Thursday, October 1, 2009

FUN family pictures.... the good and the NOT so good.....

Who doesn't LOVE looking at pictures?? Especially when it is of their own family... and as you look through pictures a flood of memories come sailing back!

That is exactly what happened to me, and as I looked for the "perfect" family picture to put at the top of my blog... I came across some that made me laugh and that would NEVER make the family blog- because I just want to "appear" perfect... but who am I kidding!!:)

So to give you all some enjoyment with family pictures past of some good and.... some bad-- and some of just my kids- I hope you realize, like I did- that the GOOD pictures are the ones that show what REAL life is all about:)
(and why I chose the top picture... because obviously I'm trying to get Ethan to turn around for the picture while he is trying to climb up a giant frog... Erin is READY and Chet and Dante are waiting for the green light)

So I proudly give you

The Ranger Family

(This is my favorite! Again... Erin is the ONLY one ready)

the JOYS of having a family!!!!

I LOVE you my growing family:)


Anonymous said...

I like all the pics where Chet is actually smiling. Seriously, what is up with the "I will eat your spleen" expression in most of those pictures.

I also love the one with the three kids lined up with their arms around each other with Baby Ethan in front. It's hard to believe that he used to be that chubby little guy.

Whidget said...

Cute photos! :-) I love family photos. Looks like you guys have a great time.