Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ethan's latest "I'm INVINCABLE" stunt!

What would YOUR kids do when they saw this great big slide???

Doesn't it look FUN! It is a REALLY tall, steep slide... and you really get racing down it. I mean- like FAST!

Most kids would be happy just sliding down the thing over and over and over and OVER again... but Ethan???


I mean come on, who are we kidding?? As he ever done ANYTHING the normal way?

He decided to jump off at the top of the slide (where the little house is)... now it may look big to you and some of you may be going- that is no big deal-- I could do that too.... it isn't that high... but for arguments sake-- lets just say this slide is as tall as the Statue of Liberty... (or very comparable in slideville)

So.. he JUMPS! He lands.... on his face (not really his face- just awkwardly on his feet.. which then puts him on his face.... unable to get up)

I'm minding my OWN business... on a nice cozy blanket in the nice fresh green grass with my nose peacefully buried in a book, while I listen to my kids squeals of delight... and then I hear crying... not BAWLING... not SCREAMING... just dull crying- and I look up... and I see Ethan on the ground... and I don't panic. I slowly get up and start walking towards him... Chet is also laying on the blanket reading--- and he says to me-- BABE! Don't you think you should walk faster?? (are you serious??- are YOU even getting up?) So, I hasten my walk to make him happy and to seem like a good mother (when I know nothing serious is wrong)

Then a guy standing near Ethan (who also doesn't bother to help Ethan) says, "He probably broke his ankle- he just jumped from up there (and points to the top of the slide) I think SWEEEEET! (but there is really no way that kid broke his ankle).....

I pick him up... carry him to the nice cozy blanket, lay him down to do the "motherly checkup" I look at his foot to see if it is at all in a funny direction, or a bone sticking out.. nothing-- I then start to feel his foot for any broken bones or missing bones... or whatever... and I don't feel anything- except slight swelling. I keep looking at his face to see if he is going pale, or into shock (because a kid who has broken his ankle would be doing that... if he isn't bawling his head off) and again nothing-- he is still crying a little... puppy whimpering if you want to call it that.. and I go get a DS out of the car- and it is like he just magically forgets about his foot-- (even though he can't walk on it)

He somehow escaped his master minded "jump" with a severely bruised foot with some swelling. He was very LUCKY!

Dante and Erin finish playing up at the park and we head home. That night Ethan was crawling around, hopping around on one leg, limping, etc... and I had to video tape him because it was SO cute... there are 2 separate videos here- because one is of him "not wanting to do the video" and crawling away and the other is him limping to the couch!

Interview #1

Interview #2

This happened Sat. night, it is now Wed. and he is doing much BETTER! He is almost completely back to his normal running, walking, jumping self.


Amy Breeden said...

Aw! That kid is so dang cute! How is his foot? Love to you all!