Monday, May 4, 2009

Need your votes-- this time for TWO things-- VERY IMPORTANT!!

I sent out an e-mail the other day, but thought that I have some readers who I don't have e-mails for-- and needed YOUR help too!:)

My husband has been out of a job for a little over 3 months now- we have been getting by, but our savings are getting pretty low. A little while ago I entered a contest to win $1,000 and had to write a small paragraph on what I would use the money for if I won.

I had decided to use the money for "Home Improvements" if I were to win, because we have equity in our house- we just can't get it out unless we sell our home- and we need to make some home improvements if we are going to sell our house and actually get money back vs. selling as is.

I got an e-mail yesterday saying that I was a finalist for the money. I couldn't believe that my "home improvements" made the cut- but it did. There are 10 finalists and now it is up to the "public" to vote. They told us to tell all our friends and families and to get the word out there and to vote! So- if you could go to:

and vote for #5- home improvements... I would owe you BIG time!! Even if I don't win- I would still owe you:) If you happen to have more then one web browser- like firefox, internet explorer, etc... then you can vote on each browser and they will count it-- but you can only vote once per browser and the contest ends May 9th.

Thanks so much!

The other thing I need you to vote on- is my "boutique" name. I'm opening an etsy shop with some little girl aprons and baby blankets-- and I previously had put a list of possible names, and 2 got yay's- so on my side bar I have now put a "poll" of what my etsy shop should be named. The 2 in the running are "A la Frou Frou" or "Sunshine and Little Kisses"

Thanks you guys-- and tomorrow I'm going to have a video up of a new trick my kids learned! It is almost like them ALL no longer being in daipers... ALMOST as good as that:)