Saturday, September 22, 2007

ERIN is 5!! Happy B-day Erin!

Erin had her 5th b-day yesterday!! Whoo-hooo! I can hardly believe it - she is 5!! This time next year she will be in Kindergarten. This was her 1st "real" b-day party outside of just family. I say... keep the b-day parties just family for as long as you can! LOL! It was work putting it together- and maybe that is because I decided what to do 2 days before her actual b-day and didn't even send out invitations, but rather e-mails to her little friends in her dance class! Whoooppsies- but hey! I'm learning right- and next time I'll be a bit more organized. For her birthday party we had sooo much fun. We had a little tea party with her friends and then my sister and I did their hair, make-up, and painted their toenails and fingrenails! They also dressed up and looked so cute!! They had a complete ball! Little girls are so much fun!

Here is Erin with a gift from Grandma. Her first porcelain doll! It is a new Disney Princess precious series. Lets see how long it lasts! Bets anyone?? ;)
She got another tea set! She loves little tea sets and actually plays with ALL of them daily! I don't think I ever played with a tea set when I was little.
Here is Erin pretending to put the BIG lipstick on. She is so funny. I actually got to curl her hair during the party. She NEVER lets me curl her hair! So,hopefully this will be a good direction for new hairstlyes mom can try on her!
Here is Erin "pretending" to blow out the candles on her cake. I had the candles, but I couldn't find my fire starter lighter... I hid it like 1 year ago, because Dante figured out how to use it- and I can't remember where I put it! Another whoopsies! I need to keep matches handy I guess.
Ethan had to get in on the fun too! Dante was in school- so he was the only boy. So, here is what he would look like if he ever tried to be a drag queen. I think he would look HOT!:)
Erin with some more presents from her little friends!
Oh, can't you just see her on the price is right??
She was sooo happy to get playdough.. and she loves it! I'm loving the little double chin action! LOL! She is going to LOVE this picture when she gets older!
Here is my hard work- the tea party settings!
Here is just a different view.
Here is my "cake idea" Erin wanted a pink cake- so we got a strawberry cake mix- and then she wanted vanilla icing and picked out a red decorating icing too. So, I made a heart out of the cupcakes and then used the red decorating icing to make it look like a heart! It's not too bad, huh!!
Here is Erin and her cute little friends from her dance class, which all happen to be in our ward as well. They loved every minute of the party and ate it all up!

Here is Erin with her "sister" Minnie! She refuses to call Minnie her cousin- because she wants a sister so badly. Look how cute they are. Erin- LOVES Minnie- but sometimes she doesn't like the camera. She didn't want to smile in this picture- she wanted to look serious holding Minnie like a big girl.

Since we are on the topic of Erin... I might as well hurry and post 2 cute/funny stories about her.

1. So- a few weeks ago there was a preparedness fair for our Stake and while we were there we thought we would go ahead and get the kids identity cards updated with new pics. So, it is Erin's turn and she is sitting in the chair, and she is not smiling. I tell her to smile big. So she starts to smile big- and she doesn't move a muscle... like she doesn't want to ruin the picture. Usually Ethan and Dante are smiling and keep moving their head or getting out of the chair... but she was like a rock in that chair sitting perfectly still, with this huge smile on her face. The police officer quickly took the picture ... and he never told her he was done. So, she is still sitting their with a huge smile on her face, just waiting..... not moving and hardly breathing. I notice this- and I KNOW the officer has taken her picture... but I can't tell her- because she looks so darn funny sitting in that chair like a mannequin. So, after about 5 min. of this... I say- Erin- smile bigger! So, she does- and then the officer finally says- oh- honey I'm done, you can come get your card. It was sooo funny - especially since she was able to sit there for that long, like she was playing freeze tag.

2. This one is very sweet. I don't know when- but at one point in my life I was crying and it was for a really silly reason. Anyways- Erin comes up to me and is like Mom- why are you crying. And I told - sometimes mom cries just because I'm stupid and I don't know why I cry. She then - says, Awww, mom- you aren't stupid to me!! How sweet is that!! :)

So, here is to Erin and turning 5 and being a great daughter, sister, and friend:)


Lindsey said...

Aw, what cute stories about all your kids and so funny too! Love the party pictures. Looks like such a fun party!

Morgan said...

Bertie- you crack me up. I know you've had kids for a while, but I still can't believe you have 3 of them. Anytime I think about it, I just laugh. I hear you are just the best mom ever! : )

rangersRus said...

Thanks Lindsey and Mooogie!

Oh- and Morgan- whoever told you that- is the biggest LIAR ever!! Maybe you dreamed that someone told you that!:) Just kidding- but- just between you and me..I really know I am the best mom ever! ;) LOL!