Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Tag!! ( I loved this one!)

I was tagged by Kristy, and the object of this tag is to find all of our answers from the first page of google images. Enjoy!!


Totally true- and how cute is that little song?

Favorite Food?

First Job?



Where were you born?

Houston, TX

Bad Habit?

College Degree?

(motivational speaking- I'm the girl Tony Robbins incase you haven't noticed)

and soon to be Kelly Ripa

Where I want to go?

Island of Santorini- 10th year wedding anniversary-- here we come (in 2 years!)

Favorite Place?

Favorite Color?

Favorite animal?

Past Love?

What I am doing now?

Where I live?

Sugar Land, TX

Favorite object?

Grandmother's name?


27 Dresses for 27!

That was fun! Now I tag Melynda, Jill, and Jana! Anyone else is also welcome to jump on the bandwagon:)


herofanfamily said...

Thanks Bertie, that was fun to read through.

BeatlesDiva said...

This was fun to see! I'll have to do it on mine as well.