Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I NEVER thought I would be THIS woman... ok maybe I did;)

I always laugh when I see this video- it is SO funny! Especially since I have been reverse bungee jumping about 1,006 times... so I know exactly what it is like- and that kid KILLS me every time! It is hilarious-- and the lady makes it EVEN better!

So, when we reattempted the rodeo this time- on a nice and sun shining day vs. a FREEZING, wet one.... I had to ride the ZIPPER at the carnival.

I would have one of these in my back yard if I could- and the "traveling" carnival zippers are the best, because they are more rickety... if that makes sense. My friend Monica introduced me to the zipper and I haven't turned back since! Thanks Mon!!:)

The height limit was 48 inches... which means only Chet, I, and Dante could ride.... but then that would leave Erin and Ethan looking pretty lonely sitting next to the ride waiting- and not to mention, Ethan would have managed to run to Egypt by the time the ride was over. (I'm not sure how- but he WOULD have!) So, Chet so thoughtfully said, he would watch the kids while I rode it with Dante... so I did!

Dante is pretty brave- he was pointing on all these rides to go on, so I thought the zipper wouldn't be a big deal.

BOY, was I wrong!! (and maybe we shouldn't have had ice-cream sundaes right before?)

In the zipper a single bar comes over your lap... and since I am bigger then Dante it was pressed all the way on me-- but there was a little snuggle room for him (poor little dude) - you NEVER feel that secure when the bar is not completely holding you in.

So, I start rocking the cage(while other people are being loaded on) to make it even more fun for him... because I wanted to pass my wonderful zipper experience onto him.

Then we start GOING.. and man- was it going FAST! I think this might have been one of the fastest zippers I have EVER been on! Well, the first time we go over the top- we flip, forwards... completely flip, and Dante-- well, he kind of fell out of the bar... but not really out-- just flew up to the top of the cage, before I grabbed a hold of his arm... from that point on he is screaming....

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" "Mom, I'm going to Die!" "OH, my stomach!" "I'm going to Die!!"

I'm still holding onto his arm- otherwise he would be rattling around like a ping pong ball... and I'm laughing hysterically, I almost pee my pants (and I'm a GROWN woman!).. and maybe I did.. SO what! I felt like I was reenacting the video above, and thinking--- why are there NOT video cameras in HERE, so I can be taping this?? I would TOTALLY buy it!

Needless to say... once it stopped and we were waiting to be unloaded... he was like I'm NEVER going to do that again! OHHHHHHHHH! My stomach! (apparently he slammed into the bar at one point and the hitting point was his stomach)... and me like ANY good, wonderful amazing mom- told him it would be ok-- and hopped off, and told Chet- he HAD to go on it with Dante.. he just HAD to- that it would be the funniest thing he has ever seen! Chet was a nice dad, and didn't make Dante go again-- and I'm telling you.. he MISSED out!

But we did have lots of fun that day! Here are a few more pictures from our Family Rodeo Day!

Erin and Dante also had their picture taken by the Chronicle on her favorite ride!This ride never gets old either!!:)

I'm proud to say I have kids that will ride anything (and yes, even Dante said he would try the zipper again next year) Little Mr. Ethan who JUST meets the 42 inch mark... was going on some of the scarier rides-- and I think people were looking at me like a crazy mom- some even stopping to ask Ethan if he was SURE - absolutely SURE - he wanted to go on THIS ride?!

Does it look like I'm forcing him ma'am? Is he crying?? Then YES! He wants to go on THIS stupid ride!

Then proceeding to say-- "do you know what it does honey??":

Yes, I'm hoping that we will all die on it and that I scare my kids so bad that they never want to ride rides again!? That's the plan!

ps- I will be putting up my fitness blog tomorrow- April 1st.. so I need a NAME! Where are my helpers?? (see post below)

Monday, March 30, 2009


I have decided to turn into a werewolf this year! HOORRAAYY! Actually- this picture is for a certain someone-- it is always about "inside jokes". Where would we be without them??

But onto the REAL news! I feel like I have been like this lately-- (and actually not really like this- because the lady below looks as though she is doing it ALL with ease!)
I, on the other hand, am still getting used to having to get to soccer practice, and piano, and having 5 kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, getting to YW's, and on and on and on. Does it ever get easy?? (I think it is the sewing, that has been doing this to me- I CAN'T stop!) I try to sew whenever possible- which means I sacrifice other things, such as blogging, or cooking dinner, or going to bed early, or seeing my family. Maybe I already need an intervention... but that is besides the point at the moment.

My REAL point(s) is/are:

A: Thanks for voting on my poll and leaving your wonderful comments for me! I have decided to make a separate fitness blog- but keep it public, and I will post a link here, every time I post in my fitness blog to make it easier to get to it- - that way it will be easier to keep track of everything-- instead of having to search through my posts here to find what I did in this week and that week, etc...

B: I need your help again- what should I name that blog?? I'm having trouble! I can't come up with anything! If I choose your name-- then you get a shout out on my fitness blog and FULL acknowledgement:) Please leave a comment with as many names as you like! Otherwise I might name it Bertie101- and well, that just sounds LAME-- so HELP!:) (please and thankyou)

C: I used to be an avid commenter on lots of blogs-- then my computer crashed, and I lost my list of RSS feeds that I subscribed to- because they were through IE, and this happened about 4 or 5 months ago--- or whenever you noticed me not commenting on every single one of your posts-- I have now finally taken the time to update my RSS feed again- and will be commenting again! YEAH-- WHO'S excited??

D: I have lots and lots of posts to come- but now I have to get off and get to eating my cottage cheese mixed with fresh strawberries! (go try it- tastes like CANDY!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Question for my readers!

(you would be watching me get back to this and that ANYONE can do it!)

I've been thinking about doing a "workout" blog and posting my workouts and progress, etc.... I'm trying to get back to my "fitness" ready body. Which means I have about 10 pounds to lose, and I just haven't really been motivated. I used to journal over at oxygenmag.net.... but thought maybe a blog would make it easier. I always try to switch up my workouts to keep my body guessing (because that is what burns calories). I would be sharing ALL my privileged info with YOU:)

So, the question I'm proposing to you is where do I blog about it:

A) Yes Bertie-- blog about it here because I would LOVE to see your progress and what you do for your workouts, and help keep you motivated. (I would post progress pics and all, so think about this)

B) I don't really care to see it- but you should make a separate blog, so that if people do want to follow you... then they can... (this blog would probably be private- and only open to people who actually want to read) Keep your family blog-- just that- about your family.

C) Hecks NO! You should NEVER, EVER journal publicly or on the net, about your journey to whatever kind of body you want--- you need to keep that stuff private and at home.. and in a notebook. Should you even really be asking this question??

So, there you have it- I'm hoping to compete again in the near future-- but to do that, I need to get my healthy habits back, and that is what I'm hoping my "blogging" journal will help with, and with the motivation from you guys! The more people in it- the more I'm likely to keep up with it!

(I have also now posted a poll on my side bar... so that you don't even have to leave a comment, you can just select one of the answers and it is completely anonymous... but you are still welcome to leave any comments too!)

A....B.... or C! And you are more then welcome to comment anonymously if you think I'll be offended (which I won't be, but whatevs) I need my blogging peeps on this one- I have between 30-50 readers a day (from unique addresses) and usually my comments are in the 1-2 range--- so I need you all to come out of your shell for this one. I want to keep my blog- WHAT you want it to be, and why you started reading in the first place... and I DO have it where ANYONE can comment!

I'll be WAITING!! (at the racquetball courts)

Forever YOURS,
Bertie soon to be Bertieliscious!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're going to the RADIO!!

That is what Ethan calls "The Rodeo" The RADIO! Friday night my mom had 4 tickets to the radio- so Chet and I took Ethan and Dante with us to see the fun radio action... and Clint Black. It was a lot of fun! (Erin was compensated by getting to spend the night with fun Aunt Emily and Grandma!)

Here are the manly men of the house- with horseback riders doing what they do best.... horseback riding.(in the background)Here is the CUTEST couple EVER! With some more kind of riding going on in the background?!Here are what are boys really love to do.... RUN AROUND IN THE BLEACHERS DISTURBING EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG..... while people are trying to watch the rodeo action... and in their defense.... there were probably only about 15 people in our section and the 3 sections next to us... yeah- we had AWESOME seats! (but in all seriousness, I am grateful for getting to go--- it just wasn't the 2nd row seats I was used to in high school when our family had "the hook up")...but then the guy turned 97 and died, so his season tickets were no longer ours to use. (I was really sad...for the man- and the tickets)This picture KILLED me! I was trying to get everyone to smile and look at me... and this is what I got! It was SO funny! The Mutton Bustin' was just too fun to look away from! Next year- Ethan will be front and center on that one!And here is Clint Black rockin out!

It was a great fun night- freezing cold and rainy-- but how can you NOT have fun at the Houston Rodeo??

We are going back this week, during spring break, but just to go to the carnival and Livestock Show-- this time the weather will be perfect:) More pics then!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To laugh or not to laugh??

I have to ask myself that question pretty much on a regular basis with Dante's quick wit! Usually I fail miserably- and I laugh my heart out--- and it just gives Dante that nudge he needs for his smart remarks! (but seriously, they are pretty funny... and make sense if you think about it- I'm sure I look like the crazy one to HIM)

I know this is my punishment for laughing at all of my cousins when they used to make smart remarks to their mom... for instance... My cousin Arnie... was told by his mom one day to "watch his mouth" to which he so quickly replied (while trying to actually "look" at his mouth) "But I can't see it" I was ON the floor with that one... but I was also like 8.

20 years later, Dante was being a little dawdler before school and taking his SWWEEEETTTT time to put his shoes and socks on, when I came in 20 min. later... and was like,

"Dante, honey, (I always say honey to soften the blow) you are driving me up a wall!"

To which his quick reply was "Oh, so you are UP there??" (as he points "up" the wall)

Where did THAT come from?? It makes sense, because it makes me look stupid for saying something, that literally can't happen-- and it was hilarious! And I laughed and he just smiled and smiled and was SO proud of himself... AND so was his dad, when I told him what happened:)

Oh, the things that kid comes up with!

What would you have done??

And NO smart remarks please;)

ps. a BIG thankyou to ALL of you who helped vote for my lazy fitness tip(especially Joyce and Melynda who let me know)... I WON the tote bag, and I can't wait to get it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Need your help!!:)

Since all of you absolutely LOVE me... I have a favor to ask of you!

I submitted a "lazy fitness" tip to Lazy Moms and it has been chosen as one of the top 5! They have now turned the voting over to their readers... and if you vote for me and I win... then I'll get a cute little Lazy Mom's tote bag!!

So what do you say? Go on over to: Lazy Mom's blog, and vote for me! My lazy tip is about sleeping in your gym clothes so that you can just hop right out of bed in the morning and get out the door!

No, I don't want you to read the rest, and truly pick the one you like best- I want you to CHOOSE mine! And I WILL know who you are if you don't...........

Thanks in advance- y'all are the best blogging buds ever---NOW is there anything I can do for you???

ps... you have to kind of hurry- because voting ends Sunday at noon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love finding NEW passions!

I consider myself to be a pretty passionate and energetic person. When I decide to do something- I do it (get your mind out of the gutter!) with all my heart, mind, and soul and then I move on.... AND I have to be the best I can be at it! And you can bet I'll BE the best!;)

Right now I have 2 new passions- that I can't get enough of- and that I thought I would NEVER, EVER- and when I say NEVER EVER- I mean it- I never thought I would EVER sew, OR play racquetball! EVER!!!

First passion: Sewing!

My mom always wanted her girls to sew- and I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world-- WHY would I need to learn how to sew?? I mean, IS my hair gray? So, I never learned and then just recently I have gotten "the bug" if you will- because I realized, it is NOT just about older women sewing- but young cool moms can sew too!! (yes that means YOU!:))

The BEST part is-- I can NOW watch tv AND sew and you can't say I'm NOT being productive!! Do you LOVE it?? If that doesn't make you love it-- maybe these will.... my mom had a ton of fabric left over from a previous enrichment night, and so she gave me a little girls apron pattern... and I went to TOWN-- and I even embellished a little...

Don't believe me-- SEE for yourself:)

First we have Erin sporting her new gorgeous blue/green, flower/butterfly apron! The bow originally does not call to tie in the front-- but I think it looks cuter, so I just made the ribbon longer on the ends so it would go all the way around.
Next we have Brayden modeling the apron I made for Minnie (which she was too shy to put on) and on this one, I altered the length and width it called for AND I added a little pocket, because I had extra material!! How CUTE does he look?? (And yes- I bribed him with an OREO- do not judge!)
And as hard as I tried, Dante and Ethan did not want to be SEEN in my other two aprons. I still have a few more to make- but for now- I'm loving these!! (And YES I'm standing on the table- and YES- I'm barefoot.... but look how cute my toes look!)

Tomorrow I'm learning how to make and quilt pieces of baby blankets together!! YEAH!!

New passion #2: Racquetball( because I'm getting SO good!)

I mean... CHECK IT!!

If you get a bruise like this- that means you HUSTLE!!

I used to be ALL about tennis! I mean- I was the captain of my high school tennis team-- HEELLOOO?? (I mean, LOOK at me!) I still LOVE to play--- and I remember when I heard people rave about racquetball, and I was always like... WHATEVER! It is all about THE TENNIS! I was a tennis snob- and I was NEVER going to play racquetball... EVER!

However, Chet started to play racquetball quite frequently after we got married.. and I still wouldn't play, wouldn't play, wouldn't play, and wouldn't play!

When we moved to Texas we started to play tennis at our neighborhood courts quite regularly... and we are both pretty competitive-- and we were both at the same level, where- neither of us would ever WALE on the other- it was ALWAYS a really close game-- ALWAYS! But I got tired of the complaint of "tennis is too slow" "Bertie, you need to RUN to get the ball (once it is no longer in play)" "everything needs to be quicker paced" "bertie, Bertie, BERTIEEEE!!"

So, I gave in-- once all of his racquetball buddies moved away- and I decided I would fill the position til' he could find a new one.

And man- was I ADDICTED after game one!! It is SO fast paced- AND such a good workout! You are just all over the place.

At first I wasn't the greatest player- but I always went after the ball!! And I never quit. You can tell I'm more of an physical athlete and Chet is more of a mental athlete (as in a nerdy athlete)

The second time we played- and I was missing some shots of his... (because seriously- the ball goes all over the place, from the ceiling to the side wall to the back wall) he told me to anticipate... and I was like, "Honey- I AM ANTICIPATING... I'm in the ready position!!"

He clarified-- No, you are not anticipating-- if the ball hits this corner- then depending on what angle the ball hit that corner- will determine which axis it will spin off of- and you will know where it will hit- you are just running after the ball like you can actually catch it.. vs. doing your mathematical equations.. and being able to stand in one place, while it comes to you.

I was like WHAAAAAT?? Are you speaking English?? It is a game- there is an objective - you HIT the ball- THAT is English.

I am getting pretty darn good(I'll toot my own horn if I want to;))- we have only played maybe 8 times... and so far I have not won a game against him... because let's face it... he is a mathematical genius, and knows every racquetball equation by heart. I'm not going to lie to myself about that. He is JUST SMART! (and has been playing 8 years longer then I have)

BUT.... yesterday... I made it all the way to 11 points!! and he was SO down it wasn't even funny! And as soon as he gained the serve back.... MAN you should have seen him! He was whipping mad-- and whipping serves out like a PRO! (it was all anger power!) Needless to say- he won, and I started laughing, and was like, "Someone doesn't like to lose!" Whoo-hooo-hoo!

So, that nice little welting bruise on my knee was a victory dive. He tells me to stand in one place- and I just CAN'T! I don't get it! So, I still am all over the place, all over the floor, banging into the walls-- BUT I'm getting points off those hits now... I'm learning to place it just right, that wherever he decides to stand.. unless he is ACTUALLY moving towards that ball, he ain't gonna get it! I will show him!

Mathematics my arse!

So, I guess the saying holds true... never say never! (but didn't I just say it? (double time?) Some sayings I just don't get!

What is something that you thought you would never do or try, and once you did you LOVED it??