Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go,go, Power Rangers!

Can I just tell you how much fun it is to have the last name Ranger? It's great! So, the other day, before I get into the shower- I tell my kids to go get dressed. I get out of the shower and this is what I find! I find Dante dressed in one of Ethans shirts and his own pants, Ethan put new underwear on, and Erin wanted to stay in her pretty new nighty all day long! Not only did I find them like that, but they also were playing "power rangers" Erin is always the damsel in distress - I mean ALWAYS! LOL! So, i had to take a couple of shots- the first one is of them posing and the 2nd of is of them in action. Now, the 3rd picture......... I left for 1 hour the other night to go help my mom with Sunday dinner prep - I come home and I find a dark pink spot on the carpet- come to find out it wasn't just one, and it wasn't just in the room you see. They were all identical spots too. So, I was like- what is that??? Somehow, Ethan got out my makeup put on my lipstick then decided to step on my lipstick - the lipstick then formed a perfect circular stamp on the bottom of his shoe as he proudly galloped through the house and back. So, anyone up for helping me goo-gone the stains up:) Just kidding! KIDS- aren't they wonderful:) Some of their obliviousness will keep us laughing for life:) (definitely a picture I will keep on hand for when he has kids!)


Lindsey said...

Cute pictures and updates! I love the lipstick spots! What a crack up!