Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Musings of Erin

I know that I still need to put up a few posts from Christmas and New Years, and Elise's wedding. AND they are coming... but I had to write down the last few conversations I have had with Erin, before I forget!:)

1st conversation:

Elise got married a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday when I was driving in the car Erin was pouting, and I asked her what was wrong. We then preceded to have this conversation:

Erin: (folding her arms across her chest) Why wasn't I in Elise's "real" wedding! She said I could throw flowers! (like a flower girl)

Me: Oh! You mean, her wedding, wedding! Like, where they pronounce you man and wife? THAT wedding?

Erin: Yes! The REAL wedding?

Me: Well, her real wedding was in the temple and you have to be old enough to go inside.

Erin: Well, how old do you have to be?

Me: Well, you actually have to have gone through the temple and have garments.

Erin: (thinking.... REALLY hard, and a little confused) Oh, BUT, I thought my purple jammies WERE garments.

She has a pair of silky like pajamas that are panteloon style.

Needless to say- I was CRACKING up!

2nd conversation:

One of Erin's Christmas presents is going to get her ears pierced. Last night, we were sitting in the hot tub talking, and Erin asked me if we can go tomorrow. I said, yes, and then I jokingly turned to Dante asking him if he wanted to get his ears pierced too. (which he, of course, said no to) Here is the following conversation with Erin:

Erin: Dante, why don't you want to get your ears pierced?

Me: Erin, because then he will look like a girl! Only girls get their ears pierced.

Erin: But it looks cool.

Me: When a man has his ears pierced? It looks cool? What boy do you know that has his ears pierced?

Erin: I don't! But, when I was at that pool.. you know THAT pool? There was a man with a really big gold earring and it looked cool.

Me: The pool at the gym?

Erin: NO! You know.. the pool!

Me: The beach??

Erin: The pool by the beach.

Me: The one at Christie's apartment?

Erin: No!!

Me: (thinking really hard about a pool by the beach that she has gone to.) Oh! Schlitterbahn?

Erin: YES! That one! There was a man who had an earring and it looked cool.

Me: No, it doesn't look cool.

Erin: WELL! To me, it looks cool.

Me: Erin, did you have a crush on this man too?

Erin: NO! I just liked his earring. It looked so cool!

(and I thought I could be so impressionable to this age! Like if I say something is dumb, then she will say it is dumb too) Dang it! :)


Dave and Jana said...

I like the "real wedding" comment! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Amber Staub said...

She is so cute. She's had several good converstions about her pierced ears. Thanks for sharing the other funny one yesterday. And purple pajamas being garments? close!