Thursday, September 20, 2007

ALL about DANTE!

WOW! Do I have stories about Dante!! I just love this kid to death! I love all my kids to death... but Dante is by far the best to tease! I know- I'm the worst mother on the planet, but I blame it on my dad! I also absolutely adore my dad--- so- I guess in due time, Dante will adore me:) I laugh at this poor kid too much!

Ok- so here we go- these stories may be long... but they are funny... so don't stop reading:)

1. My personal favorite because it shows my AMAZING acting skills! Seriously though- this whole scene if video taped could have been sent into the Haloween people and Dante and I would have been on the plane the next day out! I'll try to do it as it was in real time.

Ok, so I am making enchiladas. I'm piecing them all together now. As I'm doing this on one side of the counter... Dante is playing with his action figures and other stuff on the island in the middle. I'm watching him play and then i notice that he has put a "fake" scorpion on the island. He is not playing with it though, so I'm hoping he would have forgotten it was there. Now, I have a tortilla in my hand, I just dipped it in the enchilada sauce I made, and it is dripping.. and I shout in my absolute best and REAL voice "OH MY GOSH DANTE! THERE IS A SCORPION RIGHT NEXT TO YOU ON THE COUNTER! AUGGHHHHHH!" Dante then jumps up about 3 feet in the air and backwards too and screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
I mean.... it was literally a "NOOOO!" straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!

Now- at this point I am just laughing like a mad woman! I mean- I can't breathe- and I am having to remind myself to breathe, because I'm laughing so hard. I see Dante start to get mad... so I immediately make it out like - I really thought it was a fake scorpion. And I then go- I cannot believe I thought that that was a real scorpion. Did you put that there to trick me?? He then replys "No, I didn't know it was their." But I knew it was fake. So- I said- sorry to scare you, bud. He said - in a VERY serious voice. "Oh, mom! You did NOT scare me!" And I said- oh- why did you scream NOOOOO! like that then. And he goes- "Oh, i thought you asked me if I had peed on the floor??" (I do not know where he came up with that- it is not a routine question in our house! LOL!) So, I'm just laughing harder, because he is totally trying to cover it up! It was a classic moment!

2. We were at the beach visiting my sister over the Labor Day weekend. The water was so clear-- I had NEVER seen Galveston so clear before- but you could actually still see your feet when you were knee deep! (miracle in Galveston) So, as we were going out, I kept stepping on baby hermit crabs here and there. I mean- the tiniest little hermit crabs! Smaller then a baby clam shell. I had never seen hermit crabs this small, and I've seen a LOT! So, we get a bucket and we start putting them in the bucket to show people. Anyways, these creatures may have been small-- but they were feisty! As soon as you brought them up out of the water- they were out of their shell trying to grab whatever was holding them. I mean- like their body was going to literally rip from the shell. So, needless to say- the kids were kind of freaked, and just didn't want to hold them. Dante especially! He just did NOT want to touch one of those things- but he wanted them in the bucket! Maybe 30 min. into this, a little girl comes up to us and starts playing with us. She is 4, just like Erin. Anyways, I find another hermit crab, and as I start to say, "I found another one." Dante goes! ooohhhh mom! Let me see- let me hold the crab. And I go, you mean you aren't scared of the crabs anymore?? (he is 6) and he goes - oh, no mom! I'm not scared of these little buggers and he takes it from me and shows the little girl!! Man- want women do to men! They are only brave because WE exist!! LOL!! It totally reminded me of the time when Dante was 3 1/2 and he loved the movie Shrek!! Anyway, he was outside playing in the front yard of our apartments and he found a little girl to play with. I called him in real quick to put his shoes on, because it was kind of chilly. As I'm putting his shoes on, I'm asking him if he is having fun with his new friend. He then so innocently replies...... "Oh, yes! She is my ONE TRUE LOVE!" I started laughing, and said, "What did you just say??" He goes- that girl is my one true love. However- after that day- he claims he NEVER said that! It was the cutest thing ever!

3. This past week in sacrament meeting I decided it is time for Dante to start trying to listen to the speakers. So, I took a long a piece of paper with SPEAKERS written across the top and the numbers 1,2,3. - and I told him. Now- for each speaker, I want you to write down 1 thing that they say or what the talk is about. He says ok. So- now we are finally to the part of the speakers at church. The 1st man gets up- and starts talking. I remind Dante- k- remember- listen so you can write one thing down. At that very minute the man is going into a story about a "little building" and Dante- goes- k- LITTLE BUILDING! Because he wanted to get back to his "fun folder" So- as not to discourage him- I let him write it down, thinking next week will go a little further.
So, this same speaker is still talking and Dante is working on his word search- his new favorite thing! He can't find one very hard word and he asks me to help him, so I pointed him in the general direction... he is getting frustrated, so he yells out, "I can't concentrate- that man up there talking is disturbing me!!" Me and my mom started laughing! Poor Dante- but sometimes you just can't help yourself to laugh out loud!

So- this is to my amazing son Dante- who keeps me laughing, when I probably should be a better mother and more sympathetic! :)