Friday, November 6, 2009

And a hiking we will go.....

A little while ago, a month or so, we decided to take to the hills of California and go hiking. It was a nice little hike-- not too demanding physically, but hard enough to where the kids felt like they were really climbing a mountain-- and to top it off... not only was it a fun hike, but Chet and the kids got to go tree climbing in the process! I got some pretty good video, especially of Dante trying to come "down" the tree.

Here are the pics and video from our first fun California hiking adventure!!

Chet and the kids hiking up the steep terrain! I love how accomplished you feel when you reach the top of something:)

Ethan collected our "firewood" all along the way! Too bad we weren't camping, and instead just went for ice-cream treats afterwards instead of making yummy s'mores.

Chet in the fun climbing tree showing the kids how easy peasy it is to climb a tree.

YEAH!! All the kids made it (and I made it too... with my 6 month preggers body!) I was proud!

The great climbing tree!!

Once we reached the top this was our gorgeous view! I know it's not a waterfall or hanging lake-- but it was still pretty:)

And everyone resting before having to head back down! Yes- Chet is passing some much needed gas- and Dante is burping up whatever he was burping up..... Classic family pic!

And to save the best for last--- climbing up the tree was hard at first for the kids- well- for Dante-- but he made it and coming DOWN the tree turned into the real problem!! This video will def. be kept in the family archives to show future dates! The more you watch it the funnier it becomes:) My 2 year old niece even asks to watch it-- and quotes it- especially the now... NOW!! and "Mom... will you just come up a little" and perhaps the funniest part is the end when Chet tells you how long of a "step" it is to the bottom of the tree!



Mrs. B said...

Oh my gosh, that video is HILARIOUS! What a funny kid you have, Bertie! I seriously laughed out loud.

Amelia said...