Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer is finally here!! Can't you tell??!!

Whoo! I love summer- but I always tend to completely fall off the wagon in ever sense of the word when summer first hits- because I still treat it like when I was in school and had summer time! I sleep in, I take my time, I relax-- and so my blogging has taken a hit.

Dante graduated from 1st grade! YEAH! I can't believe he will be a 2nd grader next year- and Erin will be in kindergarten-- time flies!

Here are some pictures of Dante at his gradution and then following those are some of our favorite things to do so far!

(sorry for the underline- I don't know how to get it off without deleting the pictures!)

Here is Dante with his 1st grade class! Do you LOVE his hair!! You can tell it was very close to the last day of school!I guess something serious is going on- and they are kind of confused, maybe?? Dante looks like a danged cockatoo! (what movie?)

Dante having to wipe his nose before he goes up......and now time to stretch before going up to get my award.

Dante getting his award from his amazing teacher, Mrs. Wamble! She was awesome-- and he really enjoyed having her!

Reading over his award to make sure his dream of going to 2nd grade is really happening!!

Last picture with his teacher- and I promise she does have eyes- but I couldn't get a shot with them open for some reason.

Now here are the pictures of what Ethan and Erin would do before Dante got home from school- and what we are ALL doing now-- except picking our nose,- that is just Ethan!
Ethan digging for gold, Minnie hoping to go on vacation, and Erin and Emily just taking it all in!
Ethan laughing at Minnie for thinking she is going on vacation.. saying she is just a baby!

Oooppp== got to pick some more!
Not quite there- I have to get higher!!
Maybe I got it- I don't know??

MOOOOMMM! Did you get all that on camera???

And before I left to go to Dante's graduation - Ethan once again picking his nose! What else is new though- really??!! It is his favorite activity of ALL time since birth!
Erin- just sitting as cute as a button!

I'm so proud of my kids- they have all learned to swim on there own! No lessons here- they just swim so darn much that the water has just become a part of them! They are ALL swimming this year- we were all utterly shocked when Ethan decided to take his life jacket off and jump off the diving board- and he actually swam to the side without needing any help! - It was amazing--- they are ALL amazing:)


Stephanie said...

I was wondering earlier how they all swimmed so well, I noticed how good they are in the water. Also, you have to post the recipe for the popcorn stuff, it was so yummy I couldn't stop eating it.

Morgan said...

If I were at your moms house I would be sitting by the pool picking my nose with Ethan. There's no shame in it. ;)

Anonymous said...

When I read the caption for Dante's graduation photo, I thought it said, "deranged cockatoo." I think that's an apt description as well.

Also, shouldn't we be glad that now Ethan is pulling things out of his nose instead of putting things in?