Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's DAY- and what a GREAT DAY YOU HAD!!:) Chet is the best dad around and Dante, Erin and Ethan love him to death! WE are so lucky to have you in our life, sweets- and thanks for being such an amazing dad! You are number ONE!

Here is Chet in bed- being served breakfast by the kiddies! He said it was delicious- and then made me go get the camera to take a picture of him - so everyone knows how hot he looks in the morning!:) (his exact words...verbatim!)
Dante and his fun, loving, dad - giving the "thumbs up" so far on Father's Day- and yes- the kids get a grade at the end of the day and a critique by Chet on what they did good and what they can do better for next year- and then he closes with another thing that he loved- also known as the "positive sandwich effect".

Then Chet got to read the Sunday Paper in bed all the way until 12:10! Church starts at 1:00 for us this year- and that in itself is a great Father's Day gift too.
After we got home from church I made some yummy caramel popcorn (pictured above) and it was very good. You can find the recipe here. Some liked the m&m's and others didn't much care- so do as you like-- but I liked them. We watched a fun family movie while eating this yummy popcorn (which is really easy to make!) After that we went over to my families house to eat a yummy Father's Day dinner. It was great to spend it with Chet and then my dad too!Happy Father's Day Dad! Because you are wild and crazy and fun- look how all of us girls turned out!! Best Family picture EVER!! Thankyou for being a great dad to me and I'm lucky to have you for my dad:)

Happy Father's Day again- families wouldn't be complete without you:)


Dave and Jana said...

Looks like Chet got spoiled! I decided since Dave wasn't a dad, I didn't have to give him special attention! Poor Dave!

Katie said...

love the family picture!!