Wednesday, September 12, 2007

whooopsies... mom! We didn't mean to??

So this afternoon my lovely children had one of their favorite friends come over to play. I was in my master bathroom cleaning and when I come out to see how they are all doing... this is what I find.

Oh, what are all those dark spots you see?? First I think it is just chocolate chips... but then I find it is chocolate chips and raisins all mixed together. I guess this is what I get for making chocolate chip cookies and then leaving the 5 pound bag of chocolate chips out on the counter. And Ethan always has to add raisins to everything, and I guess he thought that meant the floor too. They also thought it was quite funny to throw raisins at me while I was trying to read for a few minutes! It was a great day all in all and they had fun and that is all that matters:)

These are the culprits! Actually- I believe it was the little blonde boy in the middle who actually emptied the bag... and then everyone else just help scatter:) This is how I found them when I walked in- and I had to get a picture of the floor and Erin's bed and them to really capture the moment:)

I'm not sure how long it took me to clean up the mess... but it took a while!! However- Erin did get to go to sleep in a very clean room this evening!