Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hilarious soccer anyone??

We are now apart of the wonderful world of soccer! This is both Dante and Ethan's first year in soccer. We have put Dante in other sports- basketball and swimming- and now we are testing out soccer. Ethan is 4- so this is the first year he is actually able to participate. They practice on these cute little tiny fields- and Dante got thrown right into the big dawg field! Poor guy!

Saturday marked their first games for the season and what fun we had! Before we left the house I did a pretend photo op with my boys- (because I'm an EXCELLENT photographer!)
This one cracks me up- because Dante is pretending to kick the ball (his idea!) The smart ones are MY ideas-- like the:

Game Faces idea

and the brotherly love hug idea

and of course the looking out into the far off distance of our beautiful neighbors house. Brothers forever!

Then it was off to Dante's soccer game. He is #5!

Here he is in midfield waiting for the ball to be in play.
Oh my goodness HE KICKED THE BALL!! Dante is not the most athletic kid on the block... so a kick is AMAZING in our book! He played a great game for never having played on a team before. Here is our proud boy "posing" by a tree! He knows that the landscape and background is what makes or breaks a picture!

While he was waiting on the sidelines he liked to play with the dirt and watch the wind blow it wherever it may. He got lots of growls in his direction from runners passing by on the trail.
Ethan got bored quickly of Dante's soccer game and just wanted to play his own. I let him roam around for a bit so I could watch Dante and get some pictures and the next thing I know Ethan is having a conversation with the local police station. NICE!
Amy came a little later with Minnie and Erin. How cute are they?
Erin opted not to play soccer, and wanted back into dance-- so she is having lots of fun just playing on the playgrounds nearby the fields.
Aunt Christie also came a little later to take Ethan to his game.. because Dante's and Ethan's games overlapped and they were played at 2 different fields. Dante and I caught up later. While waiting for Aunt Christie Ethan wanted to play photographer.

Yeah!! Chuck the truck made it just in time- and Ethan hitched a ride to his game. The following pictures were taken by Christie... I got there at half time, and by that time- Ethan was pretty much done playing- he just wanted to play on the playground with Erin and Dante. So, I didn't get to see him play- but you won't want to miss the series of events below!!
Ethan is #2-- and he is, I'm sure picking his nose- and waiting for the ball to be put on the field for open play.
He kicks it!
He Scores and THEN what does he do??

He celebrates by sticking his head under his coach's shorts!?! What in the WORLD was he thinking?? What in the WORLD was Christie thinking taking this picture?? If I had been there and seen that- I would have yelled for Ethan to stop that right away-- because WHO DOES THAT?? But- NOPE- Christie has to take a picture. (entertainment for my blog I guess!)

I guess how it really transpired was- his son(who is the other kid in the picture) was doing it, Ethan then started to do it- and they started to take turns.. and he would just casually push there heads out of his shorts while talking to the other coach. My guess is- he didn't know it was ETHAN AND his son- he probably just thought it was his son doing it. So- YES- that is the picture of the year right there! Enjoy!
I did take this picture of Christie taking Ethan over to the playground to play. Such a fun aunt.



~~Heidi~~ said...

Okay the shorts thing is the topper to the story!! That is stinkn funny! What a silly kid you have!

Katie said...

I can't wait for my boys to get to play soccer, how fun!

Dave and Jana said...

The shorts thing is hilarious! We tried to go to Connors game but got there right when it ended! Soccer season is fun!

spenceandcass said...

SOCCER!....how fun!

Melynda said...

Love the shorts picture!!!

Monica said...

Love the pics and stories, Bertie! And I still wish my kids had an Aunt Christie, too!!

Amber Staub said...

THey both look so cute in their uniforms. That picture of Ethan and his coah is hilarious.

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