Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of Escuela!

Aren't these pictures the best?? There is nothing like a blurred out picture to make it look like your children are apparitions.
Yesterday was the first day of school, and boy were my kids excited!! ALL of my kids- the only sad thing was that Ethan didn't get to go. Preschool doesn't start until Sept. 2nd( if he gets in)-- so he was bummed.

My kids had a hard time going to sleep because they were so excited, especially little Erin beginning Kindergarten. Every time she would come out of her room, she would say... "but MOM! I'm too excited, I CAN'T sleep." To which I would so awesomely reply, "Erin, if you don't fall asleep, then when it is time for me to wake you up for school, I won't be able to because you would have stayed up ALL night long." She finally fell asleep and actually was able to get out of bed at 6:45.

She was also so excited to walk to school, that when I said I was going to walk with them... she very quickly interrupted me to let me know she will be just walking with Dante, my assistance is NOT needed. I had to carry her school supplies, so I had to go with them, but today- was a different story, she rode her bike and Dante rode his scooter and I didn't go any further then my front porch to make sure they got to the end of the street ok.

Dante and Erin are 2 very different students! I can already tell. Dante loves school- but doesn't take it too seriously-- Erin is going to be the one that is very serious, every task done IMMEDIATELY, and NO MISTAKES. I'm a tad bit worried about this one... here is why!

She takes her teacher very seriously, and that what applies in the classroom also applies at home. I was giving them an after school snack, when Erin was like, "MOM! My teacher said I can only have ONE snack per day, and I already had one today, so I can't have that." I then told her that it was ok, and that her teacher was just talking about during the school day.

She also believes she has to keep EVERY piece of paper! Today she brought home a piece of paper for me saying there will be a VIPS coffee that I'm invited to. I crumpled it up, and she immediately is like MOM! Where is my pink paper. And I was like- it is right here, but you don't need it, it is a piece of paper for me. Then she started to cry and was like MOM! I needed that, my teacher gave it to me. I then gave her Dante's fresh one, because I got one from his teacher too. She was all smiles again.

I also set her daily folder aside where she couldn't see it. And she was like MOM!! Where is my folder?? I said, that there were some papers I need to fill out before having her put it back in her backpack, and she was like MOM!! I need it, I can NOT go to school with out! I'm not allowed. This was on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Hopefully she'll ease up a little bit, but if she is anything like Aunt Emily or my Dad or Aunt Christie- things won't change! :)

Ethan got to walk with us on the first day of school, because I wasn't going to leave him home by himself, and he had his backpack on right along with the rest of them. He was just as excited as Dante and Erin and then the tears came when I had to bring him back home. However today when I asked him if we should go swimming, he was like, " YEAH! Let's go swimming and not go to school right now." He sure does miss not having anyone here to play with. But he has been keeping himself busy-- apparently he would like to smell good, and decided to spray my perfume in HIS EYES?? My poor sister Amy was watching him while I was running Dante to soccer. According to him, IT BURNED! Just in case you were wondering!:)

I'm sad to see the summer go, but excited to see what the new school year brings!


Melynda said...

I can't believe summer is over either. Good for Erin!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love those stories.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I can't believe you have a kid old enough to be in school, let alone 2! What are you going to do with yourself with all 3 kids in school/preschool!

the smoots said...

Bertie -
I've been traveling all summer, as our move took over our life... I just got back into blogging and had to read down a few posts on your blog. I can't believe you're moving to San Diego!! I just moved to SoCal too!! When do you move??