Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why you NEVER EVER get into someone else's medicine cabinet!

So, a couple of weeks ago I was over at my mom's house and Friday night I was a little sleepy and I had a little headache, so I asked if she had any Excedrin (my drug of choice) She said no - and then Brett (Amy's hubby) said that he thought he had the generic brand. So, he went up stairs to go check and bring me down some if he did. YEAH for Brett! He had some and he gave me 2 pills to get rid of my headache and to give me a little boost to finish what I needed to for the night:) Saturday came, and everything was going great and the next day after church I was taking the kids to go see Christie in Galveston and stay with her for the night for Labor Day. I had to get a lot done Saturday and packed, etc... so that we could leave asap! I went over to my moms to get some stuff and decided to go grab some more Excedrin from Brett. I asked Amy where they kept their medicine and she said in the closet. So, I went over to the closet and I looked in their box for the Generic brand of excederin. As I'm digging around.. I notice the Excedrin Migraine headache bottle and - I was like... Oh- he has the real deal! Sawweet! He probably didn't realize this last time. So, I open up the box and I poor 3 into my hand and I notice they are blue, and I was like- oh- that must be the difference between reg. and migraine excederin. Regular is white, and Migraine is blue. So, I hurry and take all 3 and run back to my house. (Yes- I am admitting.... if i have a lot to get done, and I'm tired.... I take Excedrin for a little kick) I'm a bad girl... I know! On with the story:) I get home and I start getting things done and I'm still tired... so I'm like- ok... I'll go take a 15 min. cat nap for the Excedrin to kick in and then I'll keep getting things ready for tomorrow.

WOAH!!! 1st off- if I get a 15 min. cat nap without one of my kids coming in and asking for something.... it is a miracle!!! Ok, so... my 15 min. timer goes off... NO KIDS came into interrupt me.... but why in the heck am I still so so so so tired?? I figured, my body just needed the rest this time, and so I turned off the timer and crawled back into bed. 5 min. later Ethan comes in for some milk in a cup. So, I drag myself to the kitchen and get him milk. Then I go crawl back into bed.... then 10 min. later Erin and Dante come in... and want me to get up and make them sandwiches. I look at the clock and can't believe it is already 1:00. I'm sooooooo tired! I mean my limbs were hanging on the ground.. I was practically crawling to the kitchen. So, I make all 3 of them sandwiches and crawl back in bed. Same scenario played on for about 5 hours!! Yes- I was "out of it for 5 hours!" And when your body is trying to get much needed caught up rest... and you keep having to get up and do things for your kids... then it isn't really getting the much needed rest.

At about 6:30 my mom calls and asks what i have been doing all day and why I have not been answering the phone. I told her I was out cold... that I couldn't move hardly and I didn't know why. My eyes were glued shut!! She thought I was pregnant! After 6:30 I was completely fine and back to my normal energy level.

So, then on the following Wed. I'm over at my friend Shanna's house while my kids are playing with her kids. She was telling me how she had a headache and that the took 2 Excederin Migraine for it and it hadn't helped yet. I then said- that I had taken those for the first time.. and then I said- the little blue pills. And she proceeds to tell me- no, they are white. And I was a little confused?? So, then I see my sister the next day and I asked her. I said... does Brett sometimes keep other medicines in different bottles?? Because I took some of the Excederin Migraine headache pills and they were blue, and they are supposed to be white. She then said- that what i took was Tylenol PM. Hellooooooooooooo??????? No wonder I was so OUT OF IT!! I've never taken anything PM in my life, and I took 3 in one dose... when you are only supposed to take 2!! She said- yes- all night time stuff is always blue. I was like..... well, I'm glad I knew that then! So... MORAL OF THE STORY!! Don't go into other people's medicine cabinets!! Whoo.. did I feel like a meathead! It gave everyone a great laugh though!


Lindsey said...

Ha ha! I love me some tylenol pm's! I take them sometimes if i'm coming down with something so I can sleep really soundly and try and get better. Of if my husbands out of town I'll take one. ONE. I SOMETIMES take TWO. Never three! Lol! That's awesome!