Sunday, October 11, 2009

SIX months!

Yes, that is me--- I've made it to the SIX month mark which is also 27 weeks... without any problems or really any discomfort at all--- but it is slowly but surely coming on-- the having trouble getting comfy in bed at night... the having to use momentum to get off the bed... feeling like there is a "bowling ball" in my tummy, feeling like I'm a mile away from everything when my belly is touching it- like the sink when I do dishes, or the laundry basket when I can't hold it in front of me anymore.... this is usually where the "slowness" of pregnancy kicks in for me-- because I ONLY get BIGGER from here!

So, to help me out a little I'm going to go and eat some of these yummy bad boys!

and share them with Chet and Co. .... because I'm shareable like that;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miramar Air show....

Last Saturday (has it really been a week?) we headed over to the Miramar Airshow in San Diego... we thought admission is free, seating (on the tarmac) is free, parking is free-- WHY NOT??

I had never been to an airshow, the kids had never been to an airshow, Chet has been to a million airshows... and we needed to spread the airshow LOVE... and I was most excited for........


Aren't the GORGEOUS?? I'm not gonna lie-- I almost cried (blame it on the pregnancy) when they flew right over our car (because traffic was really bad-- so they ended up flying while we were waiting to park- but we still saw their AMAZING show!) Now maybe I think they are so amazing because I watched either a documentary or an IMAX about the blue angels and how you have to be the elite of the ELITE to be a Blue Angel!! And all that it takes to be one.... and MAN was it out of this WORLD!

Here is my one awesome picture of the Blue Angels... saying I was actually there. Since I don't have a high tech camera to capture them in a split second-- ALL my shots turned out blurry or REALLY far away.

That was my favorite part of the whole show... and seeing how excited my kids were to get up and pretend to be pilots in these BIG macho planes, and Humvees, and don't even get me started on the weapons... Dante fell in LOVE!!

So did Chet!
And the biggest missile of ALL was this thing-- you should have seen how POPULAR it was for "photo shoots" It was WORSE then going to see Santa the day before Christmas!

But we got one... and they were EXCITED!

Here is the funniest picture of the day---- the dude in the picture(furthest to the right, jeans and a grey muscle tee)-- the one that is clearly leaning back and staring in awe of the "missile" ... he took his picture at least SIX different times-- it was getting so ridiculous I HAD to take a picture of him... He was also talking to the missile like the camera could here him... He would point to the picture-- lean his body back- point to the missile-- and then shout, "Dannggg" but using another word! He would have to retake it because either his cigarette made it in the picture, or he didn't think he looked good, or he wasn't close enough... I was laughing because I haven't seen anything like that! It was CRAZY! And each time, he would go, "Daaaannng!" all while pointing to the big missile.

Chet running after the kids as they go from plane to helicopter to Humvee- I mean there were THOUSANDS of -you name it- for the kids to play in and explore! It was great!
Ethan stole the camera from me and had to take a shot. He LOVES the closeups!

Ms. Erin in one of the planes!

The kids in front of a wicked helicopter with cool missiles! (notice Ethan's newest pose in all pics... Hands MUST be on hips)

And again-- you can tell his hands are on his hips!

And taking a breather while the kids snack on some snacky stuff and while we watch some more of the airshow.

If you are ever in the Southern California area during the Miramar airshow- it is totally worth the trip and because it's ALL free- minus the food-- which is VERY enticing to say the least... we just tried to stay far away from the food tents-- so we wouldn't be tempted:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

FUN family pictures.... the good and the NOT so good.....

Who doesn't LOVE looking at pictures?? Especially when it is of their own family... and as you look through pictures a flood of memories come sailing back!

That is exactly what happened to me, and as I looked for the "perfect" family picture to put at the top of my blog... I came across some that made me laugh and that would NEVER make the family blog- because I just want to "appear" perfect... but who am I kidding!!:)

So to give you all some enjoyment with family pictures past of some good and.... some bad-- and some of just my kids- I hope you realize, like I did- that the GOOD pictures are the ones that show what REAL life is all about:)
(and why I chose the top picture... because obviously I'm trying to get Ethan to turn around for the picture while he is trying to climb up a giant frog... Erin is READY and Chet and Dante are waiting for the green light)

So I proudly give you

The Ranger Family

(This is my favorite! Again... Erin is the ONLY one ready)

the JOYS of having a family!!!!

I LOVE you my growing family:)