Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Latest and Greatest... do YOU have a NEW baby??

I have had SO much fun creating baby blankets! I love the way all the soft fabric feels, and I love the fun colors and combinations you can put together. Here are my latest!
This is a baby girl blanket (obviously). The back has roses carved into it and then I finished it off with satin baby blanket binding! I need to learn how to miter corners better.
And this one below has been my favorite- and I'm so sad I have to give it away. I'm excited to give it away but- I was sad to see it go, because it was SOOOO soft!! I could have slept with it:) All the squares on the front are just cotton fabrics, and then on the back is the softest and fluffiest stuff EVER! I just hope it holds up and stays super soft-- but you can find it at Jo-Ann's. It is from their soft and comfy fabrics. But it gives it the heft and plushness that it needs- that I didn't have to use batting in between.

I'm also most proud of this one- because once added all together-- it cost between 10-12 dollars to make-- so I could totally sell it an make a profit. AND it has so far been my most perfect blanket as far as the squares all lining up together. Which means-- I'm getting BETTER!! :) And I made it while I had 5 kids here yesterday- because school was cancelled due to rain and flooding, and I was watching Brayden and Ryland. Needless to say- I was very proud!


KID, MD said...

Those are awesome! You rock.

Alysha said...

Very cute :)

No new baby here yet but there will be one in about 40 days!

Anonymous said...

Why yes... yes I do have a new baby. Thanks for asking. ;-)

I love love love the satin binding. I stink at binding my quilts so you'll have to teach me your tricks of the trade.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

talented woman!