Sunday, July 12, 2009

The search is finally OVER!!

So, a while ago- we thought Chet had a job nailed! He had been told that he pretty much had the job in the bag- and that the company really wanted him, but they wanted to find a better fit for him. Vegas was the original plan, but it ended up not working out. A few weeks later we got a call asking him to come out to Mission Viejo, CA for an interview-- and he LANDED it! I'm SO overjoyed right now- after 5 months of job searching we are excited to finally actually have a solid answer, and KNOW where we are going. I'm sad to be leaving my "home" as my parents are a block away and I have 2 sisters here and 1 in College Station- and the many friends I have made since moving here almost 5 years ago-- but we needed this- and my dream to live in Southern California came a littler earlier then expected. Some of you may remember this post from when I took a trip to San Diego and was resold on living there... especially La Jolla. The weather is perfect- you get mountains and beach within 15 min. of each other- I mean seriously- WHO COULD ASK FOR BETTER?? ;)

I mean- SOAK it in!

And even though my sarcastic remark of "we are moving there!" after visiting last year- was just that-- wishful thinking... I guess the Secret DOES work! LOL! Maybe they should put me on their infomercial!

More info. to come as we find out more and when Chet starts etc... until then- I have a LOT of work to do to get this house ready for either renters or to sell. EEEKKK!

And a big thankyou to all of you who have kept our family in your thoughts and your prayers! We have felt every single one of them!!! (you almost have me crying;))

ps- all of you can start making your vacation plans to come and visit The OC and us--- NOW! We would LOVE to have you!


Morgan said...

BERTIE!!!!!! I am so excited! I am having visions of us meeting at the beach and playing! Also, we could load up our kids and follow each other and drive out to Texas.. the possibilities are endless!

Katie said...


Mrs. B said...

Bertie I'm so happy for you guys (and totally jealous!). Good luck with selling your house!

Alysha said...

You should check out houses in Aliso Viejo :) I miss living there so bad. The ward is awesome and the area is *beautiful* and it's really close to Mission Viejo.

Anonymous said...

Awww! We are going to miss you guys so much! I'm happy for you though.

Forever Youngs said...

Congrats! It sounds like it will such a fun adventure for you and your family. Best of luck