Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike update

So far so good-the wind is wonderful! I LOVE IT! We have gone and played soccer over at the elementary school for a bit and now we are back home and headed over to my mom's house for games and dinner and entertainment.

I have to admit, I, like everyone else in Houston, have been glued to the news for a good part of the day. But let's face it people... we are really only glued to the news for ONE reason. We are all HOPING, and PRAYING that we will see something like the following below..... Yes, we also like to know what the wind speed is up to, and that you may face "certain death" if you are directly on the coast, or when the rain is supposed to start, or if the track has changed... but seriously WHO ARE WE KIDDING! The clip below is what it is ALL about!


Jill Hunt said...

I can't believe you are so positive. I would be so scared. Be careful and keep us posted!

Jenn said...

Yes! That's exactly what I hope for when seeing these reporters try to get in the middle of things. Geraldo deserved that.

How did your place manage the storm?

Simmons Family said...

lol-why is it that you are so right about this! I enjoyed the clip. It was the only thing worth laughing about when it comes to this freak of a storm. OH, and by the way-you are the best baby sitter ever. Brayden really does have fun over there. I'm so glad that things ended up working out this way!

Dave and Jana said...

Yea that was a good one! Hope you made it ok through Ike!