Friday, September 14, 2007

Cute moments to be remembered by Ethan!

I always have sooo many stories to share, but sometimes I forget to blog about them... so I have started to write them down, and so for the next 3 days... I'll do one blog for Ethan, Erin and Dante. Dante's list is the longest! He is one funny dude!

Ok- but for today it is Ethan! If you know Ethan- he is very positive, he loves everything and is such a sweetheart!

Last week I took Erin and Ethan to go get shots, and my sister Amy came with us because Mini needed shots too. Ethan must not have remembered that shots are not fun. Erin did though! She came up to me almost crying and asked... Mom? How many am I going to get? And I said... 4 just like Mini!! She adores Mini... so she was ok with that. Then Ethan excitedly asks... Mom- how many am I going to get?? And it was so cute how he asked with his eyes all lit up, that I had to make a joke and I said 12!! And he then throw his hands in the air and looks at me with this HUGE smile and says... 12?? Just like Dante??? (who was at school) And I was like- sure!! And he then jumps up and down, YEAH 12 shots... just like Dante!! It was hilarious... poor kid though... he wasn't fooled once he actually got the shots- and he only really had 5!

One more sweet story, 2 nights ago Chet came home from work, and we were both really, really hungry... so we ordered pizza. The kids had all already eaten and Erin and Dante were down for the night. Ethan had taken a late nap that afternoon, so he was still awake. So, the pizza gets to us at about 10:30 PM and Ethan is soooo excited.... all of a sudden he is no longer in the kitchen, so I go looking for him.... Where do i find him?? He is in Dante's room, standing over Dante, whispering.... Dante... there is pizza here, come and get some. Wake up!! Pizza!!! - He wanted to share the pizza! It was too cute!

It will be Dantes turn tomorrow!! I just LOVE my kids and am greatful for moments like these!