Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation time!!

Last week we had the annual Young Family reunion at Surfside beach for 1 week! The Graff's came out and shared it with us and it was nothing but a complete blast!! We all soaked up the sun, and those of us who were dumb enough, not to wear sunscreen, all got burned and peeled(yes, I have not peeled for a decade, so I guess my time was coming) I won't show a picture of my back, as I don't want to gross anyone out from coming to the Ranger blog:) Besides tons of sand volleyball, sailing, and digging in the sand.... we had a night on the town in Galveston, where we putt-putted our little hearts out, with a little reverse bungee jumping. Below are some pictures on the putt-putt golf course.... it is one of the funnest courses ever! You will find, Dante happily emerging from the ostrich run, and you will find one of Erin and Elise(who just got back from her mission- before she left, she was known as Erin's adopted mother:)) and Erin is excited to have her back! Christie comes in a close second! I believe Erin and Elise are inside a little house. After golf, we ran across to do reverse bungee, and Emily was my proud partner, so you will find a picture of us before taking off... bravely with our hands up! Galveston was a complete blast, as was the whole entire week, and we look forward to going back next summer too:) YEAH!!!