Monday, August 18, 2008

Discovering Discovery Green Park

On Chet's day off this week we decided to try out a new park in downtown Houston. It recently opened in April and if I knew how much fun it was, I would have gone a while ago. The kids LOVED it! It is called "Discover Green Park". There are about a bazillion parks in Downtown Houston alone... and I forget how fun it is to go out there. Here are some fun pics from the day.

There was this really cool water fountain section with about 100 holes that shoot water up into arcs and they are big, then little, then medium, then go off completely. There is even a "life guard" at the station. It is pretty funny- and he blows his whistle a lot with "no running" and "don't stand over the water holes" I feel for the poor guy! Chet had fun playing tag with the kids in the water.

This is what happens when the water turns off- I'm not kidding you, but like EVERY child kneels down by the water holes and looks into it to see what happened. It is soo funny, because you would look up and there would be 100 kids like this:

Like it was planned or something. I wanted to get a bigger picture with more kids- but it didn't quite work out.
Here is Dante having fun in the water! He liked to try to drink the water.

Right next to the water spouts was a cool play ground and you could go back and forth in between them. The kids loved getting all wet, because then when they went down the slide- they would literally shoot off the slide! It was so funny.
There was also these climbing ropes that the kids loved. I called a race and who do you think is our future Olympian??

Yes- Ethan won by a LANDSLIDE! Dante came in a "close" second and Erin... well- she's a girlie girl- who tries to keep up with the boys.

I definitely recommend this park for anyone who is looking for a new fun park to go to in Houston! If you want to go-- I'm more then happy to go with you:)


Jill Hunt said...

That looks like the funnest place ever! My kids would absolutely love that!

spenceandcass said...

I love the new pic on your header! Very cute. Looks like you guys had fun. We have something sort of like that in Salt Lake (water spraying out of the cement) and the kids love it.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

How fun! Love the pics.

herofanfamily said...

You all have some fun stuff around. We have to go up closer to SLC to get some cool stuff, and I have to be really in the mood to take 5 kids to Salt Lake. Always love seeing pictures of your cute kids and I also the the new picture of your kids on your header.