Sunday, July 22, 2007

We LOVE birthday parties!!

This Saturday Dante was invited to a birthday party for one of his friends from school. All of my kids love birthday parties, and they were all invited:) The party was held at Bounce U! What a fun place!! I was actually jealous of my kids since I was unable to go down the HUGE slide or bounce on the big bouncy things because I forgot my socks! :) At least I was able to take lots of good pictures! The trouble with a blog is, you don't want to inundate it with pictures, but there are soooo many cute ones, that i have a hard time choosing... so forgive me - but I am going to inundate you with pictures:) It is MY blog afterall:) Ok, so on with the party-- you will see a lot of random pictures of the kids and their friends... my favorite, which you will see a story with is the 3 pictures of Ethan going down the HUGE slide- I mean- what a hit! I need to get one of these:) So, apparently you are supposed to ride down the slide with a mat, that you can actually sit in, and something covers your legs- this is to avoid getting burned on the way down. So, in the first picture you will notice Ethan going down without a mat, then he is obviously told, you have to go down with a mat! So, in the 2nd picture you will see he goes down with the mat, but I don't think he quite understood the purpose of the mat, as it is behind him and he is pulling it down with him, vs. sitting in it. Then the last picture of him is with him at the bottom of the slide all happy and elated and he finally understood the purpose of the mat:) The rest of the pictures are just fun ones :)


Lindsey said...

what a cool place! I bet they had so much fun!