Friday, June 29, 2007

Crabbing .....but did we catch any crabs?

One of the most looked forward to events while we are at the beach house is crabbing. This year we had to go to quite a few different spots before catching any BIG ones, worth keeping. Dante pulled out the very first one- and it was a monster, the King of ALL Crabs! This crab was certainly a mean one... as soon as we put in another crab with it- they started fighting and it took off the arms of the other crabs in there. Youch! I have added a picture of Ethan hanging over the side railing while Adam(our cousin) is slowly trying to bring in his crab. The kids all loved it, and today Ethan, out of the blue, stated.... Let's go crabbing tonight. So, I guess it was a hit with him:)