Friday, February 11, 2011

Just when I thought I was over the "funny" story phase....

What do you get when you put

A Bridge

A Traffic Cone


 (this little man)
You get a nice little surprise when you turn around that looks like this:

Because Ethan decided to grab the cone he found (who knows where) and throw it over the bridge..... and the cop saw it ALL... and I saw NOTHING

I proclaim all innocence as I was trying to keep the heard going FORWARD and would turn around every few min. and say- "Hurry Up boys- REMEMBER- I'm timing us!" 

Then I turned around again- and Dante and the cop (who came out of no where!) were having a nice little chat- so I had to walk back to the cop to find out what happened. 

Ethan got a lecture. While I looked like the super cool parent that has TOTAL control of her kids;)

Oh the Joys of Life! :)

Gotta love it!!


Amy said...

that is hilarious!!! I can totally see Ehtan doing that. It's good you write these down, so that when he gets older you have proof of all the crazy things he did:)

Christie said...

I can see Ethan bursting in to tears when the cop left. Did he? What were you making the kids do out there, running on a bridge? Slave driver!