Friday, November 20, 2009

Personal Training Services!!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 months and cutting onions

Today is Nov. 10th-- which means I have exactly 2 months left before I'm supposed to deliver! Whoo-hoo! Seriously-- I feel like it will be here tomorrow with Thanksgiving then Christmas right around the corner. Then here comes baby!:) We are all still so excited. She is doing well- I'm feeling GREAT! Everything is perfect. But onto the more exciting news...

Ethan has learned to cut an onion! He came home from school today and asked to cut an onion. I was like, "What?? Where did THAT come from?" I needed an onion chopped for my meatloaf and food prep is always a great way to go- so I obliged.

Ok..ok.. I really did it because I wanted to see his cute little face and what would happen once he started cutting the onion. If you want to know too... watch below! ANYTHING for a good laugh.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spiritual Sunday (monday now....)

I don't know what it is - but lately I feel like I've been a little faster to jump at my kids, a little faster to let them know what they are doing wrong, a little faster to raise my voice, etc.... and I feel like I have NO patience! Every little thing will get to me (or rather after the 10th time of saying something vs. the 100th I freak out). I'm also usually not one to think that I'm a bad mom. I believe that discouragement or really getting down on yourself only makes it harder to get back up, then to be like- "ok, I shouldn't have handled that situation like that and now I'm going to move on and do better next time. "

However- this past week and a half has seemed a little tougher to not get down on myself. Feeling like I'm not doing enough, not teaching my kids and being a good example, etc...-- and the only time I get like that is when I decide to rely on myself to do everything vs. going to my Heavenly Father in prayer to ask for his help and guidance. (and why do I ever try to do it on my own??)

This morning was really no different with the kids being slow to get ready for school, then it seems like it always happens in the bathroom when it is time to brush their teeth- and the yelling and screaming and crying begins... this time- Dante was trying to be nice - and was going to brush the back of Erin's hair for her- but Erin didn't want him to- but he tried to force it and take the brush away from her-- and with the playing of tug of war with the brush ... Erin ended up hitting her finger and cutting it-- nothing big, but big enough to make a big debacle about it.

Nothing I should get upset about -- but because something similar happens every morning before we have to get to school-- I think I was going to go crazy! (again WAY to early to go crazy and to be jumping at my kids!)

So- after I dropped them off at school I came home and opened up to read some conference talks that I had missed. I went down the list and the one that jumped out at me to read was Elder David A. Bednar's talk on "More Diligent and Concerned at Home"

I can't believe that I missed that talk! We didn't get to watch much of Saturday conference... and I'm glad I was impressed to read his talk because it was what I needed. I actually laughed at the part where he says,

"Now and then verses of scripture were read amid outbursts such as “He’s touching me!” “Make him stop looking at me!” “Mom, he’s breathing my air!” Sincere prayers occasionally were interrupted with giggling and poking."

I mean- doesn't that sound familiar!

And then I feel better when I see happy pictures like these of when my kids are getting along and LOVE each other and when things are peaceful and happy in our home..... and that the showing love and consistency in our home IS working out after all!!

(My 3 little rascals on our way to their first swim meet this last summer)

Dante and Erin at Harry Potter showing off their awesome shirts made by Aunt Emily

Dante and Ethan hugging at a swim meet.

Ethan and Erin sharing some down time before their next swim!

The kids all loving on dad for his b-day!

One of my favorite pics of my kids playing warrior and damsel in distress....

Erin and Ethan with new baby puppy Sadie.

Erin and Ethan helping Dante create his gingerbread house masterpiece at his school Christmas party in 1st grade!

I just need to remember that as long as I keep doing what has been asked of me, and asking my Heavenly Father in sincere prayer for help and guidance, then my "days" will not turn into weeks (like this one has) and instead I'll be able to be reminded of what my purpose is and how PRECIOUS my children are and that the positives far outweigh the negatives and that it will all workout in the end.

We are one big HAPPY FAMILY!:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

And a hiking we will go.....

A little while ago, a month or so, we decided to take to the hills of California and go hiking. It was a nice little hike-- not too demanding physically, but hard enough to where the kids felt like they were really climbing a mountain-- and to top it off... not only was it a fun hike, but Chet and the kids got to go tree climbing in the process! I got some pretty good video, especially of Dante trying to come "down" the tree.

Here are the pics and video from our first fun California hiking adventure!!

Chet and the kids hiking up the steep terrain! I love how accomplished you feel when you reach the top of something:)

Ethan collected our "firewood" all along the way! Too bad we weren't camping, and instead just went for ice-cream treats afterwards instead of making yummy s'mores.

Chet in the fun climbing tree showing the kids how easy peasy it is to climb a tree.

YEAH!! All the kids made it (and I made it too... with my 6 month preggers body!) I was proud!

The great climbing tree!!

Once we reached the top this was our gorgeous view! I know it's not a waterfall or hanging lake-- but it was still pretty:)

And everyone resting before having to head back down! Yes- Chet is passing some much needed gas- and Dante is burping up whatever he was burping up..... Classic family pic!

And to save the best for last--- climbing up the tree was hard at first for the kids- well- for Dante-- but he made it and coming DOWN the tree turned into the real problem!! This video will def. be kept in the family archives to show future dates! The more you watch it the funnier it becomes:) My 2 year old niece even asks to watch it-- and quotes it- especially the now... NOW!! and "Mom... will you just come up a little" and perhaps the funniest part is the end when Chet tells you how long of a "step" it is to the bottom of the tree!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are 2 shy away from being the "BRADY BUNCH!"

(she's a happy baby AND has Ethan's nose... so looks like she will look like him)

For my birthday my family was in town and we decided to go to a 3D/4D ultrasound place to finally find out what we were having! I think 29 weeks is long enough to wait:) I was so excited that they all got to see. So far- our kids have gone boy, girl, boy....... and so everyone (even the kiddos) were hoping for a girl to even things out-- and sure enough we are having a


Either Chet and I have forgotten how high my emotions can run when I'm pregnant OR as Chet would put it "this baby is doing a number on me" or he also likes to call it the little demon baby. Then when we went to the ultra sound-- and got 2 consecutive pictures like THIS--


we are starting to wonder.........

But in all seriousness- we are all so excited about this new little girl soon to be here, and we know she will be just the sweetest thing, just like the others have been.

Why do I have a feeling that it will be a LOT sooner then I think??