Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you ready to find out about Ike and my hidden talent??

Ike was TOTALLY WICKED!!! Here is the story of Ike and how I'm psychic and can apparently talk to hurricanes.

I found out I was psychic when I was the ripe young age of 12. My first year of girls camp a quilt was given away and I "guessed" who was going to get the quilt at the end of camp- and I was dead on-- and there were probably over 100 girls there. So- that was my first instance and then after a few dreams coming true -- I KNEW I had a power! I've always kept this a secret because I didn't want to have to guess who were my friends because I had this special gift or because they were truly my friends. Now- I guess it is out- so don't take advantage of me. :)

A couple years ago I had a dream that Hurricane Isaac came straight to Houston and hit us pretty hard. When I woke up- I immediately went to the computer to check on that years upcoming names for the storms that formed. Luckily Isaac wasn't one of them- so I knew my dream was just a dream and not a psychic moment (it really is a pain having this ability because you never know when it is real and when it is not.... AND then you have to research it- like I'm in school again) Anyways..... this year when Ike started barreling towards us, it brought me back to my "dream" and I found out that Ike is a nickname for Isaac.... WHAT?!?!?! Yeah- so there you go folks- I'M PSYCHIC!

So, I thought with the ability to "see" things into the future like this, maybe I could speak to this natural disaster waiting to happen. Some people speak to the dead, some people speak to animals, but- WHO can speak to mother earth's creation?? ME!

As you all saw a few weeks ago- I wrote a letter to Mr. Ike and he SO kindly obliged and did as I asked.

The bullet STILL stands! It was not wiped away- yes it may need a little rebuffing-- but I will get to ride the bullet in the near future:)
La King's after Ike! The Strand apparently got 8-9 feet of water into each store, so it will have quite a bit of restoration to do- but it is still there, and I can't wait to be one of their first customers when they are back up and running!

Our beach house at Surfside that we LOVE to rent. STILL STANDING!! I thought 2 out of three would be pretty generous of Mr. Ike- but ALL 3 is stunning- especially since 40 houses got wiped away completely from Surfside. I was shocked to find this picture at all after Ike- but someone in Surfside took a picture of every square inch of the city and I'm very grateful for that!

So, the 3 landmarks that I asked Ike to spare he did-- but he then went on and kept my family safe, my friends safe and our city safe for the most part. Yes, there were trees down and we were without power for 4 days... but for the most part it was an adventure and I would go through a hurricane again ANYDAY!! (except for maybe a 5 or a 4 or a 3)

Here are a TON of pictures of our fun adventure of Hurricane Ike! I mean LIKE 100+! Enjoy:)

Anticipating Ike and Dante must play some Wii with Uncle Brett.
Eating our Brownie Sundaes and watching the news intently and waiting for our power to go out.
Again- we couldn't take our eyes off the tv!! Galveston was getting hit like CRAZY!! It is so weird to see it actually happen to a place you frequent quite often.
Me- SUPER excited for Ike to hit! SUPER EXCITED!!
Ethan freaked out that Ike is coming and thought he would sleep in the ice-chest for extra safety.

Aunt Christie then talked him out of it and cuddled with him (I was actually at home with Chet the kids stayed over at my moms for a sleepover!)
Chilling and watching a movie.


Our power went out at about 2 in the morning. The wind REALLY started to pick up at around 3... and MAN-- was it crazy. I felt like I was in a tent, only the house wasn't moving, but it was LOUD and I felt completely safe (except for when I looked out the window- I could have sworn something would blow in and hit me) And this is what we woke up to.
A little bit of water on the street with Ethan and Dante playing in it. We are so lucky it doesn't flood here. Sugar Land is built really well.
Erin wasn't playing outside because she left her swimsuit at Grandma's. I had to go get it- because not only did she take one swimsuit to spend the night at Grandma's but she took ALL 5-- and when I unpacked her bag-- her whole wardrobe was in it pretty much-- (see below)

I think she was hoping that Hurricane Ike would put us out for the rest of our lives, so we would have to live at Grandma and Grandpa's.
This is the way I walk to my moms house. Trees were down everywhere, and limbs and leaves and fences! It was wild! We were lucky and nothing happened to us at all.

My parents fences were blown down.
The neighborhood across the way from us- had A TON of trees down and on houses too.

This is the way we drive to Grandma's. It looks so twilight zoney.
My mom's back yard again above and below.

more trees blown down on our street.

It was a fun experience. The kids favorite part was having to use flashlights at night- it was like camping inside. However, when our power came back on it was HALLELU-JAH'S all around!

And that is Ike for you- my post is so late because I feel like Ike has set me back 2 months in my life-- and I'm just trying to catch up:)


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to know if your "places" still stood! Your psychic abilities must have kept them protected! Love, Angie

Andrea said...

We're glad that you survived!

Leslie said...

I too was glued to the TV waiting for updates on how Sugar Land would fare. How scary/exciting to be in a hurricane. I'm glad your family was okay.

Melynda said...

Now I'm all worried about strike 3....Why does it have to be this way?

Dave and Jana said...

You got a lot of good pictures from Ike. I tried to take some but you couldn't really tell what they were. I guess I will never be a photographer! Good post!

spenceandcass said...

Yikes!!!! I'm glad you guys are all ok!

Sonja said...

Oh wow, Bertie!! I didn't realize you were so much in the thick of things. I'm so glad everyone is okay and even enjoyed themselves. (Aren't kids the greatest at putting things in perspective?)