Friday, June 29, 2007

Random pictures!

Ok, so here are just some different pictures- not with a story really behind them.. but fun pictures!

The first one is of our baller: Dante! His first season playing ball! Whoot-whoot!
The second is of Erin in her little Hungarian dress brought home from Elise! Too cute!
The 3rd one is of Erin, Ethan and Dante and they are all having a sleepover at Grandmas, with Aunt Christie taking care of them. They love their aunts!!:) What would I do without them!
The 4th and last one is of Amy, me, and Elizabeth, and from the looks of it- I'm trying to do a blue steal with a gangsta vibe? I mean- checkout my t-shirt- yo! For rizzle- I'm off the hook;) And - when I tried to get my youngest sister, Emily's, opinion- she just said I looked like I was on drugs. So- whichever description you choose to believe- go for it!! :)


Lindsey said...

Look at all these fun pictures! You guys have been busy since I was on here last!