Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation:)

Today, Dante, had his awards ceremony, and I'm happy to say he has passed Kindergarten! YEAH!!! He is a brilliant child, just like his dad! It was sooo fun and cute to see all the little kids and how they are still so excited to learn and go to school. When does that end? I can't quite remember? LOL! It shouldn't end- but I know there comes a time, when you never want to go to school again. All of us are excited to have Dante home everyday for the summer, though:) I have included some pictures from the graduation. The first one is of him singing- they learned a song to the "Adams Family Song" and sang it for us. He looks pretty funny. The 2nd one is of him and his proud "diploma". The 3rd is of me(his proud mommy) and him. And the last one is of his Kindergarten crush- his first big crush:) We all remember those, don't we? Well, I thought I would let you all see who Jennifer is (even though he won't admit it now). Kids are great!! And congratulations Dante- WE LOVE YOU!


Lindsey said...

Bertie- Your hair's so long and pretty! Cute pics!

Lindsey said...

Tag you're it! See my blog for details!