Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My kids latest and GREATEST trick!

A while back I had posted about Dante learning how to ride a bike- and how I felt so bad that he was 7- and he still hadn't been taught how to ride a bike. So, I finally had had enough- and told Chet he had to do it now or never-- and he did it now, and an hour later-- Dante was riding like a champ. YEAH!!

Well, not 3 days ago, I was outside and Erin's little friend Sophie runs up to me and tells me Erin HAS to show me something- so I start walking with Sophie to her house- and all of a sudden here come Erin coming towards me on her bike... and as she got closer I realized she was not using TRAINING WHEELS! I was stunned- and I asked her who taught her how to do that- she proclaimed -- she go on Sophie's and just DID IT!

Then I felt bad for Ethan-- yes- he is only 4- but I know how badly he wants to ride his bike and his training wheels are broken- so why not teach him? I tried and I failed. The next day Chet tried and what happened- NOT an hour later- Ethan is free wheeling all around the neighborhood! INSANE I tell you! I am so proud of all of them... and here is video to PROVE it- and to see how cute they all look on their bikes.

The reason at the end I asked each of them what their motto was-- because yesterday morning, Ethan was playing video games and his controller ran out of batteries. So, I was helping him change them and I couldn't get the batteries out for the life of me-- so he takes it from me and says, "I'll show you how to get them out Mom" and he proceeds to throw it on the floor as hard as he can and the batteries pop right out! (kids are so smart!) Then I put the batteries in- and then he takes the device from me again and tells me he knows how to put them in.... and he says" Just slide them in, that's my motto!" And I stopped and started laughing and was like- did you just say, "Slide them in, that's my motto!" It was hysterical!! And he says it again in the video!

But YEAH for no more training wheels- we are all free wheelin' bike riders:) It is almost like ALL of them getting out of diapers again! HAPPY DAY!


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic-- it is almost bitter sweet to see our kiddos gain independence isn't it? Ethan is one cool kid!