Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looky-- I created my own button!!

Isn't it fabulous?? I just figured I might want to create one, just in case my faithful readers want to put it on their blogs... and maybe if you want one- I can create one for you too! I just think they are fun:) If you want my nifty little button you'll have to e-mail me for the code, because it isn't allowing me to put it here, without showing the button.

E-mail me too- if you want me to create YOU a cool little button, even if it is just for your enjoyment-- I'll do it for free too... think of it as my Christmas present to you!

bertieranger4 at gmail.com

Monday, November 24, 2008

and in 5...4....3...2.....1 ..........what you've been waiting for!

My Twilight Review!

I thought it was ok. I had heard from my sisters, who have read each and every book of the 4 series- a total of 40 times each (I'm NOT exaggerating) that they absolutely HATED it! They thought the acting was bad, they thought that the added parts that weren't in the book were dumb, and then took some of the book stuff out that should have been in it. So- I guess that it is a good thing-because then I went into it thinking it was going to be AWFUL! Of course- because I was expecting it to be terrible- it wasn't. It wasn't AMAZING- but it was good! I mean, you had your teeny boppers screaming at EVERY thing imaginable- and it was like a light would go off, and all of them knew when to scream at the SAME exact time! I would miss the que I guess, because when I was ready to scream- their screams all died down. EVERY TIME!

Ok- so I won't delve too much into the movie- because for the most part is was good. I wouldn't see if over and OVER again- But it was worth it to see it in theaters. But I will tell you a few of my favorite things!

Favorite Character:

Jasper- Hands down! He was AWESOME! Seriously- his face was like the above picture during the WHOLE movie- I think I saw him open his mouth once or twice and was in SHOCK when he did! I mean- HOW do you play a role where you make a ridiculous looking face- and NOT laugh?? I would be laughing like a CRAZY person, if I had to play that role! He was by FAR the best actor to be able to pull that off! He also reminded me of a certain someone:

Anybody? Anybody? Did he NOT remind you of Edward Scissorhands? With the whole eyebrow and pursed lips thing?

All the other characters were fine for their parts- but when I heard the movie was coming out, I had hoped that they would get Jason Behr to play Edward! Maybe next time!

Favorite Quote:

I have to say my favorite quote in the whole movie was during the scene in the hospital after James beat up Bella pretty bad, and then bit her wrist. The conversation took place between Bella and her dear, sweet, GULLABLE mother!

"Bella, honey. You fell down 2 flights of stairs, and OUT a window!"

Now, I know that lots of people have told me that it is what they said in the book- but I think it was a flight of stairs and not 2-- but in anycase- even if it was verbatum from the book-- ummm... helloo?? How do you fall down TWO flights of stairs?? They are either criss crossing each other, or if they are going in the same direction- there is usually a landing before the next one starts-- AND please tell me WHERE- if this 2 flights of stairs is possible to fall down- WHAT place puts a window at the bottom of a flight of stairs anyways? I mean, usually if there is a window there, it isn't touching the floor- there is wall before the window- and usually a window seal?

But hey, I guess if we live in a fantasy world of vampires and warewolves... then I guess falling down 2 flights of stairs and flying out a window is ENTIRELY possible!

But- it totally made me laugh- especially the last bit, and the way the mom said, "and out a window? " Her emphasis on that cracked me up! Like-Bella girl- you be crazy!!

Over all I give it 3.5 stars on a 5 scale!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend update!

This weekend went by SO much better then last weekend- in fact, my kids were SO good, it didn't seem as though I had kids- they were like mini adults. (besides the broken window due to Ethan playing baseball in the house, and the shattered fan light due to Ethan throwing my exercise ball up and down in his room) But- we will only focus on the positive:) )

Friday was the last day of school for a week before Thanksgiving! YEAH!! So, with that came a lot of the fun festivities.

Isn't Ethan the cutest little pilgrim man you have ever seen? I told him we were saving it for Halloween next year! (he gave me a MOOOMMM! look)

Here is Ethan singing along with his class. The photos aren't great, because my camera is being difficult- BUT- I have news for that later!
Ethan did great singing at first, but with each picture I took, the more reclusive he became....
and then practically tears! I think he knows what pictures are really meant for! Embarrassment later on in life:)
Here is my Ethan right before the big Thanksgiving feast, with YUMMY chic-fil-a nuggets:) Who could ask for more??

Erin's dance recital was later on that evening. This is her 2nd year of dancing- and this group of girls is SO cute! All the girls were asked to wear a pink leotard, and when I told Erin to get her pink one on- she decided she wanted to wear black. She was the only one wearing black---
So, I joked around and called her the Swan in Swan lake- she really is dressed differently to stand out- because she is the best! LOL! I mean- notice the different shoes she is wearing- They are like what little dutch girls where in Holland or ballet slippers made for GIANTS-- while everyone else is wearing ballet shoes- my girl is just special like that!:)
The did 2 cute ballet numbers and then 1 hip hop routine! Here are 2 of the dances! The 1st one is the 2nd ballet routine- and only about half of it and then the next one is the hip hop routine and the full version! (sorry for the grainy quality- but it was the video recorder on my digital camera-- but it works!)

So cute- and it is amazing to think, that all great dancers started at the same stage:) Right now- they are cute- and they sure are getting better with each season!

After Erin's recital we had to rush over to Dante's end of the season soccer party- and let me tell you- those boys were in heaven!! They won their division in the whole league and they also won the fall shoot out or tournament whichever you decide to call it! Dante had a blast playing and we will be back for more next season!

Then they had........

Video games galore.............
And pizza! Lots and LOTS of pizza!I'm sure you couldn't tell in this picture what Dante had for dinner- because Dante is a VERY clean eater.... I'm so sad he gets that from me!:) But none the less- he is dirty and proud to be a gold medal soccer player!

After Dante's soccer party- we had to leave in a rush so I could go and pick up the babysitter for my girls night out with Melynda and there were also a ton of other women from our tri-ward building- and to go see Twilight! That will be a post of its own..tomorrow! You are going to LOVE it- my post will be the REAL DEAL!

And for a spiritual Sunday bit - I leave with a quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk "Live in Thanksgiving Daily" found here. (I really enjoyed the talk and recommend you read it before Thanksgiving if you can)

"Gratitude turns a meal into a feast and drudgery into delight. It softens our grief and heightens our pleasure. It turns the simple and common into the memorable and transcendent. It forges bonds of love and fosters loyalty and admiration. Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The exciting and even MORE exciting stuff!

I would say not so exciting stuff- but really, when you have kids- nothing is boring! NOTHING!! Boring is when you have perfect clothes to put in a washing machine, where you do not have to pre-treat them with stain remover- they always seem to know how to spruce up life-- in every way imaginable.

I'll start off with last weekend. I knew last weekend was going to make for a busy weekend- but mainly Saturday.

Friday night Christie brought her main squeeze down to meet the fam and we went to Pappasito's!

Seriously- I could have their fajita's all day long and NEVER get tired of them! They are simply the BEST- and if you are EVER in Texas- you need to go to Pappasito's, or else you are going to miss out big time! Then Chet and I caught the opening night of:

It was pretty good- but Casino Royale was better. Chet said that he is becoming an old man because the action scenes were too fast- and he had no idea how one man ended up dead and another one ended up blown up here and there.... it was like out of the blue he said... I agreed (he is getting old!) Just kidding honey! Not really, for those of you youngun's you can still read this small:)

Then it was off to bed, to get up early for 3 soccer games and a soccer party and then Christie's family birthday dinner.

It was awesome that I woke up nauseous. I LOVE that! But- since Chet had to go into work- and it was Ethan's very last game of the season and team party and it was also Dante's end of the season tournament (and he was going to be missing Sunday's games) I felt like I had to take them!

As you can see Ethan is wearing his trusty BYU sweatshirt (mainly because his coach was a baller for Wyoming, so we like to tease him!) It was a cold day!! (for Houston)The kids were trying to huddle together to stay warm and kick the ball as a group when it came. Strategy wasn't that effective.

Ethan TOTALLY in the game! Can't you tell? Usually he is pretty good- but the cold definitely went to his head!

After Ethan's game, was his end of season party at Skeeter's. We had brunch. It was nice, except for I couldn't eat anything-- because I was still nauseous. Double awesome!
But the show must go on- and Ethan got a little trophy and he was awarded trusted player of the season- he could get the job done, when you needed him too! He looks WAY interested!

Here is his cute little team! They got bobble head trophy's. HOW CUTE IS THAT??
Here he is with one of his little buddies! They seriously look like twins out on the field. Oh- and those cupcakes were yummy- somehow as soon as I saw the cupcakes, my stomach forgot how much pain it was in- and I had 2! But, I did pay for it... dang it!
After the party we had to go straight to Dante's game. He had 2 games that day, about an hour apart. I got some pretty sweet action shots of him doing his thing!
I've been surprised at how much his running has improved! He used to run like a girl (I'm not going to lie) but he is now starting to run more like a boy! Makes me pretty happy! He got his girlie running from Chet- seriously folks! Seriously! (only because Chet's legs are so long- that when he used to play chase with Dante when he was younger, he had to do this really slow, funny run- and I said that Dante just figured that is how you are supposed to run) Silly what kids pick up!

We went home during the hour break- because I needed to recoup my energy for the next game- and to recover from the wind chill of -60 outside! What we do for our kids!

I took some medicine, fell asleep, set my time for 15 min. and the next thing I knew we had missed Dante's next soccer game.

His team party is this Friday. They won the tournament and they won 1st place in the league for the U8 team division! I don't know how Dante got put on the best soccer team- but he did!! :)

I was starting to feel slightly better that night- but then Sunday morning- same nauseous feeling. Seriously- you women who get morning sickness during pregnancy- I don't know HOW you have more then one child- you are AMAZING!! Back to SUNDAY's festivities!

Church of course! We had missed the previous week because Dante and Ethan were both sick, throwing up-- so I felt bad missing another week- and my kids were fine, and I had to get the programs to the church. Usually, I have my mom, Emily, and my dad to help me out in church with my kids if I need it, but I was stranded this week, because my mom was home sick with Emily, and my dad was out of town. Chet has to work on Sunday (but I am excited for Jan. because we will change to 9 AM church, and he can come before work!) Anyways- my three kids should NOT be hard in church- and for the most part they aren't --- but MAN-- this Sunday-- THIS Sunday-- it was like crazy!

Thank heavens for my friend Melynda for sitting with me and my kids (her kids were home with her and her hubby sick) I guess everyone was sick that weekend. I owe her BIG time!! :)

Anyways- we were sitting on one end of the pew and another family was on the very opposite end of a very long pew. When the sacrament came, I made sure Ethan had some help with the water, because I didn't want him to spill it- so I asked Dante to help. Ethan wanted NOTHING to do with that! So, Dante touches the water, and Ethan starts screaming- I mean SCREAMING, so I take him out- and he is literally inconsolable!! INCONSOLABLE! I am outside, outside with him, because he is screaming so loud- and nothing is making him better. He is just on the ground crying and screaming... I can't pick him up- because he just flops- I can't go back in the church because then he just screams NOOOOOOO!, and it really was a SORRY site to see- and poor Melynda is just sitting in sacrament meeting with Dante and Erin (and I have no idea if they are being good for her)

Then Dante comes out, and Erin follows Dante out and they go back and forth a few times- then I look at Ethan and he is screaming and yells....


"NOW, YOU'VE MADE ME PEE MY PANTS!" - Is that not SO exciting!! I was jumping for joy-- with TEARS in my eyes!! Tears of JOY, I tell ya!
Yes, Ethan peed his pants while throwing his tantrum on the ground (luckily I was outside with him and not in the church!)

So, we went home. I was grateful to not be teaching that day. MAN ALIVE!:) My life is just too awesome sometimes!

I was glad I had the ability to laugh about it heartily after Ethan and I took a 3 hour nap together.

Which was MUCH needed. For both of us- because my stomach was still nauseous.

Then this week has been pretty exciting too- but I always feel like I need to blog "in order", so I don't blog- til' I have enough time to blog about the first big event!

Anyhow- onto some other really, NON kid related news:

Tomorrow- 7:45! That is what it is ALL about! And I found it funny, Chet saw the preview the other day during one of our shows- and he was like, what is all this hub-bub about Twilight? What is it?? (I guess I hide my obsessions well). I told him what it was about- and then said I had read all 4 books- and he was like really?? Yep- Chet is my Edward. Dark hair, pale skin, fangs (seriously- take a look next time) MY protector-- he can't get into my thoughts.... there is always that mystery there between us... and he eats animals, like cow, deer, chicken- you name it- instead of feeding on humans. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Edward- LIVING in my home! Who would have thunk it?

Lol- Yes- he will probably kill me when and if he reads this (actually I make him read it!) I'm like Looky what I blogged today! And he is usually like, "Well, how 'bout that, hon!" HOW ABOUT THAT!

But seriously- I think he is an Edward- but if you don't- I'm sure you think he is dead ringer for Topher Grace, like most people mistake him for.
SERIOUSLY?! Scary- I KNOW! Spittin' IMAGE!

I also finally updated my "Friday Flashback Music" It is 6 days late, and 1 day before the next Friday- but hey, who cares- I'll just keep it up for an extra week- this year is 1993! What was your fav. 1993 song?

I didn't do my spiritual Sunday either, because obviously- I didn't really have one! LOL! But- I'll leave you with a quote for this weeks....

well- I guess I won't- because I can't find the one I really, REALLY want to use- it is about patience... and that is something that really tried me on Sunday--

It basically says something like: Patience doesn't mean that inside your head you are blowing up and wanting to scream, or feeling stress, it is acting calm on the outside- and not letting it show.

So- if you have to scream - scream in your pillow:)

ok- I think it is about time I post this bad boy- so Thanks for reading, and hopefully my next post will be a little more "together"

Monday, November 10, 2008


with Almond Bark! Do you know what these are below?

They are double-stuffed oreo's dipped in Almond Bark and then I let them sit and then put sprinkles on them to make them more decorative. In the store- the fudge covered oreo's are like 6 bucks a box, and I recreated them- for 1/2 that price- and I got double the cookies-- AND I got sprinkles:)

Seriously- tomorrow I'm hoping to make me some yummy chocolate covered almonds! How come I'm just NOW learning about this stuff??

Anyone want to come share?

A Tip from one mother to another!

Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT feed your child chili, or any of your children chili, if one of your children has experienced throwing up in the past 24 hours! Even if the child seems to be getting better- DO NOT feed him chili--- because then you will have not only HIM throwing up from after midnight, but you will now ALSO have your other little boy throwing up chili. Thrown up chili gives "blowing chunks" a WHOLE new meaning!!

Then you will have to clean up off your carpet- hamburger meat- that didn't even have time to digest, really, smeared in that really yummy gooey stuff that helps to break it down. And you will have to clean it up multiple times. It was the best when I walked into the bathroom to rub Dantes back- and found myself sloshing through, what seemed like a BIG bucket of slimed down hamburger meat. (this is saying a lot about what chili does to you- because Dante is a PRO-puker! but- not with chili)

Yes- I cleaned it up right away- because I didn't want my house smelling like throw up, when I had to get up in 4 hours. But the 2nd time around- when it happened in a bedroom- I said, forget it- moved the boys to a different room, shut the door to the previous room and quarantined it off to make it odorless- so I could sleep in peace.

That was the end of the throwing up extravaganza, until Ethan came up to me this morning to tell me he wanted chili for breakfast... I gave him yogurt instead, and so far so good! Both boys are doing ok- but that is what I thought the day before and once the night it all hit once again. What is it about the night?!

Erin got off easy, she always seems to get off easy, maybe that is because she never eats anything- so she never has anything to throw up. Who knows- but she was happy to go to school.

So, I've learned my lesson and now I'm passing it onto all of you!


(aren't my 2 cute boys so nice and quiet when they are down?)
That is all.

Carry on with your day.

Don't worry! Be happy!

Until my next helpful tip:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spiritual Sunday

I was listening to church music the other day, when one of my favorite primary songs came on. Everytime I hear this particular song, tears start to well up in my eyes. I have attached a slide show with pictures of my kids with the song playing in the background... you are welcome to pause my music on the side and watch, or just push play, but continue to read below the slideshow- that way you don't have to look at the pictures- but you can still listen to the song.

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The song is, "Teacher, Do You Love Me?" and when I heard the sweet child's voice singing the song- I got an instant vision of my older children singing to me- in that little voice- because they are still children, and I still am their teacher and example. Here are the words to the song:

(Child) Teacher*, do you love me?
Teacher*, will you care for me?
Even if I turn away, or disobey, or go astray,
Then will you love me still?
Teacher*, will you teach me?
Teacher*, help me choose the right.
When I do not understand the Lord’s command, please take my hand
And lead me safely with his light.

(First time child only.)
I need your love, I need your light
To show me how to be like Jesus.
The Savior’s love will light the path
To lead me safely home.

(Teacher) Oh yes, my child, I love you.
My child, I’ll always care for you.
And with the Savior as our guide,
I’ll share the light I feel inside,
And you will feel his love for you.

Oh, yes, my child, I’ll teach you.
My child, I’ll help you choose the right.
And when you do not understand
The Lord’s command, I’ll take your hand,
And he will lead us with his light.

(Second time duet.)
I need your love, I need your light
To show me how to be like Jesus.
The Savior’s love will light the path
To lead us safely home.

Words and music: Michael Finlinson Moody, b. 1941. © 1986 IRI

The parts that I have put in bold- really stuck a chord with me. How many times do I get frustrated with one of my kids, and instead of taking them by the hand, when they don't understand the Lord's command- I tell them, that they know better and they deserve whatever punishment they get. Do they really know?? I mean REALLY know WHY it is important to follow the Lord's commandments? Or do they just do it, because they should "know" better? I need to be a better teacher. I need to use the Lord's light to guide me, to help me to know what is best for my children and how to help them understand. I want them to feel their Savior's love for them- through the way I teach and through my love for them.

With all that has been going on lately with the election and emotions running up and down and forwards and backwards. I've come to the realization, that it doesn't really matter who is elected in office, which laws are passed, if the economy comes tumbling down... that is what we are here for- is for trials. My children will grow up in a very different world then what I grew up in... but as long as I'm in tune with the spirit and can heed the Lord's command and TEACH my children that- and help them to gain their own TRUE testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ- and teach them to be good, decent human beings- then I know EVERYTHING will be ok.

I recently read a quote by Barbara Bush:

"Your success as a family...our success as a nation...depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on what happens inside your house."

This quote can't be MORE true.

I'm going to do my part as a citizen in the US and vote and stand up for what I believe. BUT, more importantly, I will do my part as a mother and teacher and make MY home a place where refuge is sought, and and a safe harbor for learning, so that they will be able to face their oncoming trials with all that they have. I need to prepare them for that. Their trials will be so much harder then mine. It is unfair to send them out into a world, and to not give them the proper tools to help fight off evil. That is my job- and YES- I will teach them, I will hold their hand, when they don't understand, I will use the Savior as our guide so that we can both be lead safely home!

If I do that, then I know that everything will be ok, no matter what and I will be able to continue to feel peace in my heart.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Flash back to 1988!

I've decided to start doing flashback music to different era's in my life- so 1980 all the way to today! This week it is 1988- seriously!! Sometimes I'm like WOW!! The styles, the crazy hair-- but I loved the 80's:) So, every Friday from now until I guess I have done all 28 years--- you will be getting "flashbacks". What was your favorite song from 1988- if I don't already have it on there- I'll add it-- JUST FOR YOU!

Who likes my new tricked out iPod nano on my side bar? I think it is pretty awesome- very un-80ish- but awesome none the less.

Oh- and here is a pic for your enjoyment. Sometimes I get bored, and I take it out on little kids.

Here is what little Tommy's hair looked like from the back... you can see the bow peeking at the top of the above picture.

disclaimer: I cannot promise that if I'm watching your little one, that I might not get the impulse to do their hair and dress them up. What can I say-- I miss that! And these little boys were good sports!

This picture is for Jennika and Melynda! Your boys are TOO cute!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What is the NEXT best thing to having a baby??

I threw my first baby shower last night- and I think it went well. Amy is having her baby boy in 3 days- and we are all so excited to have a new baby in our family!

I was worried at first about how the shower would go- but as soon as I found some great ideas from the Internet- I went for them and PRESTO- baby shower heaven! I had SO much fun putting it together!

Here are lots and lots of pics from that night!
I made this ADORABLE diaper cake for Amy. Seriously- it wasn't bad at all- if you want me to tell you how to make one- then e-mail me for reals! Anyone can do this.. or just do a search for "how to make a diaper cake" and you can find instructions on line- I improvised a little.

I did the hanging clothesline with baby clothes all around... it really is a cute idea! Whoever ACTUALLY thought of it- thanks for letting me copy you:)
More decorations and baby clothes line!
This is an adorable onesie that I made with a rhinestone iron-on-- it was like 1 dollar at Michael's! Crazy cute!!
I have to brag a little bit about the "cake pops" I made. I got the recipe from Bakerella. It is a darling site with such cute ideas, all based around yummy cupcakes, cake bites, and other to die for desserts! You have to check her out! Her cake pops were pretty easy- just a little time consuming- but were AMAZING!! Just ask anyone who was there- they will TELL you they have NEVER had better;)
Here is all the food from that night. I actually could not have done this shower without ALL the people who helped to bring some food and punch. I might have gone crazy, if I had to bring ALL of this and cook it all within 1 day to be fresh. So, a big THANKYOU to all of you:)

ETA: I don't have a picture of the punch- but it was AMAZING! It was on a different table- but what is even more amazing is the person who brought it! Thanks girlFRIEND!!

How adorable is this little watermelon carriage. My friend Amber did such a cute job!

I decided to forgo the usual games- because how many times can you play the same baby shower games over and over- and I'm not cool enough to think of my own- SOOO , we decorated onesies!! It was a lot of fun and they all turned out SO cute!
I'm glad I can just sit and enjoy the shower.. it was very laid back and just perfect. Erin loved it too:) Some ladies decorating onesies.
Here are the finished products! Both up above and below! SO CUTE!! And the new mom gets to take ALL of them home:) Not everyone chose to do a onesie... but it was a big hit!
And lastly- here are all the sisters who could come- with their cute little onesies they made (except I made the frog one too- that Amy is holding.)

I really had a lot of fun throwing the shower for little Sammy to be and Amy. Who knows- maybe I will be throwing you a party next:)