Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little update..

I promise I will be posting about Thanksgiving REALLY soon- but here is a little video clip of some fun we got to have! Along with a picture taken at Apple Hill where we cut down our tree. MANY more pictures and videos to come. I promise-- but right now I've got to run to do some more organizing in our new apartment- and pics of that coming too!!

I also wanted to let you know really quick about my December specials over at Fit n' Fun and Then Some-- ALL training packages are half off for the month of December!! Go here for more info.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know I enjoyed mine:)

Here is Ethan and Erin sledding near Tahoe with their cousin Garrett running out of the way! Too cute!!!


Brett said...

Wow! Snow! I am so jealous! That looks so fun! Me and Brett were by our lonesomes this year. His parents were in New Zealand, so we had the Rustins over. Do you remember them? It was fun! We miss you guys! --by the way, this is Amy, not Brett. I'm on his account for some reason. I love you guys!

spenceandcass said...

You guys moved? Where?