Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christmas and New Years... and I'm caught up!

Ok, because I can't blog out of "sequential" order because I'm a control freak like that (but not about anything else... well- laundry too) here is a little about our Christmas and New Years-- and then from there on out, I'll get to blog regularly, because Dante is getting baptized tomorrow. YES- for all you crazy fans out there- I HAVE an EIGHT year old- and that is just INSANE to me! Where does the time go?? EIGHT!!

Back to Christmas morning:)

Dante got this awesome red ryder bb gun! He's super excited and you can tell from this super picture!

Erin got lots and lots of girlie stuff, like these cute boots! And she got her ears pierced for Christmas too:) (I recommend going to a place where they will pierce both ears at the same time. After she got the first one pierced, a few tears came, and she asked if she "had" to get the other one pierced too.) It is all better now!

Ethan got this fun power ranger helmet because he is in LOVE with power rangers! I can't believe they are still around- and they have like 25 different kinds. I can't tell you how many mornings Ethan would want to watch power rangers, and I would find it- just to hear.. No MOM- this is power rangers operation overdrive, I want power rangers mystic force (and there are seriously like 10 different power ranger teams!) This helmet allows you to do power ranger missions and he LOVES it! He is our power RANGER!
Chet showing off his mad skillz at shooting a bb gun.

Dante taking his turn.
Ethan wasn't going to let the big boys have all the fun without him-- and he didn't do too bad either. Erin playing with one of her other new toys, light brite. I used to LOVE doing this as a kid-- but they were HUGE honky tonk things back then, now they are cute enough to keep out:)

And, while the kids and Chet were having fun with their gifts.. I had fun clean up duty. The JOY of after Christmas morning glory!
I would have been playing with my new toy- my brand new singer sewing machine--- but I was scared I would break it... but you'll see very soon my first project:)Chet got some cool stuff too- but I'm bummed he bagged my coolest gift idea- just in case he wanted something else. I had offered to get him stand-up improv classes (that lasted 6 weeks and an opportunity to get on the improv troupe) at our local comedy club- and he was all for it at first- and I was so excited I FINALLY came up with something that he LOVED-- and it came and went. Maybe next year:)

After we settled down, we went over to have a late lunch at my moms house, where I made this adorable cake, on my new Christmas cake stand. I have TOTAL skillz!

Then it was New Years! YEAH-- and boy was it fun! My dad put together a game night- where we played family feud- for PRIZES- and some of his prizes rock-- and others you are like, "what??" So, if you are someone who gets a prize early on- and you happen to get a good one, then someone can take that prize from you when they win one- instead of drawing a different prize, and so on and so forth.

Here is Chet and I (kid free!)

Here is how the game works... there were 4 different teams, and you spin the wheel for money and prizes! My dad is Pat Sayjack and my mom is Vanna White (if they were the hosts for Family Feud)

And here is what everyone that came (minus Gabby and Mi-Mi, who had left a little early) showing off their AMAZING prizes! There was also an HP photo printer up for grabs, 1 FULL box of Cheescake Factory Tuxedo cheesecake, and 1 full box of Cheesecake Factory banana pie cream cheesecake, 100 bucks, and then you had the silly gifts like stuffed animals, a wizard of oz mug(that was actually pretty cute) a wierd vegetable that looked like a decrepid hand.. that NO one wanted to touch!

I can't wait for next year!!


spenceandcass said...

I'm interested to see what your sewing project is going to be. I've always wanted to be able to sew.

Amber Staub said...

I love the game night idea. What a fun New Year's Eve. I can't wait to see your sewing project. You are going to love your machine!