It felt great:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh the things you see at the gym.....

This post has been a long one in the making! I have thought about it and thought about it and am now finally getting around to posting it. Now, a few posts ago I mentioned how Chet always makes sure to tell me to pack him something that matches for his gym bag. I guess he just wants to make sure that I don't have taste like these guys!

We have all seen them... in some form or another- but certain gym goers have very interesting taste.

This one for instance.. the wrestling uniform- I always love it best when it says something like Rock Star or is coupled with a white t-shirt underneath. WOW!

Then you have the men that still like to wear biker shorts and they also still prefer to tuck their t-shirts in. It is best when it is a really skinny old man.

But recently, my favorite was worn by a lady:

She wore this color ski - suit. But it was more like the ski suit without the jacket, so you still have the bib and the pants. It was like 80 degrees outside too- I guess someone played a mean trick on her and told her Houston was cold in the fall?! Who knows... but what is even better is she was wearing a baby pink tee under neath the maroon snow suit. You know- I asked myself what she was thinking when she got up this morning, or if she was color blind- but then moved onto my workout. When I was done, I went to go stretch- and there Ms. Snow Suit was- and that is when I noticed her socks- maroon ski suit, pink t-shirt and yellow socks.... now if that does not say WINNING outfit-- I don't know what does:)

So, next time you feel like you might not have taste- go to the gym- you are sure to see someone there, that may be color blind.

What is the best outfit you have seen someone wear at the gym:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Like father like son.....

or is son a little smarter?? Since Chet rarely reads my blog- I think I can get away with this story... and hope he doesn't notice! LOL! Just kidding- he loves it when I tell funny stories about him.

So, after Chet and I were married... we decided it would be fun to tell funny stories of our childhood and some of the dumb things we did. Well, one of Chet's stories definitely took the cake! I laughed at him for years after he told me! In fact- every time I looked at him I would start cracking up... because it would remind me of this story. Here goes:

One day there was a little boy named Chet. He was probably 3 or 4 years old... and he was watching a funny show like Tom and Jerry with lots and lots of slapstick comedy. In this one episode, they pulled the classic banana peel prank, where Tom put down a banana peel and Jerry is running towards him and slips on the banana peel! Now- what does Chet decide to do?? Yep! The light bulb goes off in little Chet's head and he decides to get a

banana peel and go outside... put it on the sidewalk.... back way, WAY up.... and run for his life towards this banana peel.... and he slips on it and what happened?? He went up in the air and fell right on his back! What did he THINK would happen?? According to him "It looked like it would be fun!"

So- that story pretty much beat any "dumb childhood" story of mine! LOL! But what does that have to do with Dante? Well, when Dante was 2- he must have been watching the same exact episode that little Chet was watching 50 years ago because -- I found him on our black leather sectional running from one end to the other and then slipping towards the end and being like "whoops, that was a banana peel!"

So, I'm saying like father like son.... but I think my Dante was a little smarter- and never used an actual banana peel, and chose to do it on our nice, soft, plush couch vs. the side walk!! The things kids think of:)

But seriously- this story had me laughing for YEARS!!! (I don't think I have ever even pretended to slip on a banana peel!) LOL!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Apple juice will make it feel better..........

While we are on the topic of Ethan and I'm sure you all know by now- he has to be watched pretty much 24-7. This morning he had an ouchie on his hip, and he put a "bandage" on it. When I was getting him breakfast, he saw the Apple juice in the fridge. I was asking him about his ouchie- and he said that "Apple juice will make it feel better!" So, I pour him a cup of apple juice. I had not idea what he meant by, "apple juice will make it feel better", I just assumed it meant the same thing as when I say "Ice-cream will make it feel better"... but that is when I found out the truth He took the cup and poured it on his ouchie with the band-aid still on. And then exclaimed, "Awww, there mom- my ouchie is all better! Apple juice made it better!" then I made him clean it up:)

My baby

Isn't he the cutest 3 year old you have ever seen! LOL! I'm so sad that he is growing up- and since I don't have another little rug rat- he is my BABY, for now. It is so weird.... I've never had a 3 year old baby. When Dante was 3- I had both Erin and Ethan, when Erin turned 3- I still had Ethan- and he was 18 months. I think that because he is my "baby" he gets away with a lot- like grammar for instance. I don't correct him when he adds "b's" in front of some of his words, like... the Bazoo (zoo), Beaster eggs (easter eggs), or the fact that he has the "thingers" and "fumbs" switched.

Here he is when he was about 6 months- and this is what happens when someone is extremely bored and there is a sticker sheet near by.... yes I did this to my own child!

Here is Ethan in his old bouncy chair- that we have let Minnie have for now. He still feels like a baby!:)

(I swear if you painted my face white here and my lips red- I'd be deadbeat for the Joker!)

This kid is always trying to make me laugh- and making me laugh, when he isn't trying! Here are a couple cute conversations we have had.

Just yesterday:

Ethan: (bringing his bike into the house, which he knows is not allowed) MOM! I have to bring my bike into the house... (then he puts both hands on each of my cheeks and pulls my face down) If I don't bring my bike in, it will blow away.... because the wind is here Mom. The WIND is here. Me: OK!

This past summer we taught Ethan quite a few hand signals. Like peace in the middle east (2 fingers), cool dude (thumbs up), Rock on (index and pinky finger), hang loose (thumb and pinky), etc... So, I started to laugh when we had this conversation-- and it goes along with the "thingers" and "fumbs"- I was showing Chet how cute I thought it was.

Me: (holding up my 4 fingers) Ethan honey, what are these?
Ethan: "Thingers"
Me: (holding up my thumbs) Ethan, what are these?
Ethan: "Cool dudes."

Now- the one thing that I can do without- with Ethan being a baby- is him telling me still a year later- that he needs to go to the bathroom. He will run from wherever he is- all the way to wherever I am- and doing a dance- Mom, I have to go potty!! Then he runs off and goes. When I was first potty training him- I was adamant of the fact that he came and told me he needed to go so I could help... well- I guess he just REALLY got in the habit! In fact- he came in 2 seconds ago to let me know he needed to pee. :) Just go already:)

I love how Ethan is my baby for now and that I have been able to enjoy him this long, without having another little one to tend to. It is so weird to think- that if I kept up the pace that I was going- I'd have 5 kids by now and my youngest would be 4 months! Whoo!! That would have been a lot of work--- so I've been very thankful for the break- but I am ready now to keep the train moving.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Need some help?!

Hey! This is a post from Bertie through Chet. We are still getting things sorted from the accident from a few blog posts ago. It has taken a month- but the truck has now been sorted and is finally back with my sister. The BMW is partway sorted- we know how much the insurance is going to cover- but now we are looking for a great auto mechanic tech. Not a shop, but a tech. Does anyone happen to know one in the Houston area? Thanks and much appreciated:)

want real photos?? Here are some REAL photos!

Here are 2 of my favorite pictures that we got while we were attempting to get the perfect kids picture- an hour and a half later- it never happened. But I LOVE these shots and wanted to share!

Here Erin and Dante are trying so hard to console Ethan and let him know it is ok.. and he is flippin out! He just does NOT want to be doing this!

This one says it all! Are we really still trying to get a good picture Mom??

These were taken a few years ago- Ethan was 18 months in these pictures- and now he is almost 4. My how fast kids grow!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Chet and I watched this movie last night! It was pretty darn funny. It had lots or parodies from the 80's! It was great- we laughed and laughed and even had to rewind some parts and laugh some more. I definitely recommend it if you are in a funny mood:)

Here is the trailer! And why is it- when Chet and I watch a movie where we both laugh like we are crazy people talking to the wall- that I fall more and more deeply in love with him??

Happy V-day!

This song is for you babe and for all the other lovers out there! Wrap your arms around each other and hold on tight!

(pause my music box to the left for the full effect and I'm sorry if you hate Phil of Future, but I was too lazy to search for anything else... ok, ok- I'm a in the closet Disney channel lover)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday BIG D!

Wow! I can't believe my little man is now a little old man - and is now 7!! Since I'm wanting a baby badly- I'm going to relive my birth story with Dante.... since he was my first born and it is his birthday!:)

Dante was due March 3rd... and on Feb. 12th I had a drs. appointment. She said that I could go anytime since I was at gestation (37 weeks) but that I would probably go full term. That night, when Chet and I were in bed- I told him how tomorrow we need to go shopping for the baby and get some stuff so that if he comes early, we will be prepared. Well, ooooppppsss that morning at 5 AM my water broke, so needless to say between the hours of midnight and 5 AM we did not have a chance to go shopping- so we had NOTHING for this baby! My contractions weren't that bad- so I stayed home- I didn't know that if your water broke- you could go to the hospital asap and they would keep you. I waited til' my contractions hurt.. then at 10:00 we left for the hospital. I was delivering in a Sacramento hospital, and it was quite packed. I was probably dialated to just a 2 when we arrived and I was not allowed an epidural until I was 4 cm due to all the women in labor and delivery that day. MAN! Did I feel some major pain- mainly because I had back labor as well- and back labor is pure h-e-double hockey sticks! Chet felt bad and left to go get something to eat and brought me back a dairy queen blizzard with EVERYTHING in it- I mean- EVERYTHING! I took 3 sips and ended up throwing up. (this was all before the epidural), and I have learned since- if I eat during labor- I throw up! We tried it again with Ethan. Anyways, I finally reach 4 cm.... the anesthesiologist comes in and the first words out of her mouth as she rushes in are, " Ma'am, I'm only coming in here once to do this- if you make one little bitty move- I will not put the needle in your back and I will leave and not come back. " K- so here is me, in labor for the first time, scared out of my mind- not knowing how on EARTH I will keep still during my contractions while she is putting a needle in my back. I start crying- and I look at my husband and nurse like "what do I do" So, I crouch down and they hold both sides of my legs, and head and constrained me from any movement-- and after it was in- all was perfect! At 7:00 that night I was ready to push- and after pushing for an hour and almost dying- they brought in the vacuum and he was out- he was born at exactly 8:13 PM. All my sisters were telling me to hold out for Valentines day-- I thought it would be cool too- until the pain set in and the pushing set in- and then it was like- NOPE- NOW!!! I was very blessed my dad was out on business in San Fransisco and he came right over when he heard I was in labor... and stayed with me til' my mom made it out the next day. We decided on naming him "Durrant Moroni Ranger" and when the nurse came in for me to fill out the name certificate and saw what name we were giving him she proudly announced, "Why don't you just put a kick me sign on him now" and left. Without further ado I give you Dante Durrant Moroni Ranger (as he likes to call himself)

This is a picture of him after he got a piece of cookie cake smashed into his face by none other then his wonderful dad:) He is no longer a baby.... which he reminded me of this morning.... I was going to get his gloves for him- but one was missing, so I got Ethan's which are a lot like the ones below

but with dinosaurs instead. I did not think Dante "cared", but then when I brought them out to him- he went running in the other direction, hid behind the couch and was like "NO- they'll think I'm a baby!" He would rather be a "man" and not ride his scooter with gloves then wear "baby" ones.

Dante has also learned to use the "quotation" mark gesture! I find it so funny when he uses it. The other night we had just a family party for him with grandparents and aunts-- and we will be having a pool party for him this summer for his 7.5 b-day instead with friends. So, when I told him - are you excited for your party tonight- he goes- "yes- and you mean my (using the marks) "family" party. " I started laughing and was like- where did you learn the quotation symbol- he says, "Mom, it's (again quotaion gesture) "sooo easy".

Happy birthday to my one and only Dante! I love you and you are one amazing kid!! I could NOT imagine life without you:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great week!

This past week we had the wonderful privilege to spend it with Chet's parents who flew in from California. The kids loved spending a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Ranger. I'm so sad- I don't have hardly any pics as my camera decided to go "kaput".... and suck the life out of every battery I put in it 2 seconds after I put them in it. Why we sold the Digital Rebel XTi- I'll never know.. actually I do know why- it is the same as it is with our cell phones- Chet can only hold onto a model for so long, before he has to sell it and upgrade- so that way we get the most money out of the item, and we also can upgrade to the next best thing(I guess it makes sense, but right now- to me, it doesn't:))- so for now I'm stuck with some canon, that has been ok for a little bit- but now needs to go to the hosable. (as many little kids like to call it- or hospital)

But- back to the good news and with the pictures I currently have.

We went to NASA on Thursday. We took Dante out of school and it was so much fun! They had a live shuttle launch that day- (that we didn't even know about until it came on the big screen and the announcer started talking). Grandma and Grandpa Ranger were so nice and they bought us season tickets to the space center and I will be going almost daily- especially- once the gas prices start moving in a downward spiral. The HUGE kids play place rocks and I could go down that slide a million times and still come out laughing!

Well for now- enjoy the pics and there will be more to come:) Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Ranger for a GREAT time!!

While we were there we took the tram tour around Johnson space center and it was a beautiful day... but a little chilly on the tram for some.....

Here is Chet and Ethan hiding under his shirt- trying to keep warm.
This is the big jet and it is HUGE!
The engines on the jet!
And Erin, Ethan and Dante on the moon. I'm soooo mad about this! This was the closest I could zoom in to get the whole moon and the kids- and it took me a while to try- and as I was trying the kids were doing all kind of funny poses(but totally serious) thinking I was going snap crazy. Then my camera went dead- and I didn't get any of the really hilarious poses! What is so funny- is they were being totally serious- and Ethan is some weird contorting phase.. like he is playing twister or something.

Maybe next time!

ps..... update to my previous fashion post. Ethan is a little color coordinator. He matches EVERYTHING (even though it does not look like it in my fashion post:)) - anyways... the other day I tell him to go get dressed and it is dark in his room- and I go in there and he is bawling- I mean BAWLING! I was like- Ethan- what is wrong- and he is like I can't find my black shorts... I was like here- where these blue ones, and he starts freaking out- but they don't match my shirt. However- they did match his shirt- he just couln't tell his shirt was navy blue in the dark and thought it was black.
Then on the morning when we went to Nasa- Erin walks out with jeans, a pink sweatshirt and pink shoes-- and Ethan goes- ERIN- you just DO NOT match!! So, I looked at Erin again- and the jeans she had put on, were the ones with red trim... so- technically they did not match with the pink! It was sooooo funny! (he definitely gets that from Chet!)

Chet will have me put a gym bag together for him- and he will be like- just make sure you put a shirt in my bag that matches my gym shorts- I have probably put his gym bag together 50 times.... and out of that 50 times I have probably NEVER mismatched his outfit-- but according to him- I have. Then I say- I'm sure people at the gym are saying- MAN- he just DOES NOT match! It kills me everytime:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lesson learned

This is a warning for you:

When you decide to slice your finger like this while cutting cheese for your kids sandwiches...

Then don't scream and when they ask what happened don't say you cut your finger off, because when they see the streaming blood.. they will believe you and you will have ALL your kids doing this.....

ps. it still hurts!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fashion Week

I thought that this would be an appropriate post since it is Fashion Week in good ol' NYC. Thanks to Ugly Betty I am now a regular fashion diva... but I can't say the same for my kids... but who knows- not everything on the runway is something I would wear either.:)

Here we have Ethan in a very long swimsuit (Dante's to be precise) with an attempt at color coordination with his green tiger shirt to match his colorful surfboard swimsuit. But- that is not all- to top it off, he is wearing his rain boots- by the one and only Stride Rite. You can see Ethan out on the streets daily in one of his many swimsuits, and when his have all been worn- you will find him in one of Dante's and sadly - occasionally one of Erin's. My favorite part of Ethan's wardrobe is when he chooses to accessorize with one of these:
A super stretch headband... as he calls them.

Next we have Erin- who can ALWAYS be found wearing a dress. She will only put on pants if it is freezing outside- and then as soon as we get home- she changes into a dress.

Here she is displaying her cute little Chinese dress from Chinatown in San Fran.

This is one of her dresses that she also has a matching dress for her little doll.
And this is one of my personal favorite sun dress of hers- that she hardly ever wears, come to think of it.

She has been known to chastise me for NEVER EVER wearing a dress except to church and she is constantly wondering why?! (I don't think I have ever gone through a dress wearing stage- even when I was 2!)

And last but not least- we have DANTE! Dante has a sense of style of his own- called the "I just don't care style". He dresses in Ethan's clothes sometimes on accident.... hence the belly shirt.

And he also still puts his clothes on backwards on accident. (check out the logo on his shorts) He is 7 in like 9 days- so - that really tells you either I'm a bad mom- or he "doesn't care":)

So, we may not be on the NYC runways yet- but they seem to put a smile on my face every time!