Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What happens when I ask my dearly BELOVED to do something?

Sometimes when I ask

(lazy but INGENIOUS Chet)
to help me out a little- I learn something new!

Like when I asked him to cut up a cantaloupe for Ethan..... because I had to feed Molly.
I meant into little squares like I usually do-- but instead he cut it in half, scooped out the seeds and handed Ethan the cantaloupe with a spoon. Dante thought it looked like fun and dug in too!

This made my life easier! Ethan could eat cantaloupe all day long- and now this "new" way of "cutting" cantaloupe has saved me time! :) INGENIOUS!

And other times when I ask

(lazy but NOT ingenious)

to help... like put away the refrigerated stuff so I can feed Molly- and then going to the fridge to grab something and finding all my groceries put away like "this"

Still in their bags(this was a re-acted photo- instead picture a fridge with 20 bags full of groceries stuck in the fridge)! Which isn't quite "easier" for me to find things in the fridge. Something I will NOT start doing:)

You learn some and then sometimes you laugh REALLY hard- because you are like, "What?! Who does that?!" But you love him NO matter what!


Amy Breeden said...

You are the best wife ever! I love eating cantaloupe that way by the way. That's how my host mom served it to us in Paris and so it brings back super good memories! See you soon! I love you!

A Fancher said...

You guys are awesome!

~~Heidi~~ said...

That is so funny, Sounds like something a guy would do!
You little Molly is such a doll! She looks just like Erin!

Anonymous said...

ROFL MAO....That is so my husband!

Sarah Hartt-Campbell