Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last swimmeet of the season!

I'm so sad that I didn't get more in about swimteam, but I just kept forgetting my camera. For the last meet- I remembered the camera, but forgot Dante's goggles (which is a BIG no-no!!) Thank goodness someone has 2 pairs, and let us borrow one!! All in all it was a great season and Dante did great for his 1st year! Next year, hopefully Ethan and Erin will join him:) I have added some pics and you will find Ethan and Erin love the concession stands and literally stand over at them pretty much the whole time... and when you are team parent it is hard to tell them, you have to stay with me, because I have to stay with all the 6 and under boys and keep them in line and get them where they need to go, etc... So, I was running in 16 different directions that night:) There is one with Dante and all of his swim buddies... whoever has a gameboy the night of the meet, usually is the most loved kid! Enjoy!


A Fox said...

Chetty, do you remember swimming in Salinas?

It was either the FREEZING COLD Hartnell pool or the decroded piece of crap Municipal Pool.

For years I thought Municipal Pool was the name of the pool. Like they had named it after someone named Municipal.


Lindsey said...

How fun! That is great that they have swim teams for that young of kids.