Friday, May 1, 2009

And so it begins........

Do you remember in high school and middle school having to memorize these ridiculously LONG poems, and stories, and practically books and then having to recite them verbatim, or else you failed?? I always wondered who came up with this brilliant idea-- because it seemed like busy work to me, unless you were in drama class and had to memorize lines for a play, or speech and debate. But just for normal English class- I guess I just never saw the point. And who can honestly STILL recite anything they memorized for English? The best thing I memorized was A(squared) + B(squared) = C(squared). But I don't use it -- except when people ask me what I remember from high school- and then I can say that.

But- no matter what my opinion is-- memorization is GREAT for the brain- and keeps it sharp-- AND they are now starting memorization in 2nd grade! I was shocked when Dante came home with an assignment to memorize a poem, present it in class and a prop is required. This school is SO above any of the schools I went to- it is even above my high school (Sharpstown represent!)

But- oh how PROUD I was when he thought he couldn't do it and thought it was impossible, and then he DID it! He had so much fun with it, that he didn't mind practicing it over and over again. Here is the proud mommy clip of Dante doing his first recitation of "Invention" by Shel Silverstein. (the kids all got to pick their own poems)

I'm glad he had trouble at first, but kept going and finally accomplished it! What a feeling!!:)

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Forever Youngs said...

Ok so I went to the website... fabulous by the way... but I couldnt find your tip... am i in the wrong place or somethin?

Bertie said...

I don't know- because I still see it as being there. It is shorter compared to everyone else's so maybe- you missed it? Thanks for trying to help me out!:)