Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Miss Erin:)

Erin turned 6!! I still can't believe my kids are getting so old- time has literally flown by! Erin didn't get a "formal" birthday party this year thanks to Mr. Ike... but she still had fun at her family party.

Erin with all of her presents behind her!

Erin loves dance! She was so excited when she opened up a new ballet outfit and had to put it on right away (of course!) and then when Dad gave her the little mermaid pencil pictured above, she wouldn't put it down! FOR ANYTHING! Which is comical to me now- because she has already sharpened it all the way to the bottom. What is it with kids and sharpeners and then sharpening a pencil all the way until it hits the eraser?? The thing should just be called a pencil shortener!

Everytime we went into Kroger since Erin was 1, she would point at this exact cake and coo- and then when she was old enough to talk, she would say- I want that for my birthday and I would always give the "yeah,yeah" answer and well- this year I figured I couldn't get away with the "yeah,yeah" answer and have her forget about the cake- so I caved and got her this beautiful "Fairytopia" cake- that (as you can see) fell over before I was able to take it out of the box! But- Erin loved it none the less and was super duper excited to eat it!
I on the other hand- had pink hands for about a week and wonder what they put into that icing to make it so pink!! That stuff is GROSS!

Here is Erin in love with her cake and about to blow out the candles! Which she proceeded to do one by one! SIX very big single blows finally knocked them all out.

Here is me with Erin and her cousin Ginger. We celebrated with Aunt Rosie and her family, because her b-day had been the previous week.... and we had a PARTY! Erin loves Ginger and they are cute little friends! And yes- Erin looks like a redneck child right about now - with 17 teeth missing!

And last but not least- here is Erin with Grandma-- who put on the party and made it wonderful!

My baby girl is 6 and so grown up! I knew boys and girls were always different (except me- apparently I was a boy) so I never understood how mature little girls can be- and MAN is Erin practically a responsible adult! She is so much fun to have around and she can definitely keep her own with the boys, but she is still my delicate little girl who is gaga for polly pockets and barbies and My Little Ponies.

Happy birthday Erin! We love you:)

(coming up next: How we survived Ike and I'm PSYCHIC!) Stay tuned!


Katie said...

Do you guys have power yet??

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, little E!

I've always thought you looked like your mom, but you look a lot like your grandma in that picture, too.

Amber Staub said...

Happy Birthday Erin!

spenceandcass said...

She is darling. She looks just like you. Glad she had a good birthday. Looks like it was fun.